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The Fiction We Live

title: The Fiction We Live
players: Zhang Yixing/Lay, Kim Jongin/Kai
word count: 565
rating: PG
warnings: n/a
summary: (Catboy AU) Jongin is a method writer.

a/n: Originally written for the JGL quickie round with Lea for the trope catboys. We alternated writing. (Original post here.)
We have this amazingly wonderful story idea in which everyone is a hybrid, and Jongin is basically writing motorcycle gang fanfiction about himself and his boyfry, Yixing, so whenever he's stuck on what Yixing'd do, he goes and asks in such a way that seems totally innocent. Yixing totally has no idea what's going on. Totally. If we'd had more time, energy, motivation, and opportunity, it'd be longer. I refuse to let it die.

With the sky a brilliant, electric blue, smudged here and there with tufts of white, and a warm breeze carrying the scent of wildflowers and a vague fishy smell from the nearby pond, it’s easy to forget things and just bask in the comfortable sunlight on a bed of cushy moss.

Kai stretches lazily, a soft sigh of contentment escaping when his spine pops just right. His tail flips and coils in the overgrown crabgrass, sitting still for mere moments before moving again, because the grass just feels divine after hours of walking on hard cement and riding his Harley for even longer just to get away from the suffocating smog and raw energy of the city.

Way out in the country, Kai can slip out of the heavy leather jacket and chaps and toss aside the helmet and maybe even kick off his boots, which sounds like a good idea, if only he wasn’t so comfy on the grass.

A shadow covers his face, a cloud passing over the sun. When it doesn’t leave for several moments, Kai finally opens his eyes with a cross frown that slips up to a smile.

Jongin sighed. And then what? He pushed away from the table and padded to the bed shoved into a corner, flopping onto it with another sigh. His tail dipped between his thighs and hung limply to the floor.

Yixing set his project—repairing torn fringe from a jacket—aside to pet between Jongin’s ears. “You alright?”

“Yeah … ” He rolled onto his back. “Lean over me.” When the other catboy complied, Jongin fought the blush rising up his neck. “What’s your natural instinct?”



Jongin had an idea, but he wanted to witness it. Maybe it’d jog his creativity. Damn his eyes, though, when they closed as Yixing kissed him upside down. It was sweet enough to make Jongin’s tail and toes curl, but there was an animalistic undertone, too, one that easily had him moaning into his boyfriend's mouth.

With his eyes still closed, Jongin became hyperaware of the way Yixing felt above him, and of how his hands wandered slightly before they settled, one cupping Jongin's cheek while the other pressed onto the mattress, just mere inches from his face. Jongin's head then slid onto Yixing's hand, the sudden tilt giving them the ease they needed to deepen the kiss.

Jongin was near breathless by the time Yixing pulled away. His eyes opened to see the thin trail of saliva between them snap, blinked as the other catboy's moist lips continued to entrance him. It was this very sight that had Jongin craving for more, but he quickly fought the urge to pull Yixing in for another kiss, and anything else that might follow it. . .

No, Jongin had work to do, so when Yixing started to thread fingers into his hair to trace the outline of his ear, Jongin shied away from his touch. Once he was back on his feet, Jongin wrapped his tail around his side and held it gently in his hand, pressing his lips together before letting out a sheepish, "thank you, hyung," and darting out of the room.

His seat was still warm when he returned to it, and Jongin skimmed through what he had already written before working on its continuation, a small smile playing on his lips as he thought about what to type next.