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[Fanfic] Catch Up

Title: Catch Up; one-shot
Fandom: Hetalia
Genre: general, love
Rating: PG
Warning(s): human names
This is for the [ profile] ameripan_xmas Christmas event, written for [ profile] teacupwriter.

The prompt I chose was the guys becoming "Facebook official." It's been a long time since I've had Facebook, so I just guessed wording.

When Kiku mentions waiting for Alfred to "catch up," he's referring to maturity.

Catch Up

New York sparkled in the reflected prisms of the snow. People, looking more like walking cocoons with all the layers of jackets, hats, scarves and boots, shuffled through the slush of the sidewalks, not so much enjoying the crisp air as wishing they had finished their Christmas shopping much earlier.

Stories above the bustling mid-morning traffic jams and city life, Alfred F. Jones rolled onto his stomach in his sleep, arm outstretched in search for the body that had been there the night before. The sheets were cold, though.

Trying to avoid opening his sleep-crusted eyes, he fanned his arm out as if making a sheet-angel, finally sliding his arm beneath the pillows and burying his face into them. With a sudden roll, the young man flopped on his back and yawned loudly, rubbing his eyes with his fists. Letting his arms fall back to the bed, he laid out like a starfish, staring groggily at the ceiling. What time is it? He didn’t lift his arm to read his watch, however, until many moments later when he finally kicked the blankets off his body and swung them over the side of the bed.

Texas was sitting next to the digital alarm clock that he never woke up to. Once able to see with his glasses on, Alfred read “12:36.” The bed creaked when he stood. “Why didn’t he wake me up?” The blonde grabbed his jeans from the floor, stepping into them one leg at a time and pulling them up over his Captain America trunks as he walked out his bedroom door.

The cold wood of the hall greeted his feet with a shock felt even through his socks. He skated the short distance, sliding into the kitchen where Hero, his cat, was sitting on the countertop, tail swishing as it eyed the top of the fridge where Alfred kept its treats.

The blonde hissed at the cat, and Hero jumped, looking at him with the sorriest look a cat could manage. Alfred grabbed it and set it on his shoulder, supporting its posterior with his elbow while scratching its shoulders and looking for something to eat for breakfast. He settled on a McDonald’s burger he hadn’t eaten the day before and tossed it in the microwave for a couple minutes.

Waiting, he leaned over the island of his kitchen and peered into the living room of his apartment. “Kiku?”

“In here.” The microwave beeped, and Alfred grabbed his burger with a napkin, unwrapping it and biting into it eagerly. Hero shuffled off his shoulder a bit to sniff at the food, begging and nudging Alfred’s whiskery chin with its nose.

“No, Hero. You have your own food…” Hero didn’t care; it liked burgers as much as its human did.

Alfred set Hero on the floor, and it scowled at him, eyeing the burger morosely as it was devoured. As revenge, it slunk under the coffee table and occupied Kiku’s lap, who was kneeling on a cushion at the low table.

Kiku smiled at Alfred. “Good morning…or rather, afternoon, Alfred-san.” He wiped the mustard off his cheek where Alfred kissed him and let Hero lick his palm clean.

“You should’ve woken me up!” The American flopped onto the sofa behind Kiku, stretching out with his legs hanging over the sofa arm.

Kiku shook his head and pulled his laptop over from the end of the table. Hero didn’t like so much movement, so he toddled over to the sofa and jumped onto Alfred’s midsection, eliciting a pained “Oof!”

The Japanese man booted up his laptop, patiently waiting the few moments until his Windows screen welcomed him with a prompt for a password.


“I tried, but you refused to move. It took enough effort to just get you off of me so I could get up.” When Kiku had woken up that morning, Alfred had snuggled so far down into the bed that his feet would hang over the end if he stretched out of his foetal curl, and he had claimed Kiku as an Asian-sized body pillow, wrapping his arms around Kiku’s hips and nestling his head into Kiku’s thigh. It had been nigh impossible to move, but Hero had stepped on Alfred’s face, causing the American to roll over.

Alfred laughed. He wasn’t the greatest person to share a bed with, and he knew it. “No wonder my pillow was missing. It walked away…” Hero purred and rolled onto its back. The blonde took that as a hint to scratch its belly, which Hero didn’t intend but welcomed anyway. “Hey, could you hand me my phone? I’ve been immobilised, but I should check my email before Arthur freaks out that I’ve died from oversleeping or something again…”

Kiku picked up the Blackberry from the table and handed it back over his shoulder. “If you called him more often, he would not worry so much.”

“Ha. If he didn’t worry, he wouldn’t be himself.”

Kiku stood, closing his laptop. “I’ll make lunch. What would you like?”

“Um…I’m fine with burgers or whatever…” Alfred ate anything. He had a stomach of iron, which was a blessing as well as a curse. Kiku decided on soup, since it was so cold out. Hero followed him into the kitchen, rubbing against his calves for a treat.

Still on the sofa, but able to breathe easier without the added weight of his overly fluffy feline, Alfred unlocked his phone and checked his email. Sure enough, Arthur Kirkland had sent at least five emails asking about his health status. He sighed and sent a short reply:

dude, arthur; chill out. i’m perfectly fine. kiku’s over. i’ve been busy.

Let him think that how he wants, Alfred chuckled to himself. Email sent, he deleted spam and answered some other emails from friends and colleagues, then he pulled up the internet browser and went to Facebook.

Matthew was arguing that some photos he’d posted were not of Alfred, but Miguel was adamant. Francis was in yet another funk over some woman…there was nothing too unusual until he scrolled to earlier posts.

Honda Kiku and Alfred Fuckin’ Jones are in a relationship.

Twenty-odd people had already liked it within the six minutes Kiku had posted.

Alfred felt his chest tighten, excitement and happiness welling up from his heart. He swung his legs over to stand, dropping his phone on the sofa, and bounded into the kitchen.

“You should put a shirt on, Alfred-san. It’s cold outside…” Alfred hugged him from behind, an action that had taken Kiku a long while to get used to, and nuzzled his face into the space between Kiku's neck and shoulder.

“I’m not outside, though,” he mumbled. He moved his head to kiss Kiku’s neck, setting his chin on his shoulder with a sigh. “I just checked Facebook. Does this mean you’re not in denial anymore?” Kiku was slowly breaking from his traditional Japanese values, but he and Alfred had been dating for a very long time. The Asian’s act of openly announcing their open-secret relationship was a big step.

“I was never in denial,” Kiku responded, setting a lid on the pot of soup. “I was just waiting for you to catch up…”


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Aww! Thank you for writing this cute story. I was pleased to see that it was Kiku who changed his status - too cute. :)

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When I was planning the comic, it was Alfred who changed the status, but I thought there'd be more meaning behind it if Kiku changed it instead.
I'm happy you enjoyed it.


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Ah, that was all cute.
And Kiku finally acknowledging their relationship, but still calling him Alfred-san lol. Kiku, you're so weird.

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Old habits die hard~?


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I'm sorry it took me so long to write this... xD;

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Thank you. c:

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This is soooo sweet! Thanks for posting!

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Thank you so much for reading!

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/u\ I'm glad you think so. I rather like how it turned out, too.