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A Cat Who Writes ([personal profile] acatwhowrites) wrote2011-10-22 08:53 pm

[Fanfic] Never Again, Forever

title: Never Again, Forever
players: Alfred F. Jones/America, Matthew Williams/Canada
word count: ~180
rating: G
warnings: n/a
summary: (Hetalia AU) Alfred refuses to believe he'll never walk again.

Never Again, Forever

Sure, it was sad. It was depressing and pathetic.

“You're sure he's never going to walk again?”

“There was too much damage done. I saved what nerves I could, but there is less than 1% he will ever walk-much less stand-ever again. I'm sorry.”

Sorry his ass. Alfred pulls the top of his laptop down forcefully, letting his hands sit on it for a few moments. He can clearly hear the doctor and his dad talking outside his hospital room. The machines around his bed beep and whir; there's never an silence.

Fuck it. He'll show them he can still walk. Alfred throws off he blankets and is about to scoot to the edge of the bed when a cool hand grabs his forearm. He doesn't have to look to know who it is.

Resigned, he lays back down. Matthew tosses the blankets back over him and sit back on his very uncomfortable chair beside his brother. He keeps a hold of his hand, stroking soothing circles with his thumb even as his older brother begins to cry.