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Picture Us, Perfect - 1,630w - When they first met, Himchan mistook Yongguk for an intern and rattled off a rather complicated but sinfully delicious coffee request before an actual intern with pretty eyes and a surly frown stepped between them with padded bags hanging from his acceptably broad shoulders, announcing the arrival of Bang Yongguk hyung's cameras. Himchan didn't apologise; he caught another intern—looking appropriately terrified and stressed—and reiterated his order. AFF || AO3 || LJ

Cherry Chapstick - 760w - Jongae doesn't ask questions right away when her best friend knocks on her window with a split lip, bruised cheek, and bright grin. AFF || AO3 || LJ
Viva la Us - 2,050w - The riot began with a heated face-off and a firebomb and ended with kisses. AFF || AO3 || LJ

Bangtan Boys


BTS Demon AU - 840w - Jimin's a regular guy who happens to be an incubus.
Hoseok and Namjoon bring home cats. Yoongi's not impressed. - 530w
Jimin's a bit boy crazy. - 550w
Jungkook is still amazed that Jimin is so shameless. - 480w
Taehyung really really likes Jimin. - 80w
Taehyung saves a cat.
Yoongi doesn't act on his feelings.
Jimin never thinks she's good enough for anyone, much less Min Yoongi.
Jimin doesn't do parties.
Returning to Korea, Namjoon sniffs his friend out of the crowd.
Merfolk don't eat fishfood.
Seokjin is a lapcat, and that makes Namjoon's lap cry.
Jimin likes the dog's life.
Jimin and Taehyung are looking for dinner and find Jungkook, instead.
late morning - Jimin/Suga - 680w
Jungkook"s lonely » tw: anxiety - Jungkook + catSuga - 450w
Taehyung finds a bunny - V+ catJimin + rabbitJungkook - 400w
Yoongi's cat steals men"s underwear. - Jin/Suga + catJ Hope - 800w
Taehyung wants to befriend All the cats. - Jimin/V + catSuga - 890w
Hoseok's dog has a crush on the cat across the street. - J Hope + dogJimin - 760w
Airplane! // Jimin/Jin // 3,440w
It's not an exciting flight home by any means, but it has its moments.
Homefront // Rap Monster/Jimin // 4,460w
There were times Jimin felt a lot and didn't feel at all. Times before he was a dad that he'd rather never forget and times he'd rather never think of again. Times when he was alone and choking on ash and slipping in mud made of blood and exposed dirt.

Times before dancing with his daughter to animated guitar music and planning dates to pick flowers in the park.

it would be better if we weren’t friends // Jungkook-centric // 3,280w
For a change of pace, Jungkook moves from the City to his aunt's house in the Forest for a year. Nothing has changed except for a new wolf pack clawing out territory.
Ignorance is the Reason of Fear // J Hope/Suga // 5,270w
Hoseok just wants to go home, but he's lost. Instead, he finds the largest snake nest he's never wanted to see, reigned over by the largest—and loneliest—snake he's never wanted to see.

Wake Up, Sleepyhead - 670w - (Demon AR) Yoongi doesn't usually wake up with anyone's hand down his pants but his own.
I'm Only Sleeping - 710w - Hoseok just wants to sleep, that's all.
In the flush of love's light, we dare be brave. - 2,640w - Taehyung's girlfriend isn't as terrifying as she was as his crush. Her friends, however, still terrify him, and that probably won't change.
Double Dog Date - 1,270w - No one else sees the brilliance of Taehyung's suggestion.
Snakes Will Always Bite Back [At the Zoo] - 2,940 - Weekends are perfect for torturing the chaperon on your zoo date.



Will You Still Love Me (Tomorow)? - Sehun wonders if Jongin will love him when he's old and decrepit.
Leafy Love - Chanyeol makes out with a guy in a leaf pile.
She's Always a Woman to Me - Chanyeol isn't used to seeing his girlfriend in a dress.
Share the Heat - Sehun is freezing; Chanyeol is a human heater.
I think I love you. - Luhan doesn't know how to confess his feelings that are so perfectly conveyed in a song.
Like Second Nature - You can't sneak into bed without expecting to cuddle.Something Blue - Lu Hua is marrying one of her best friends.
He's My Venus, He's My Fire - Chanyeol shaves Tao's legs.
Dream of a funeral, and you hear of a wedding. - Baekhyun's a reluctant bride.
Awkward as a Cow on Crutches - Ice Skating is not Chanyeol's idea of a good time.
Let's Start a Riot - Yixing finds peace in Yifan during chaos.
Morning - Sehun can be a brat, sometimes, but Lu Han loves him.
Sehun Hears a Rat - An unwanted visitor has Sehun calling for a knight.
Charger - Minseok is a human battery charger with energy to spare.
Good Intentions - Not all good deeds pay off.
Yield Your Heart - Alpha females Chuntao and Kristina have no interest in mating with any male.
Twitfic - The red string of fate works in mysterious ways, tying three boys together.
Ultimatum - Jongdae is tired of Chanmi's crush.
In which Kim Junghwa gets lost returning from the toilet and falls in love, or Another blossoming love story. - Every time she needs help, she goes to the same room for the same person.
Somersault Kisses Chanyeol is a slave to fads.
Cats are home everywhere where someone feeds them - (Cat/boys AU) Sehun's never been too curious about life outside of fleecy blankets, fresh food, and fenced-in yards.
Suddenlovely - Best friends over boyfriends until one of the three best friends becomes the boyfriend.
Laugh, Laugh, I Thought I'd Die - Chanyeol knows he's awesome, but it's nice to be appreciated.
Not Alice - Chanyeol's crush crushes on him back. Everybody but them knows.
Gaoxing - The world goes to hell, and Yixing holds happiness in his arms.The Fiction We Live - Jongin is a method writer.
Routine - Yixiao's routine is taking a toll. It's time for a change.
[The First Time] Ever I Saw Your Face - Zitao moves to Korea for school and a fresh start. He meets a man who makes the future something to look forward to.
Star in Our Hearts - Just being a high school student is hard enough, but trying to balance homework and exams with saving the world is a bit more stressful than Jongin really signed up for.
'The Unholy Offspring of Lightning and Death Itself,' My Foot. - (Dragon AU) Dragons may be vicious, but they're not uncivilised.
In the Summertime - Climbing trees, holding hands, and making friends.
Meet the Parents - He's already met Jongin's parents, and they love him, but Chanyeol still worries.
The Way to My Heart - Kyungsoo is a sassy cat but quite easily won over by fresh bakery.
Love me or hate me, that is the question. - Looking back, Joonmyun wouldn't have changed anything.
Monochromatics in Love - Jongdae wishes Yixing would be honest, but he's really no better.
Prince Baekhyun essentially finds himself living out the fate of a fairy tale princess.
Kyungsoon's patience and Chanmi's charm are what make them work, as the odd couple.
He's perfectly fine on his own, Jongdae thinks, but it's not an opinion shared by his boss or co-workers.
Jongdae's flirting needs work.
Luhan the cat has to wonder about his housemate, Lay...
Not everyone makes it out of a battle alive. (character death)
Even carpeting has feelings.
Simple pleasures.
Adventures in bathtime.
"I can't go to Dehli like this...!"
SuChen are PTA dads.
Lu Han expresses insecurity.
BaekChen try to make couple mugs.
Joonmyun's priorities don't quite line up with his human's.
Chanyeol's a fan of his fan.
Maknae line goes on a crime spree.
Zitao's adopted by a werewolf.
Good deeds can alter fate a little, but they can't upset the balance of karma.
Zitao is shameless, and Jongae likes that.
Rejection stings. -G
Their families can't keep them apart.
Minseok gets a kitten.
Zitao did not want to spend New Years sharing a pontoon with Jongdae.
Kyungsoo was quite content in captivity.
Shy Kyungsoon has a problematic crush.
Junghae has a straight girl crush.
Life was easier and less stressful as a cat.
Chanyeol's an enthusiastic puppy-cat, eager to please.
Junghwa doesn't have much fun on the school trip to the beach.
Jongin's looking for easy money.
One can never have too many pool tables, says Chanyeol.
Jongdae would like visualising his story and asks is boyfriend for help.
When their best friends die, Chuntao and Chanyeol become parents.
Chanyeol has sticky fingers. Jongdae's had enough.
Kris wants to help an underage sex worker get his life on track.
They're ready for the Next Big Step in their relationship.
Jongin celebrates his driver's license with a date.
Cattus Redit - Chanyeol finds a cat and a magic stick and wants nothing to do with either.
Got a Great Big Bundle of Love - Every summer, Sehun visits his aunt. Every summer, he tries to play with one of the older cats, Minseok, or at least get him to acknowledge that Sehun is not just a food dispenser. They practically grew up together. That's gotta count for something. Sehun's tired but won't admit that he's hung up on a cat's approval.
puppy love - Baekhyun/Kris - 11,440w Yifan works a lot, and Baekhyun believes he's included as "work," so Yifan should pay more attention to him.
My Little Neighbour: Friendship is Annoying - Baekhyun/D.O. - 1,120w - Kyungsoo has a new neighbour, and he is not happy.
Strange fascination, fascinating me - Kai/Lay - 5,370w - Newly crowned King Kai is given a coronation gift, a beautiful someone to dance at his command. He doesn't want to command anyone, much less someone so heartbreakingly sad.
I Put a Spell on You (It Didn't Work) - Chen/Kai - 9,190w - It's difficult to do many things as a cat, mostly due to lack of thumbs. Born-cats don't know the struggle. Made-cats, like Jongdae, do, but he supposes it's punishment for being a dumbass and mixing up ingredients.
Home Is Where the Cat Is - Chen/Kai - 2,015w - Yifan loves Baekhyun more than he's annoyed by him, and the prince can be pretty darn annoying.
a life without one is a life diminished - Chanyeol/Kai - 3,120w - Chanyeol likes cute dogs and cuter dog people.
Company for Christmas - Chanyeol/Kai - 9,970w - After breaking up from a long-time boyfriend, Chanyeol's life pretty much stops. He merely exists until he takes some familial advice and leaves his apartment. He meets someone he didn't expect and certainly didn't expect to need so much.
Not a Ruffian - Chen/Lay - 1,585w - Chen is many things, but he is not a ruffian.
a lantern in the darkness - D.O./Suho - 3,580w - Kyungsoon's resigned to stay in her tower, watching the annual lantern festival from her window, but she meets someone one winter who convinces her life can't be watched but has to be experienced.
One Day at a Time - Sehun/Xiumin - 4,375w - Minseok admits he's not the biggest animal person in general, but he likes cats well enough, and they all have seemed to like him, too. All of them except for his own.
Peripeteia - Suho-centric - 1,370w - If life can be likened to a road, Joonmyun wants to get off the pavement and sit in the grass. The hairpin turns and rolling hills and sudden bridge collapses are keeping him awake at night and wearing him down.
We go together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong. - Chanyeol/D.O. - 570w - har·mo·ny: |'härmənē| n. the quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole.
400 Meters - Luhan/Xiumin - 1,570w - Yes, Minseok is a cat. No, swimming is not a sport popular among most cats. Minseok isn't most cats, though.
Into the Woods - Chanyeol/Kai - 4,060w - A dare sends Chanyeol into The Woods.
Man's Best Friend - Kai/Kris - 5,375w - Taking care of a puppy isn't how Yifan planned to spend the next couple of weeks, but he doesn't mind looking after a friend.

MEAN!EXO(a Mean Girls-esque AU)

Twitfic 001 - Public school is a whole new territory for Lu Han.
Twitfic 002 - Being a part of the plastics means a change of appearance Lu Han isn’t entirely prepared for.
Twitfic 003 - Being Chanyeol’s best friend gives Minseok special privilege.
Twitfic 004 - Chanyeol really-really likes Yixing.Twitfic 005 - Sometimes Chanyeol can’t take a hint. Points for persistence.
Twitfic 006 - Halloween is coming, and Lu Han needs an appropriate costume.
Twitfic 007 - Everything goes to Hell.
Twitfic 008 - At least Chanyeol had a good time.
Twitfic 009 - Chanyeol has men’s denial as a safety net.
Twitfic 010 - Lu Han tells his parents about the problems with Kyungsoo and in school.
Twitfic 011 - Lu Han really just wants to apologise, but Minseok won’t let him.
Twitfic 012 - Lu Han knows who his friends are but still makes poor decisions.
Twitfic 013 - Lu Han meets the Plastics.

Tonight - Sehun gets a night before leaving with only memories. Halftime - Sometimes, sex is just that good.
Sell Your Soul for Just a Piece - (Crime AU) Kyungsoo makes himself dinner.
Wedding Vows - (Spy AU) Minseok and Lu Han are spies. They're married. Their new assignments are some of the most difficult either have ever received.
Prey for Mercy - (Catboy AU) Lu Han needs to learn to say "No." Jongin needs to keep his cat on a leash.
Heat (Catgirl AU) Sometimes, Lu Hua and Junghwa are in sync. Sometimes they're a bit off.
Living the High Life - (Catdol, Dogdol AR) Someone's hobbies are going to get the rest of them in trouble.
Dream Boys - (Hybrid AU) Jongin is really kissable.
That was Then, but Then It's True - (49 Days AU) Life is not a fairy tale.
Set Point - PG-13 - (Sports AU) Jongdae just wants to play volleyball.
Puppies and Kittens - (Were AU) Jongdae adopts a puppy.
Peer Groups - (High school AU) High school was not at all like the books and movies and parents hyped it up to be. For Byun Baekhee, high school was absolute Hell.
The Cat Came Back - (Catboy AU) Housecat Lu Han has little interest in the outdoors aside from playing with his human, but a stray quickly gains his interest.
We Are the Pieces - University AU) After three weeks, four days, ten hours, and twenty-seven minutes of sighing and moping, Jongin moves on.
A Boy Named Soo - (High school AU) Misfits have to stick together.
I'd Feel Safer with Snakes - Zitao misses the comforts of home and resents the man who dragged him away from Shanghai.
Jongdae learns that not everyone is indestructible.
Prince Chanyeol is curious about his silent slave.
Sehun and Jongin struggle to figure out a name for their unborn, unplanned baby. (m-preg)
Everything Baekhyun learned about BDSM came from gossip and movies.
Jongdae's a troublemaker.
The Tides - To Suho, living on land felt a lot like being a fish out of water.
Dear Future Boyfriend - Chanyeol writes an advice column for his university's newspaper, replying to letters about student concerns, lost connections, etc., but refuses to reply to the letters that appear to be love confessions to him.
When Lu Han compares his boyfriend to a puppy, he means it affectionately and certainly not literally.
It's truly amazing that Lu Han and Jongin have stayed together for as long as they have with how shameless Lu Han is. - P-13
Something They Become - Zitao understood and embraced his duty as a protector. All he believed he needed to know was that Elder Bairns must be destroyed.
No. 6 - Jongdae was just trying to be a Good Samaritan.
Girls Like Girls Like Boys Do - Chanyeol/D.O. - 9,290w - Who better to teach Kyungsoon the ins and outs of female fashion than best friend and bane of her existence, Byun Baekhee?
Oxt - Chen/D.O. - 4,800w - "...the love hormone oxytocin has similar affects to being drunk..." Jongdae's in love and can't handle it.
Cheer up, emo kid - Baekhyun/Kris - 4,800w - It's not a phase; Baekhyun genuinely does not like people. Especially preppy jock people with excessive height and wide smiles that show off gums. They're the worst.
Drink Because You Are Happy - Kai/Sehun - 3,715w - University jock Kim Jongin appears really put-together, but Sehun has to change his opinion when Jongin drunkenly breaks into his dorm to prank his ex. Put-together or not, Jongin's actually really cute.
An Unusual Alliance - D.O./Luhan - 5,320w - Peace is impermanent, and hope is all but lost. The species across the lands and seas are only surviving, almost completely apart when not facing off in battle. Alliances are built in broken daily. Backs and hearts carry scars of betrayal and distrust.
Trainable - Chanyeol/Kris - 2,650w - The best way to de-stress is to cuddle his boyfriend, who's already a cuddler. Cuddles take up work time, though. Yifan's weak.
Take My Breath Away - Chanyeol/D.O. - 8,285w - Chanyeol smokes to cope with the stresses of life, including-but-not-limited-to his crush on a new freshman.
warning/s: smattering of foul language
Country Manners, or Softer than a Summer's Night - Chen/Sehun - 8,570w - Sehun doesn't think being sent to the rural Korean backcountry is going to change him in any way, but the boy he meets might.
Love Me Right - Baekhyun/Chen - 5,350w - Jongdae feels justified in punishing Baekhyun a little bit when he's ignored in favour of a kitten.


Siren Song - (University AU) Baekhyun wants to tutor his professor.
Two Out of Three Ain't Bad - (Soulmate AU) Sehun's looking for his other half who doesn't want to be found.



Emotional Turmoil - PG - America and England lost the World Cup.
Domestic Relations - Sometimes, Turkey and Greece can get along.
Biology Notes - America needs England to help him with a human biology experiment.
Drunk Off Desires - Lithuania finds Russia in an unusual state.
Sick Man of Europe - Greece is still sore at Turkey, for various reasons.
Autumn Tails - England's curse effects the wrong person.
Il Bacio di Natale - Romano goes to Spain's for Christmas dinner, sulky as usual. However, he has a present that makes Spain very happy.
Timeless - Belarus will do all in her power to protect her brother.
Bruising Brothers - (Human AU) Alfred doesn't know his own strength and apologizes with character ice cream.
Kiss the New Year Hello - (Nyotalia AU) Sweden and Finland bring in the new year with a kiss.
Catch Up - America and Japan are Facebook official.
Dance of Worlds - Germany teaches China to waltz.
Tom Fighter - (Nekotalia AU) Prumouser's dishevelled appearance came from his awesome heroism.
Running Through Sunflower-scented Dreams - America reminds Russia of sunflowers.
Never Again, Forever - (Human AU) Alfred always wants to fight the odds, but his brother is a realist.
Suum Cuique - (Nyotalia AU) Prussia says goodbye to his sister after the war.
Halfway All the Way - (Human AU) Even in a halfway house, misery loves company, but Arthur's not miserable enough to want Francis as a companion.
Viking Attack - (Pirates vs. Vikings vs. Astronaut Cowboys AU) The vikings launch an attack on the astronaut cowboys.
Comedic Loves - (Human AU) Alfred and Matthew think their cats resemble Looney Tunes characters. Their parents, too.
Orchard Magic - (Fantasy AU) Francis' orchard has another fruitful season thanks to a grumpy little helper.
Cuddle Puddle - America doesn't want to get out of bed, not even for food. Compromises need to be met. (Meaning Canada relents, and America gets his way.)

I Never Kissed You - (University AU) Alfred befriends a drunk at a holiday party.
It'll Only Make Him Unhappy - Belarus can't stand her brother with anyone but her.
Street Life: A Little Prick - (Human AU) People work the streets at with different goals in mind. Part of a prostitute/killer AU collaboration with Amber
Street Life: Somewhere to Go - PG-13 - (Human AU) After leaving his comfortable life, Alfred doesn't know what to do or where to go. Part of a prostitute/killer AU collaboration with Amber



You know me so well, but obviously not well enough. - SHINee celebrates Valentine's Day.

Twitfic - Minho wakes up to breakfast and Kibum's parting remark on his neck.

past fandoms/no longer writing


untitled - Chuck laments being a weenie and not having a girlfriend (namely Claire); then he kind of laments on ever telling a friend (namely Texas) his girl troubles. [Motorcity]
A Bachelor and His Cat(s) - (Non-powered, Cat AU) Charles the cat doesn't mind having a kitten around at all. [XMFC]
A Bachelor and [More of] His Cat(s) - (Non-powered, Cat AU) After finding a new home for the kitten, Charles is depressed and goes in search of fulfilment. [XMFC]
Dream Time - Dreams can seem very real. [Bioshock]

Flashback Threat - Daniel begins to remember. . . [Amnesia: The Dark Descent]
Incontestable - Alex is assigned the task of capturing a reported clone running loose in England. [Alex Rider] Alex in Wonderland - (Fantasy AU) Alex must be dreaming. . . (part I II III) [Alex Rider]