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BTS short fics

J-Hope, cat!Jimin, cat!Jin, cat!Jungkook, Rap Monster, Suga, cat!V  » G » ~530 words

When Namjoon and Hoseok returned from a convenience store run, their hands were noticeably empty and their faces noticeably guilty under Yoongi's noticeable scrutiny.

His concern grew when the first thing Hoseok said was, "Before you say anything, hyung, please just keep an open mind."

"I can feel a breeze," Yoongi deadpanned. He enunciated carefully, "What did you do?"

Hoseok grinned and pulled his hands from his pockets. His hands meowed.

Four eyes, two green and two blue, blinked in the iridescent light. Tiny paws kicked the air for some kind of hold as fluffy behinds twisted and curled to gain a solid footing. Hoseok cooed and held them to his shoulders.

Namjoon held a larger cat with yellow eyes and a short, russet coat, having somehow hidden it in his sweatshirt, and an orange kitten in his hand. The kitten was asleep, held on its back for its paws to visibly twitch.

Yoongi calmly took in the sight and glanced up at his room mates. "You bought cats for a snack?"

"No!" Hoseok looked scandalised at the very idea and hunched his shoulders around the kittens. The tawny kitten clawed its way to sit on his shoulder, out of the reach of the black one who reached for its brother's tail to play with, uncaring about the arguement sure to begin.

"They were outside the convenience store. It's too cold for them to be out," Namjoon explained, craning his neck away from the adult cat's affectionate face rubbing. Its purrs could be heard clearly in the small kitchen.

"We can't keep them," Yoongi stated. He wasn't heartless, but they could barely feed themselves, much less four cats, and he said as much.

"Three of them are babies," Hoseok argued with a pout.

"Babies grow up, Hoseok."

"C'moooon, Yoongi hyung," Hoseok pressed, holding up the black kitten as a temptation. It wriggled, kicking its little feet, and looked shocked for a second when it was set on the tabletop, hunkering down anxiously. It had a tiny smudge of white on its chest, otherwise it was completely black.

Yoongi threw his hands out. "I eat here, Hoseok!"

The kitten overcame its fear with curiosity and toddled to where Yoongi sat. It gauged the distance and tumbled onto his lap.

"Hey hey hey. Don't get comfy, you litle punk."

Undeterred, the kitten pressed and pulled against Yoongi's soft stomach until it deemed him tender enough to curl up on. It wasn't impressive while standing, and it was even smaller with its paws tucked beneath itself and tail up against its side.

"Aww, she likes you!" Hoseok retrieved the other kitten from his shoulder to hold it in the crook of his elbow.

"Great. I'm flattered. I'll be covered in fur."

"You wear black, anyway; no one will notice," Namjoon pointed out. Yoongi snorted in reply.

Hoseok went the route of compromise. "Can't we just keep them until we find a home for them?"

"They may already have a home. Look how friendly they are." Case in point, the adult cat had draped itself over the back of Namjoon's neck like a scarf. "They obviously know people.

"Any animal is a huge responsibility. Feeding them. Cleaning up after them. Keeping them entertained so we stay sane and the furniture stays in one piece... ." His voice talked off when he was met with two pairs of puppy eyes and three wide-eyed cats—the orange cat remained blissfully unaware in its slumber.

He sighed. Damn his bleeding heart.

"I refuse to clean a litter box."

"We can walk them!" Hoseok had a brilliant answer for everything. "They make harnesses for small animals."

"Walk it like a dog?"

"Why not? The big one will probably be the most trouble, but the babies can be taught."

Yoongi pointed at Hoseok. "That'll be up to you, then." The finger moved to indicate Namjoon. "And you." His finger wagged between the two. "They are your responsibility." He cupped the black kitten—it fit perfectly in his palm—and stood to go to his room, missing the victorious looks and fistbump Namjoon and Hoseok exchanged.

J-Hope, girl!Jimin, girl!Jungkook, Rap Monster » G » ~550 words
Jimin leaned towards her friend, eyes not-so-subtly watching a boy about her age walk by. "Oh, hey," she sang lowly. "He's hot."



"No," Jungkook repeated, clenching her pen in her fist. "You promised to help me."

"And I shall, my sweet Kookie," Jimin sang as she slid from her seat and pinched Jungkook's cheek.

"Don't call me that ... ."

"Just as soon as I get his name and number."

"And shoe size, and favourite colour, and address, and —"

Jimin poked her nose. "Hey! Keep it up, punk, and I won't help you at all!"

"Whatever." Jungkook scrunched her nose and shook her head. She shifted onto a hip to dig her phone from her pocket. "I'm calling Namjoon." He at least knew when and how to be serious, like when Jungkook needed help with trigonometry.

Jimin puffed her cheeks out but snatched her own phone from the table. "Fine, then. I know when I'm not appreciated. I'll just go find better company ... !"

Jungkook ignored the mock tantrum and waved, tapping a message with her other hand. "Good luck ... ."

With Namjoon's help, Jungkook had gotten through more math problems in Jimin's 20 minute absence than in their 40+ minutes of being out. Jimin was easily distracted, and, wherever she went, Jungkook of course had to go to keep her out of trouble, but her math grade couldn't suffer any more than it already was, or she'd be grounded and kept under house arrest by her parents, which meant rising cabin fever and near anxiety attacks wondering what her friend was getting herself into and with whom.

Jimin returned not only with a name and number but the whole boy, as well, holding him by the wrist as they wove through mall walkers. "Namjoon! Kookie!"

"Jungkook ... " Jungkook corrected with a sigh.

Jimin ignored her and held a hand beneath the boy's chin, as if presenting his face. "This," she chirped with a gesture indicating the boy, "is Jung Hoseok. He's from Gwangju!"

"Nice to meet you," Namjoon greeted with a wide smile. He liked everyone. Jungkook could already tell she was the minority party, although it wasn't so much she disliked him as she was annoyed with him.

"Jungkookie," Jimin patted the table like a thumping bunny foot, "come downstairs with us. Hoseok said the arcade's nearly empty, now."

Jungkook pretended to work on a math problem.

Namjoon raised his hands and shook his head when Jimin looked to him. "My break's about up; I've only got a few more minutes."

Hoseok's smile didn't dim, even as his new friend was shot down.

Jimin scoffed. "Boooo. Fine. Hoseok and I will just go ... by ourselves." The emphasis was there for Jungkook's benefit, she just knew it. Jimin totally timed it; she had Jungkook figured out that well.

"Waaaait," she sighed. "I can finish this at home. Thank you for helping me, Namjoon." He knew she caved; he didn't even try to hide the crooked smile as she closed her books and slipped everything into their proper places in her bag. "Have fun, you guys." Namjoon stood to return to work and ruffled Jungkook's hair.

If Jimin had a tail, it would have been wagging.

She took Jungkook by the wrist, and Jungkook silently lamented her choice in friends.

girl!Jimin, girl!Jungkook, Rap Monster » G » ~480 words
There was just no escaping Jimin when she wanted to do something. She'd long since stopped pulling the seniority card, since Jungkook didn't care, so she took to pouting and whining softly, wearing Jungkook down until she sighed and went along with whatever Jimin wanted. Sometimes, it turned out to be pleasantly fun.

At the mall, Friday after school, was not one of those times.

Jimin returned not even half an hour after setting her eyes on a ginger boy and tailing him to whatever dark place she could corner him in, and her smile was so wide Jungkook wondered how she managed to see.

"His name is Taehyung." She thrust her phone in Jungkook's face; the poor girl went cross-eyed trying to see the contact information but only saw a blur of colour from the selfie 'Taehyung' had taken with an arm around Jimin. "His favourite colours are black, green, and white ... "

"Two of those aren't even colours."

"Shush. He wears size 8, and he lives in Daegu with his parents and two younger siblings."

Namjoon—who had arrived not even five minutes after Jimin had wandered off, because Jungkook needed help with her homework again—laughed, but Jungkook stared with wider-than-usual eyes. "Were you stalking him this whole time?!"

"No!" Jimin looked offended. She turned the phone screen off and made Jungkook scoot over rather than sitting across from her friends. "I caught up to him at the Converse store. We were talking, and he ordered some shoes to be delivered to his house, because they weren't in stock, and he didn't want to wait a day for the next shipment."

"He sounds like an idiot. It'll take at least a week to be shipped to his house. He should've waited."

"Well ... Maybe he's not the brightest crayon, but he's a really nice guy." She shimmied a shoulder against Jungkook's. "I think he's your type."

Jungkook blushed at the comment and found her homework very interesting.

"I totally felt muscles when he hugged me—"

"He hugged you?!"

"Oh, calm down. You sound like my mom."

"Do you still have your wallet? He might've mugged you."

"Jungkook," Jimin said slowly, "puh-leeze. I'd know if someone had their hand in my pocket." She settled with her chin on her palms, fingers tapping the apples of her cheeks. "Not that he noticed when I filched his phone."

"Oh my God." Jungkook dropped her head to her arms on her notebook. The spiral wire dug into her arm, but the mild pain just reminded her that this was real, and her longtime friend was truly shameless.

girls!Jimin/V » G » ~80 words
Taehyung chewed on the end of her braid. "Can you keep a secret?"

"Of course." Jimin smiled. She gently pulled Taehyung's hair from her jittery hand and tucked it over her shoulder.

"I think in love with you." She's confused by the laughter but blushed when Jimin leaned closer.

"That's no secret." They bumped noses, looking shyly at one another's eyes, scrutinizing their faces, and finally sharing giggles until Taehyung tiptoed her fingers down Jimin's hands and sliped their fingers together.