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Dream Boys

title: Dream Boys
players: Park Chanyeol, Kai/Kim Jongin, Oh Sehun
word count: 1,800
rating: PG-13?
warnings: some swearing, somewhat dub-con/teenagers on hormones
summary: (Catboy, Dogboy AU) Jongin is really kissable.

a/n: I accidentally wrote another one. Totally not on purpose.

They're supposed to be doing homework, but Chanyeol is playing video games while Jongin naps. Their backpacks sit ignored and forgotten on the floor, at the foot of Jongin's bed.

Chanyeol tries to be quiet, although he knows from experience that it takes a lot to wake Jongin. The cat sleeps like the dead.

Which is good, because Chanyeol's not all that great at keeping still or quiet.

But it's also kind of bad, because sometimes Chanyeol catches himself watching Jongin sleep. That's just creepy, but when his friend stretches and whines in his sleep, he just really wants to kiss him. He won't wake up, right? No harm done, but it's kind of illegal and plain questionable because they're just friends. Friends don't kiss.

No matter how much Chanyeol really really wants to.

He tries to focus on his game. He's beaten Kingdom Hearts before, but it's been a while, and playing on hard is more difficult than he has patience for. After Sora dies a fourth time, Chanyeol huffs a sigh and tosses the controller. He scratches his ears, foot thumping against the wall when he finds that really good spot.

He supposed he could start his homework; he really doesn't want to, though. He wants to go outside and run around and jump in a big mud puddle, which he hasn't done since he was a puppy.

There are books—novels, manga, text books—lying all around the room. Jongin's bookshelves are overflowing. Chanyeol's not much of a reader, though.

He could always eat something. Mrs Kim tells him every time he's over to not hold back and help himself. He feels bad, though, eating without Jongin.

So he sighs and sits back against the bed, twisting his feet so his toes nearly touched only to flip them outwards and back in again.

Birds chirp outside, and there are children playing outside down the block. Chanyeol wants to play, too, but Jongin's still sleeping. It'd be rude to just leave him, right?

Maybe, if Chanyeol can wake him up enough, they can both go outside, and Jongin can nap under a tree or something while Chanyeol plays. That's a good plan.

The dog gets up on his knees and faces the bed, leaning to reach Jongin.

Jongin stretches in his sleep and rolls onto his side, curling up with his head in his arms and tail over his calves.

He looks so peaceful and cute and adorable and comfy and Chanyeol really just wants to kiss him. It's a totally natural reaction to something so sweet, he tells himself.

Still, there is a wee bit of rationality leftover, so he crosses his arms and rests his chin on top, tail wagging slowly as he watches Jongin.

How great would it be if Chanyeol could watch him all the time? Like, sleeping and awake? He kind of does, already, but the ideal situation would be Jongin would stare after him, as well. Their eyes would meet, sometimes, and they'd smile or blush. Maybe one of them would look away but the other grabs his face and slowly turns his head so they face one another. Inevitably, they'd lean forward, stuttering breaths mingling, and Chanyeol would lick his lips nervously but not pull away. . .

"God fucking dammit!" Chanyeol throws himself to the floor, face in his arms. His cheeks burn violently. He was daydreaming about kissing Jongin. Again! It happens a lot, lately, and that's kind of dangerous. Jongin's really laid-back and easy-going, but that doesn't mean he's okay with making out with another guy. Or a dog. Cross-species is kind of an iffy deal, as well, but it's happened before. Kyungsoo's a cabbit, after all.

He's driving himself nuts with his imagination and second-guessing. If he did kiss Jongin, what's the worse that could happen?

Oh, yeah. Jongin could hate him for all eternity. That'd suck.

But at least Chanyeol would feel better knowing, right? Right. Sure. It's best to just get it over with and—wait. He should have an apology ready. No, that'd be dumb. Positive thoughts, Chanyeol! You can do this! Go get yo' man!

Chanyeol snorts dust and sneezes as he sits up again. Jongin hasn't stirred at all throughout his internal monologue.

Okay. Okay. . .Okay.


Just get on the fucking bed, Chanyeol!

Tail a bit tucked, Chanyeol climbs up beside Jongin. He doesn't know what to do with his hands. What if his sisters walk in? They don't knock. Or his mom! He whines softly, second thoughts threatening to push him back onto the floor, but he's come this far. He can do this. All he has to do is lean over and touch his mouth to Jongin's cheek (because the bottom third of his face is nuzzled into his arms). Easy-peasy lemon-squeezy.

It goes well, if Chanyeol says so himself. He kind of hovers awkwardly, because, again, he has no idea what to do with his hands, but he leans down and brushes his lips over Jongin's cheek, and—oh, wow; he tastes really good! Not in a I'm-gonna-eat-you-for-dindin kind of way, but more of an I-just-can't-get-over-your-anything kind of thing.

Jongin doesn't taste how he smells, which is interesting. He keeps pressing kisses to Jongin's face—cheek, eyebrow, temple—as he completely forgets that Jongin is a living person and not in a coma.

Chanyeol freezes as the cat stretches and rolls onto his back, still between Chanyeol's arms. His eyes barely open; he's still mostly asleep. Unexpectedly, his arms wind around Chanyeol's neck and pulls the dog down a bit while pulling himself up a bit at the same time. "Chanyeol?" he mumbles beside Chanyeol's mouth. "What're y'doin'?" He leaves a smattering of kisses around and across Chanyeol's mouth. The dog's brain finally begins to thaw, but wet and shock don't go well, and he begins to short-circuit.

"Wha-What do you mean, what am I doing? What are you doing?" Panic. Pure, bloody panic. His voice is strangely high, and his arms are shaking. Even his ears are twitching.

Jongin sighs, completely at ease, and lessens the frequency of his kisses but lengthened the contact of his lips against Chanyeol's. "I must be dreaming." He frowns a little, and a tiny crease settles between his eyebrows that Chanyeol really wants to make go away. "Although you usually kiss back in my dreams."

If Jongin means what Chanyeol thinks he means, then he is going to climb onto the room and confess his love to the neighbourhood. He's got a loud voice, but he doubts he can make the world hear, but that's what physical affection is for. He'll show everyone how much Jongin means to him.

They're smiling at each other, noses bumping, both revelling in their dreams, when the bedroom door bangs open. "What up, nerds? I need help with my—Oh. Oh my." Sehun's tail curls over his thigh and whips back behind him. "I'll wait in the kitchen. . ."

The door shuts with an audible click. Neither Chanyeol nor Jongin can seem to breathe, but then a low, familiar rumble tickles Chanyeol's chest, and Jongin breaks away from the dog's arms. Chanyeol face plants into the mattress while Jongin scoots up to the headboard, slumps as small as he can make himself with his tail across his belly and his face shoved into a pillow clutched in his arms. His anxious purrs fill the room.

"Jongin?" Chanyeol whines softly.


"What?" He cautiously crawls up the bed to sit at Jongin's feet. He doesn't know what would be considered "safe," so he touches Jongin's ankle. The cat flinches and twists his feet so one stands on the other. "Jongin—"

Jongin turns his head so he can speak, but he doesn't move entirely, so he doesn't have to look at his friend—probably ex-friend, now. "I'm sorry. I-I'm sorry, okay? I didn't mean to. I'm just kind of weird. . ." If he wasn't a dog, Chanyeol probably wouldn't have heard the whispered "It was a mistake," and felt the breath get knocked out of his lungs.

Chanyeol hates that his friend is blaming himself and apologising for something. It was only a kiss. A few kisses. Okay, a lot of kisses. They're the sort of thing Chanyeol really wants to not regret, and he doubly doesn't want Jongin regretting them. Besides, it's kind of mostly Chanyeol's fault for fooling around when Jongin was sleeping, anyway.

"It's my fault. I was bored and started thinking about you and how cute you are sleeping and how much I wanted to kiss you, and then it seemed harmless enough. It was only supposed to be one kiss, but then you were waking up and kissing me, and it was really awesome, but you thought you were dreaming—which I wanna know: Do you dream about me a lot?—and now Sehun's in the kitchen, and WHAT IF HE TELLS YOUR MOM!?" His tail tucks under his butt as he whimpers.

Slowly, the pillow lowers, and dark eyes blink curiously. That wrinkly crease is between his brows again, so he's probably frowning, and Chanyeol still wants to smooth it out. "You really don't mind?"

Chanyeol tries to think over the vivid image of Mrs Kim making him into a hot dog. "Mind what?"

"That I kiss you in my dreams."

"Oh. I kind of do, but only because it's not fair for dream!Chanyeol to be kissed and real!Chanyeol to not. Personal opinion."

The wrinkle is gone from between Jongin's eyes, and Chanyeol can tell he's smiling, so he smiles, too. His tail starts to wag, still a bit uncertain where they stand.

It wags a bit faster when Jongin sets the pillow aside.

Faster still when the cat sits up on his knees.

His butt is practically vibrating with the intensity of his tail's wagging as Jongin once again loops his arms around Chanyeol's neck.

They kind of sit there, not saying anything, just looking at the other's face with twitching lips that want to smile but want to smash against one another even more.

Jongin acts first. His ears are flat to his hair, and his own tail is twitching against the blankets, but he ducks down a little and plants a chaste kiss on Chaneol's lips.

"So does this mean you'll go out with me?"

Jongin laughs and kisses him again. "Sure."

There's a soft knock, and Sehun peers inside. "Um, I know I said I'd wait in the kitchen, but I really do need help on my homework. . ." He can't quite dodge the pillow launched at his face and scowls as his friends collapse against one another in fits of giggles.


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ew, kaiyeol, get a play pen. sehun needs your help with hw! i usually avoid hybrid stories, but this was great. it was very cute.