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Share the Heat

title: Share the Heat
players: Park Chanyeol, Oh Sehun<
word count: 380
rating: G
summary: Sehun's freezing; Chanyeol's a human heater.
a/n: Written for an epm prompt on the EXO prompt meme.

Although they are taking photos for the Kolon Sport 2013 Winter Collection, Sehun wonders if it was really necessary for the studio to be as cold as outside. Under the glaring lights of the set was relatively warm, but standing among the cables and clothing racks and equipment, Sehun is effectively freezing.

He shoves his hands into the pockets of his parka, hunching his shoulders to try and warm his neck and ears. Standing off to the side, he watches his members pose and smile for the camera.

Chanyeol wanders over and leans against the wall beside Sehun after a session of photos sandwiching Kyungsoo between him and Jongin. It must have felt nice, Sehun muses, shuffling his feet.

“It’s freezing!” Chanyeol booms. His comment contradicts his bright smile, but everyone thinks that’s just his default face. Or maybe it’s just so cold right now that his face can’t move otherwise.

Sehun just nods in response and huddles further into his jacket.

“Are you warm enough?” Chanyeol asks, noticing the pink tint to Sehun’s nose and cheeks.

“I think I’m starting to lose feeling in my feet. . .” the youngest grumbles.

Chanyeol laughs and spreads his arms. With his hands in his pockets, the motion opens his parka. “I’ll share my coat with you,” he offers.

Sehun doesn’t need to be invited twice. He doesn’t even think of how it looks, huddled against another man’s chest with his jacket enveloping him. It probably looks intimate, but Sehun’s snug and warm and doesn’t care. He presses his face into Chanyeol’s shoulder, hiding from the bright lights in the collar of Chanyeol’s coat. He can hear the older boy laugh and chatter with the others as if he were inside Chanyeol’s chest, completely enveloped by the bass and sound in the cavern of his ribs.

Eventually, Chanyeol’s jabbering dies down, replaced with low humming of one of their songs. He shifts from foot to foot, rocking Sehun gently until he feels a pinch in his side.

“I’m gonna fall asleep if you keep that up.”

Chanyeol doesn’t stop. “I can wake you up when they want you. Think of it was as a power nap.”

Eyes slipping shut, Sehun locks his hands behind Chanyeol’s back and sleepily hums his thanks.