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[Fanfic] Autumn Tails

Title: Autumn Tails; one-shot
Fandom: Hetalia
Genre: general
Rating: PG
Warning(s): human names
This is a prompt from [ profile] giripan_xmas for the Secret Santa exchange written for [ profile] riceforyou. I tried combining a few of the prompts, but I didn't have the time to write as much as I'd wanted.

There's not too much dialogue, but I really don't think Greece or Japan are enough of talkers to have a full conversation. To me, they're quiet, "I just enjoy your company" people.

The animals appear then disappear from story. Just think of them as roaming around the house freely but being obedient enough to know not to claw furniture or poo on the floors.

Autumn Tails

Arthur Kirkland tempted a white, fluffy animal with a piece of fish. He tore it to pieces and dropped it in a pile on the ground. When the creature was distracted and eating, he waved his hand over the animal and chanted lowly:

With this power I possess
I curse this beast with one request.
He who touches, try they best,
Shall turn back ages by regress.

Having ignored the chanting to enjoy its meal, the animal sat back on its haunches and meowed contentedly, licking its forepaw to wash its face. “Oh, bollocks.” Too late, Arthur realised his mistake.

Greenish light filtered through the trees, surrounding the cat; it saw the floating dust motes and swatted at them. Arthur waved his hands uselessly, cursing under his breath. Through the trees over his shoulder, he saw a dark-haired man meandering his way. It wasn’t the man he wanted to see or have see him. I’ll just grab the cat and leave, Arthur said to himself. When he reached for the feline, however, its ears perked and it jumped into the bushes, meowing a greeting to the dark-haired man. “Bloody hell; I’m getting out of here.”

“Mrow! Brrrow!” Heracles met the greeting with a slack-faced expression, waiting for the cat to come out of the bushes. He crouched down, holding out his hand. The white and orange tabby draped across his shoulders purred and stretched but didn’t move otherwise.

“C’mere. C’mon, kitty,” the man called. With a couple sniffs of caution, a small white cat slunk out of the security of the bushes and sniffed his hand. Content with a familiar cat smell, it nudged its head beneath his hand and purred.

Suddenly, the cat began to grow. Heracles watched in confusion as the feline got bigger and closer and the tabby on his shoulders got exceedingly heavier. It was only when he fell flat on his butt that he realised it wasn’t the cats that grew.

He got smaller.

His clothes slipped off awkwardly as he tried to stand again. They were much too big, and he mildly wondered if he should leave them and return to Kiku Honda’s house naked. That would be inappropriate, he decided, and picked the kimono up in his tiny arms, holding it like a Victorian lady would hold up her skirts. Finally able to stand, he looked around for the cats, but they had fled in fear of the unusual shrinking human.

With a shrug and a tired sigh, Heracles turned around and returned the way he had come. Earlier that afternoon, he had agreed to meet Kiku in the wooded area around Kiku’s house for a walk, but something told Heracles he should not wait with telling his friend about his abrupt change in size.

Kiku Honda stirred the pot of stew on his stove, setting it on simmer to cook slowly while he and Heracles had their walk. Heracles wasn’t a fast walker, so Kiku was confident he could find him easily, even if he took his time with preparing food.

In a corner of the kitchen on a small cushion, Kiku’s dog Pochi sat up with a short yip. Someone’s coming! he thought. He couldn’t smell them, yet, but he heard soft footsteps on the outside veranda. “Pochi-kun?” Kiku covered the pot, watching his pet trot out of the kitchen and into the main room. The door was open, and Heracles’ sandals were beside Kiku’s. “Heracles-san?”

“I’m here.” Kiku looked behind him, both ways out on the veranda, and back towards the kitchen. He didn’t see anyone.

Something tugged his kimono near his thigh, and the man looked down at a brown-haired child in ridiculously over-sized clothes. His eyes were big and green and rather morose-looking. Not just anyone had those eyes.

“H-Heracles-san?!” Kiku lifted the child, astonished. The kimono fell off his body at Kiku’s feet, and he stared at the boy’s emotionless face, slowly feeling heat rise in his cheeks. “Gomen! I’m sorry!”

Safely on the floor again, Heracles picked up his kimono and dragged it with him, not bothering to cover himself with it in anyway. “It’s okay. I spent many years nude. It was a style.” He still slept nude most nights, even in winter.

“I should have something…smaller…for you to wear.” He’s so small, Kiku mused, holding his hands to his cheeks in an attempt to cool them. He’s hardly changed, but he looks so cute as a child! Mentally chastising himself for such thoughts, he slid his doors closed, allowing his bobtail, Tama, to pad inside before shutting the doors completely. The cat sat on a cushion at the kotatsu and started to groom itself. Pochi laid next to it, accepting the bath the cat started to give him.

Upstairs, Kiku searched his attic for old clothing, setting suitable pieces neatly aside. Heracles, temporarily wearing a large fluffy towel like a cape, followed him around, a light tup tup tup for each step of Kiku’s. I wonder how he got like this, Kiku mused. H-He’s so small, now…I don’t know how to take care of children, but he’s still an adult in heart and mind, right? He shook a robe from his Shichi-Go-San festival days and turned to ask Heracles to try it on, but the man-turned-child was passed out among the dusty boxes and trunks. Somehow cats had managed to find their way into the attic; they surrounded the sleeping figure. If Kiku would pick him up, they would make a cat-outline of a body.

It was getting into late-autumn; the attic was too drafty to leave him to sleep, so Kiku draped a few articles of clothing over and arm and gathered Heracles into his arms. The boy’s head tucked into his neck, and Kiku felt an unfamiliar twinge in his chest. He really is too cute, he thought.

Back downstairs, Kiku dropped the robes beside the door to be aired outside and carried Heracles on his hip, sliding a door open to pull out a futon. He knelt and grabbed the sleeping Greek under his arms, about to lay him on the futon when he felt his kimono pull. Heracles had the tomoeri of Kiku’s kimono in his fists, hanging onto his neck in his sleep. “Oh...” Smiling at the tiny hands, Kiku managed to sit Heracles on his lap and gently open his hands to release his kimono.

He laid the boy on the futon and covered him with the blanket from the kotatsu.

Behind Kiku, Tama’s ears perked, and he lifted his head. Pochi sat up a moment later, panting. They both looked at the outside door; Tama walked to them and pawed, giving Kiku a look that said “Open, please, human.” The Asian man got to his feet, ignoring the pop in his vertebrae, and slid the door back.

A long-haired white and grey cat sat on the porch, looking up at Kiku with sleepy green eyes. Tama rubbed against its chest, purring and inviting it inside. They padded around Kiku’s feet and curled up beside Heracles.

Kiku shook his head. “I will never understand how so many cats find him,” he muttered, setting kimonos out in the morning autumn air. He shut the door, then, and went to his kitchen to check his stew.

Lunch was simply tea for Kiku. He had developed a small appetite over the years but greatly enjoyed his tea, regardless. Kneeling at his kotatsu, he contentedly sipped his hot tea. His guinea pigs and rabbits cuddled on his lap, sleepy with the heat from the kotatsu. In the short while Heracles napped, more cats showed up around Kiku’s home, and he had taken to simply leaving his door open so they could come and go as they pleased.

One of the rabbits hopped to the floor, gathering courage to investigate the unfamiliar cats. An orange and white tabby readily approached it, causing it to huddle into itself and wait. The cat sniffed its head and back, licking its ear once deciding that it was an okay creature to share its claimed territory.

Heracles rolled in his sleep, little feet pushing against Kiku’s knees. Cats rolled with him, surrounding his shoulders and head with furry warmth. He woke up and stretched, rubbing his eyes as he sat up. Something flashed, blinding him momentarily, but his foggy mind didn’t register anything but wanting to sleep more.

“Hello, Heracles-san,” Kiku greeted warmly. “Are you hungry?” He set his camera on the floor, standing to gather the aired robes from the corner where they sat neatly folded. As obediently as most children, Heracles allowed his arms to be lifted and slid into sleeves and stood patiently while an obi was wrapped around his waist.

“It’s so much easier to take off,” he commented and sat cross-legged on the floor. A cat immediately occupied his lap.

Kiku brought him a bowl of soba noodles, which the boy nation ate while seated on Kiku’s lap. He didn’t seem to mind being small again, and although Kiku had been nervous at the first sight of him, he secretly enjoyed being able to cuddle Heracles so easily.

Heracles followed Kiku throughout the day, watching him do chores, sometimes helping, napping frequently, and even being mischievous a couple times. Kiku enjoyed the little shadow and his furry shadowlings, and they ended the day with beef stew and white rice. Once it was time to lay out the futons, Kiku set his out but didn’t lie down. Sleep didn’t come easy anymore, and that was a large reason Heracles had visited him. He managed to hide the faint, bruise-like shadows beneath his eyes until he felt genuinely tired.


“Ah, Heracles-san. Please, rest well.”

“What about you?”

“I am fine; do not worry about me.” The smile did nothing to convince either of them. Heracles dragged his futon with slight difficulties to rest beside Kiku’s but climbed onto his lap instead of lying down. He kissed Kiku’s mouth lightly, clinging to his neck in a silent display of concern.

Kiku’s heart warmed fondly, and he hugged his friend before scooting down his futon to lie down. Pulling his comforter over them both, he kissed the already-snoozing Heracles’ forehead. “Oyasumi nasai, Heracles-san.”

Kiku awoke in the morning before the sun had even risen. He was unsure of the time or what had disturbed his sleep until he realised that there was a weight on his chest and warmth against his right side that couldn’t have been a cat.

“Heracles-san…” Arthur’s spell had worn off, and the Greek had returned to his normal stature. Snuggled against Kiku’s side, Heracles hugged his torso like a body pillow, his face nuzzled into his arm, keeping out any invasive light the morning brought. Tama and the long-haired Aegean had curled together on his back, forming a heart.

Kiku touched Heracles’ hair, petting him fondly. He really is very cute…


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Ohhh wow, how cute. You did a great job on this, enough time or not. The picture is a nice touch. c:
I do hope the prompts weren't too bad. I remembered them the other day thinking that they really were kind of odd...
Thank you c: and happy holidays~

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I loved your prompts! I wanted to put them all together, but I had to cut down to make it on time. ;n;
♥ You're very welcome. Enjoy your holidays!


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Awww, so cute! :)

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:) Thank you~


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fffff This is actually pretty hilarious, when I think about it. Arthur should do it to Kiku next time. >) Great job! ♥

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I was rather proud of my spell~
Oh, man, a mini Japan would be too precious. e ue ♥
Thank you so much!


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Awww! ;3; Too precious. <3 <3 <3

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;u; Thank you~