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[Fanfic] Il Bacio di Natale

Title: Il Bacio di Natale; one-shot
Fandom: Hetalia
Genre: love
Rating: PG
Warning(s): a chaste kiss
This is for [ profile] lizzie8d, who told me she wanted something cute with Spain and Romano. I was going to draw, but I wrote this, instead.

Romano goes to Spain's for Christmas dinner, sulky as usual. He has a present that makes Spain very happy, though.

Il Bacio di Natale

Spain opened the front door of his hacienda to greet a sullen-looking Romano. The younger man always looked sullen, but for a holiday such as Christmas, it just wouldn’t do.

“Romano! ¡Feliz Navidad!” Spain declared warmly. He opened his arms for a hug that the Italian ignored, pointedly stepping around him.

“What did you want, tomato bastard?”

“Aw, Romano…!” Spain dragged the syllables of Romano’s name, whining in disappointment. He shut the door and took his friend’s coat, hanging it in a shallow open-face closet built into the wall. “Don’t tell me you forgot!”

“No…but that doesn’t mean I have to constantly acknowledge …” His breath was squeezed from his lungs as he was swept off the floor into Spain’s arms. “Chigi! Put me down!”

Spain laughed heartily. “Your cheeks look like tomatoes!” he sang. Romano’s face burned a deeper red, and he struggled in the Spaniard’s grip. It was just like when he was small; Spain would pick him up and not want to put him down, cuddling him and making weird sounds in Spanish.

Maybe it was nostalgia; maybe it was years of the same experience. The Italian settled down and offered a small hug in return.

“Buon Natale, Spagna…”

“Gracias, mi amor.” Setting him solidly on the ground, Spain was surprised when Romano didn’t let him go. The Italian stretched on the tips of his toes, pressing a warm kiss to Spain’s mouth.

“Christmas present,” Romano muttered, red from his hairline to his neck. He shuffled into down the hall in embarrassment, not noticing Spain’s wink and wave to the turtles armed with mistletoe sitting around the moulding of the entryway.


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adsfjkldjfkl this is the cutest, loveliest Christmas present ever.
; w ; It made me smile like an idiot~ Thank you so much!
Merry Christmas to you~ <33 /squishes

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;u;/ You're very welcome.
I had fun with it, even though it's so short.