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BTS Demon AU

Everything I think of for this AU is just a fragment. I can't make anything bigger. I don't even know what it is.Same AU as this.
Suga, Jimin; ~250 words; PG
If no one sees Jimin's horns or leathery tail, it's easy to mistake him for a regular boy. He has hopes and fears, dreams, even crushes.

"He's so talented."

"You've said," Yoongi hums. The awards speak for themselves, as well.

"He's really handsome, too."

"Mm-hm." Yoongi doesn't really pay attention to Jimin when he gets all starry-eyed.

"His voice is like an audial orgasm."

Yoongi's ears grow hot, but Jimin just can't stop with his one-track mind.

"I really would not mind visiting his dreams," he sighs.


The demon looks at Yoongi, dreamy expression on his face, bottom lip between his teeth and hearts in his eyes. His tail coils to mimic an obscene gesture. Yoongi almost wonders if it's even a conscious motion.

Jimin's thirst for Taeyang is unquenchable.

Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, Jungkook; ~330 words; PG
For a demon, Jimin's actually pretty normal. Human-normal. He's just as bratty as the rest of their maknae line—sometimes, but rarely, moreso—and he's remarkably easy to pick on, which turns into Jungkook's favourite pastime.

Jimin can hold his own, though, they learn. Perhaps not in words, but one morning, Jungkook slinks past the rest of the group as they eat breakfast. "Jungkook? Aren't you going to eat?" Ever the mother, Seokjin stopped their youngest and eyes the armful of bedsheets in his arms. "I'll do laundry later."

Jungkook's big eyes widen even larger than usual. He licks his lips, shifts his weight and acting totally suspicious, and avoids theeyes that all turn to him, taking in his stuttering and pink cheeks. "It-It's okay, hyung. I'll do mine, at least. I'd like them back sooner, you know, to make my bed ..." He edges away and leaves.

"I didn't think he knew how to make his bed," Hoseok remarkes Beside him, Yoongi glances Jimin's way. The demon smiles and hums a little as he eats, tail weaving cheerily.

"What happened, Jimin?"

His smile drops, and his eye brows lift, as if trying to widen his eyes and express just how clueless he is about the whole thing. "I didn't touch him, hyung."

No doubt.

As time goes on, Jimin gains more control of his powers and abilities. His horns grow more impressive, and the stylists begin to grumble a little about working around them. There's no more contact like what Yoongi first experienced—not much, at least; sometimes see Jungkook or Taehyung look more dazed than usual, and Jimin's conspicually more cheerful—but he has dreams, sometimes, and Jimin always looks very satisfied and alert when he wakes the following morning. Yoongi can only assume it's the same for the others, but the only common link is Jimin, and he's not the type to kiss and tell.

Suga, J-Hope, Jimin; ~260 words; G
"You sound good."

Yoongi looks up over his phone. Even with ear buds in his ears, he somehow hears Jimin over his music and the general white noise of the stylists and production crew making sure the whole group is ready for their performance. He's been done for a while, waiting for the kids to get called and finished, so he uses the time to practice and write a little.

Jimin smiles, and he looks almost angelic except for the leathery tail swaying behind him—which will be taped down to avoid any accidents in choreography—and the blackened horns that are slowly beginning to curl around his ears. They were just little things when they'd first met. Demons follow a different growth curve, Yoongi assumes, because he's not gotten much bigger otherwise.

"What'd they do to your eyes?" Jimin bends down, looking at Yoongi's face with a tilted head, as if looking for an answer to something confusing. "They look even prettier."

"Park Jimmine," Yoongi sings lowly, dropping the hand with his phone to his chest. "Are you flirting with me?"

Hoseok bounds to the sofa, face caked with makeup and hair pinned in place, clapping Jimin on the back. "You're up!" The demon bolts upright, bows a little, and all but runs to the stylists. Hoseok laughs outright and asks Yoongi what happened.

Yoongi just shrugs and wakes his phone to tap PLAY. He didn't know demons could blush. That's cute.