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BTS microfics

Just like with my EXO ones, a lot of these are AUs I'm not writing anymore or ones I've not really worked on in a long while. I realy would like to finish them all someday.

None of them are beta'd. There will be mistakes. ;w;

Jungkook, V (+cat!J-Hope) » G » ~430 words
Taehyung and Jungkook are walking home from school when they notice a cat walk between them, tail high and a small box tied with ribbon hanging from its jaws. It pauses on the curb, looks up and down the street, and hops to the asphalt to cross.

"Huh. It must be trained." Jungkook shrugs his backpack up his shoulder and nudges his friend. "C'mon. My mom said she'd even feed you if you came over tonight... Tae?"

"I don't like this." Taehyung frowns at the cat on the road. It dropped its box and struggles to pick it up again, unknowing of the moving truck barrelling down on it. "Hold this!"

"Taehyung, wait!"

Taehyung leaps over the low wall and dashes into the street, grabbing the cat by the scruff of its neck. He makes it a few more steps before he trips over his own feet, losing his grip on the cat and unintentionally flinging it into the overgrown grass and bushes on the opposite side of the road. He rolls a couple times, stopping with a leg in the dirty gutter water.

He groans and sits up, knowing he'll feel sore when he goes to bed tonight. "Are you alright, kitty?" His mouth snaps shut when he sees the cat standing up in a small cleaning, dusting itself off and smoothing the fur on its tail. Noticing the attention, the cat straightens, standing tall on two legs, smiles brightly, and bows.

"Thank you so much for saving me. I owe you my life. Are you inured?"

"Ah...N-No, I'm alright."

"I'm glad." The cat bends down and sets the box on its bottom. "Forgive my rush, but I'm in a hurry. I'll be sure to thank you properly later." On four paws again, it takes the box in its mouth again and slips through the bushes.

Jungkook runs to Taehyung's side when there's a hole in the traffic. "Taehyung, are you crazy?!" He drops their backpacks to the curb and takes his friend's arm, helping him to his feet. He frowns at the scuffs and dirty smears on Taehyung's knees and arms. "You always have to go all-out. Geez." He doesn't let Taehyung take his backpack, grabbing his arm, instead, and letting him put some of his weight on Jungkook. "At least you saved that dumb cat, I guess. Let's get home. My mom's totally going to freak."

Taehyung accepts the arm around his waist and limps as best he can, giggling at how cool his best friend is and quietly hoping that cat makes it home safely, too.

+ The Cat Returns AU; Haru = Taehyung, Harumi = Jungkook, Baron = Seokjin, Muta = Yoongi, Toto = Namjoon, Prince Lune = Hoseok, Yuki = Jimin

girl!Jimin, Suga » G » 955 words
Jimin slouched on the sofa, passing her phone between her hands. "Hey, Yoongi. Did you and Seokjin ever date?"

He was silent; she peered at him over the back of the sofa to check if he was awake. He sat still at the table, back to her and pen poised. "No," he finally replied. The pen tip touched the paper. "I considered it, once, but ... ." He shrugged. Ink bled from the pen through the paper.

"Have you ever told her?" There's an animated movie Jimin liked to watch about an awkward girl who develops a crush on the guy who helps her. In the end, although it wouldn't work out, she still confidently told him that she had a crush on him, and it was totally cool. No tearful rejection or pleas, just a compliment and smiles and boosted confidence. Jimin wished she could be as confident, but when faced with her crush, her tongue didn't like to move right, and her hands got all damp and fidgety.

"Nah. She knows, anyway. Pretty sure. We were kind if dancing around one another for a while, but Namjoon was around. He definitely makes her happier than I could."

"That's just your opinion." Jimin chewed her lip. "You both could've been really happy."

"We are happy." He palmed her face and pushed her playfully. He had a habit of pushing his problems away and suppressing his own feelings. Maybe he knew it, and maybe he didn't. He used to babysit Jimin, though, so she had ample opportunity to watch him in his natural habitat. She knew his favourite colours and clothing and music and what hand he brushed his teeth with, which shoe he put on first. She knew the little things as well as the big things, and she fell in love with them somewhere between begging Yoongi to carry her on his back and stumbling into him wearing new heels just a bit too high for her.


"She's still my best friend, no matter what. I won't stop loving her just because we don't date or whatever."

"I think that sounds really sad," Jimin commented quietly.

"Maybe it is. I dunno."

"Does that mean you won't ever date, if you're in love with Seokjin?"

"Dunno. I never really believed in the 'one' part of a 'one true love,' because it's so limiting. With that, there is a super tiny chance of finding them, meeting them, and all that, so I've always thought we have the capacity to love a lot of people in a whole lot of ways."

"So does that mean you love me?" Jimin sat up on her knees, hanging her arms over the sofa back and kicking her feet a little.

"You and Taehyung and Hoseok ... you guys make it difficult not to." They burrowed deep into the chambers of his heart and couldn't leave, even if Yoongi wanted them to. He liked them there.

"Yeah, but do you love me?" It was probably a bad time. It was always a bad time to talk about feelings when Yoongi was involved, but she had to know, and flirting around the issue got her nowhere.

Yoongi looked back at her. The overhead light threw shadows across his face, but she could see his eyes looking right at her, passing over her face, across her shoulders, and down her arms to the floor. "You should look for someone your age. I'm too old for you."

"What's age have to do with it, if I love you?"

Yoongi sighed and sat back in his chair, posture lax. "Jimin ... ."

Jimin stood fast, brushing the back of her skirt so it unbunched from her thighs. "Nevermind." She made to walk to her room, but Yoongi pushed his chair back.

"Just hold on." She stopped and didn't look at him. She could feel the heat in her cheeks and eyes and didn't want him to see. "Come here. Come on, please." He held his hand out, and she eyed it a moment before reaching out, still not looking at his face. He pulled her gently until she sat on his thighs, like when she was a little kid.

She mimicked his sigh, cocking her head to her shoulder. "Yoongi."

This wasn't what he wanted to talk about. Not ever, and certainly not with Jimin. He'd watched her grow up; he didn't consider that she had watched him, as well. Their awkward phases, growing phases, soul-searching and rebellious and whatever they're at now.

"You're too young to know love. Take your time; explore your options. Get away from home before giving a piece of you away."

"But I can't take back what you already have."

They looked at one another for a long time, not speaking. Yoongi kept his hands respectfully clasped over her hip; Jimin swung her leg a little and tried to read his mind through his dark eyes.

The tension broke with the burst of song from Jimin's phone, a popular Taeyang tune. "Taetae's in the elevator." Jimin stood fast, brushing the back of her skirt so it unbunched from her thighs, and waited at the front door, ignoring the feel of Yoongi's stare at her back and the tears filling her eyes.

When Taeyeon knocked on the door, Jimin unlocked it, pulled her inside, and barely gave enough time to kick off her shoes before she dragged her friend back to her bedroom.

Yoongi dropped his pen and ran his hands through his hair.

It wasn't fair. Jimin's too sweet and bright to be tied down to a lazy grump like Yoongi. No matter how much he denied liking her, though, he never wanted to see her grow up and away from him.

+ I have an AU in which Jinah (Seokjin) can't have her own kids and finds an abandoned baby (Jungkook), which she adopts with her boyfriend, Namjoon. Yoongi is her bff, and they have the sort of relationship that easily could've fallen into romance, if one or the other had pushed a bit more. Taeyeon (Taehyung) and Jimin are neighbour girls Yoongi used to babysit.

girl!Jimin, girl!Jungkook, Suga, +girl!Seokjin, Hyosang » PG » ~700 words
Jimin wasn't paying attention to Junghee or their flashcards at all, standing on her knees on the seat and waving to someone. Junghee craned her neck back and noticed Yoongi, dressed much more stylishly, in her opinion, in jeans and a cardigan over a button-up, and rather than a snapback, he wore a cute bowler perched back from his face.

"Jimin ... ."

"I just want to say 'hi,'" she said, practically bouncing and only sitting when Yoongi finally meandered around to their table.

"Are you ever not at the mall?"

"No. We live here. We share that giant display bed at the furniture store at the other end of the mall." Junghee didn't like his attitude. It just wasn't friendly, and she always felt like an overlooked stepchild.

Jimin, on the other hand, giggled brightly. She either never noticed tension or chose to ignore it. "She's kidding, obviously. School is just a bus stop away, so we like to come here to do homework and get some food. What about you? I've seen you here a lot."

"I work at the coffee shop."

"And they haven't shut down from lack of business?" Junghee muttered to her math worksheet. She frowned at Jimin but didn't say anything more when her friend pinched her thigh.

Yoongi glanced up over Jimin's shoulder and stared.

A couple were walking passed the vendors, heading towards them. The girl was rather tall, slender, and dressed like a model in tasteful bold colours. Her hair was long and curled, pulled back in a ponytail with bangs that swept across her forehead. The snapback on her head didn't match at all, but it probably belonged to the boy at her side.

Jimin looked between Yoongi and the couple and then down at herself. She shifted so her feet were on the floor again and tugged Junghee's sweatshirt from behind her to zip up and cover her obvious curves.

Junghee watched out of the corner of her eye, quietly seething. The jerk was either a pig or an idiot, but Junghee was more inclined to bet he was both. She tucked her hair behind her ear and asked, "Someone you know?" while scribbling nonsense on her paper.

Yoongi cast a look at the girls and back to the couple. He raised a hand, and the girl's lips drew up to a smile. "Yeah, actually." He stood to grasp the boy's hand and clap him on the back. "Jinah and Kidoh, these are the mall gremlins."

Jimin's smile returned, but her hand picked at Junghee's jeans nervously beneath the table. "Hi! I'm Jimin. This is Junghee, my best friend."

The boy nodded, standing beside Yoongi, but the girl smiled warmly. It was hard to dislike her, but the interest both boys showed in her figure was enough to make Junghee want to leave and punch a wall.

It just wasn't fair, she seethed as the boys chatted about work and some show. Seokjin politely drew Jimin into a conversation about school, like an aunt who didn't visited often. While girls like her—and Junghee, who was growing leggy and slender—got immediate attention from boys interested in dates and sex and then girls interested in beauty and fashion secrets, girls like Jimin were thrust under "plus size" status and unattractive. Her curves were too curvy. She was below average height. Her eyes were small. Her smile made her face look wider.

It wasn't fair that Jimin couldn't see her own beauty.

"You coming with, then?" Junghee blinked, brought out of glaring at her paper. Yoongi nodded and waved a hand at her and Jimin.

"See you gremlins later."

Jimin jolted. "Um, Yoongi! Do you—Uh ... What are you doing this Sunday?"

"I sleep until 2 and start my shift at 3." He smirked. "Why; you asking me out?"

Jimin looked at the tabletop but resisted the urge to fiddle with her hair. "Kookie and I were going to the park to play basketball. Just wondered ... if ... if you wanted to come ... ."

"Maybe." His smirk lifted to a half smile when her head jerked back. "Text me, and we'll talk."


Junghee chewed on her lip and shook her head. Jimin was just too easy, and it worried her.

+ Same AU as this and this. Jimin likes boys, and Junghee (Jungkook) runs interference as much as possible.

J-Hope, Jimin, Suga » PG » ~320 words
Jimin took a breath outside the door, flipping his hair back into some semblance of organised chaos, and didn't knock on the door, but it knocked him when he saw who sat on the other side.

"I, uh, there must be a misunderstanding. I-I don't do parties."

"No mistake. I asked for you." Yoongi raised his arm. "Come here."

"If you just let me talk to the manager, we'll straighten this out--"

"Jimin. Come here."

Ignoring the stuttering of his heart and sniggering, eye-rolling men and women in the room, Jimin straightened his shoulders and used his discomfort to his advantage. Lots of patrons liked the meek approach.

Settling on the bench beside the man, he wouldn't let himself get too comfortable under his arm. Yoongi felt strangely warm, though. For all his glares and icy remarks, he felt so warm.

The door opened again. Hoseok backed in with a platter of drinks. "Jiminnie?"


His bright smile never faltered. As he passed around the drinks, he addressed Yoongi. "There's been a mistake. Jimin doesn't do parties." The brush of fingers wasn't a mistake. Hoseok had been trying to teach Jimin subtlety for months, now. "I do, though."

"I've been told that twice, now, but I specifically requested him. What sort of establishment," he spat, "ignores a patron's explicit request?"

"The kind that asks you to leave and never come back if you choose to ignore the set rules. They're the same for everyone. Let Jimin go back to work, and I'll keep you company."

Yoongi rolled his eyes and shrugged, lifting his arm so Jimin could scramble to his feet.

"Hyung ... ."

"Go tell Seokjin. I'll see you downstairs." Jimin nodded and scurried out, closing the door with a small bow.

"Well?" Hosoek looked over his shoulder. Yoongi's hand was out, palm up. "Spot's still warm." Hoseok's smile went lopsided, but he accepted the hand and situated himself close to Yoongi's side.

+ Organised crime au in which Seokjin runs a well-known club that caters to powerful people; it doesn't discriminate clientèle. As long as they can pay and behave, there's no problem. Yoongi kind of stirs things up, but he and Seokjin used to have a ~*~thing~*~, and he just won't let Seokjin forget.

Rap Monster » G » ~270 words
Namjoon looks from his ticket to the signs in the airport twelve hours after leaving San Francisco. Everything is in Korean with the occasional English translation, and he's grateful. He loves his grandparents' culture, bless them, but he was very much American at heart and had not had nearly enough practice with his Korean language skills.

"Baggage ... baggage ... ." He mumbles to himself as he shifts and dodges other travellers. A sign with a suitcase and an arrow helpfully direct him, but his way is blocked on the way out by a barricade and frightening amount of young women with cameras.

He pushes his way through, mumbling apologies, and finally weasels his way outside. He stands to the side, watching as an idol group he doesn't recognise parades to the waiting van, and runs a hand through his bangs. They're slightly damp with sweat; he really wants a shower. With a sigh, he spins the snapback around his finger and dips his head a little as he replaces it on his head.

The scent roars through his senses, throwing images around his head as he browses the mental map in his head. It would've been easier to just call Hoseok, but his phone died on the plane, and he forgot his charger as well as iPod, which at least had his contacts backed up on it and could connect to the internet.

Place in mind, he taps the cap to a comfortable angle, grabs his suitcase and backpack, and merges with the crowd of pedestrians to the bus stop.

"Just a bit longer," he mutters. "Almost there."

+ Push (movie) AU. Not exactly sure where I was going with it, but the whole thing has an interesting premise. Tentatively: Jungkook = Watcher, Taehyung = Shifter, Jimin = Bleeder, Hoseok = Stitch, Namjoon = Mover or Sniffer (not 100%, yet), Yoongi = Watcher, Seokjin = Shadow

Merman!J-Hope, Jimin, Jungkook » PG » ~540 words
Jungkook shook the fish food over the tank, cackling at his wit. “C'mon, fishie. I have to feed you.” He leaned over the edge of the outcropping, searching the clear water for the merman. He saw a flash of scales and then the merman himself swam into Jungkook's shadow. “Here, fishie, fishie, fishie ... .”

The merman circled just above the aquarium floor, travelling upwards in a slow spiral.

Jungkook frowned, bored. “Is that all you do?”

As if shot from a canon, the merman rocketed straight up through the water. Salt water showered over Jungkook, as he threw his arms over his face. Something heavy slapped his shoulder, and he plummeted over the edge with a short yell.

Two splashes sounded from the aquarium. Jimin looked up from his laptop with a frown. A sharp scream had him on his feet and running for the aquarium.

Jungkook was treading water, screaming whenever he could, as the merman shot back and forth underwater, beating the human's legs and torso with his nails and tail. Clouds of brown writhed towards the surface.

“Seokjin; Taehyung! Get in here!” Jimin tossed his glasses aside, kicked off his shoes, and stripped off his shirt before marching up the stairs and diving into the water. His assistant and apprentice ran up after him, assessed the situation, and dragged a coil of rope and life preserver from the wall.

Jimin pulled the preserver towards Jungkook and helped it over his head and under his arms. He could feel the merman swimming around them, displaying decidedly shark-like behaviour. “Get him out of here!” He shook his hair from his face and tried to follow the merman with his eyes.

It swam to the far side of the tank, as if bored and giving up, but Jimin knew better. He dove under the surface, somehow timing it so he blocked the merman from Jungkook, still treading water as Taehyung and Seokjin hauled him up, but he miscalculated how agile the creature was. It angled away from him easily, and Jimin could only flail about and barely catch it around its waist.

With a snarl and burst of bubbles, the merman stopped and glared at Jimin. Scaled hands grasped his wrists and wrenched them free, but Jimin grabbed it again, this time around the shoulders. If he could just distract it long enough for that dumb boy to get to safety...

He did. He saw Jungkook's legs kick free of the water as something sharp pierced his shoulder. More brown filtered free and spiraled in the water. His body froze; he was dragged down and saw his breath leave in precious bubbles of oxygen, fleeing to the safety of the surface.

As fast as he'd been taken down, he was propelled to the surface just as fast. He spat and coughed when he felt air on his face and heard his friends through the water still in his ears. Something splashed, followed by a farther splash, and then there was an arm across his chest.

He laid out on the cement in a daze. It hurt to turn his head. It felt hot.

“He's bleeding a lot. Call an ambulance.”

The darkness in his peripheral overtook his sight completely.

+ Marine biologist AU wherein Jimin's very passionate about the ocean and befriends a merman, who takes a lot longer to warm up to people after Jungkook's a dumbass.

catboy!Jin, Rap Monster » G » 105 words
"Aren't you a big big for a lapcat?" Namjoon grunted as the tom planted himself on his thighs.

"Depends on whose thighs," Seokjin purred. He slipped his arms around Namjoon's neck and settled his head on one shoulder, then the shoulder, until he sighed with contentment.

"I think my legs are already asleep ... ."

"Then I'll be quiet, so they won't wake up." A low purr vibrated in Namjoon's chest. It was hopeless to try and talk Seokjin off of him once he was settled. With how long it took to get to this point, Namjoon's had to count it as nothing short of a miracle.

+ Namjoon's catfriend is a big, handsome tomcat who is very cuddly and sweet and thinks any lap will do. It takes him a while to get used to people, but once he's out of his shell, there is no turning back. I really want to write this, because catboys. /w\

dog!Jimin, Jin, Jungkook » G » ~60 words
Jungkook stares.

Jimin barks.

Seokjin walks in with a smile. "I didn't think you'd be home already." He scratches Jimin's ears. "How was school?"

"Jimin's a dog..."

"Sometimes. He says he enjoys it more than being human, sometimes."


"Jungkook. You and I are vampires. Some things just don't make sense."

Jimin barks, tongue lolling.

+ Jungkook and Seokjin are vampires. Jimin the weredog is Seokjin's pet/room mate/security guard.

Jimin, Jungkook, V (+Jackson) » PG » ~870 words
Taehyung sighed heavily and leaned over Jimin's back, arms hanging off his shoulders. "I'm hungry," he whined.

Jackson laughed and poked Taehyung's gut, drawing out a sharp giggle and a glare. "You just ate, man. How much food can you pack away?"

"I'm a growing boy! Right, Jimin?"

"You're grown enough, Tae Tae," Jimin replied with an exagerrated sniff. "You're getting too tall."

"Maybe you should eat more, too, then, Jimin. You might gain a couple more centimetres and not be so tiny."

"I'm not tiny!"

"Dude, my sister's bigger than you!" Jimin shook Taehung off his shoulders to chase Jackson, capturing him in a headlock and rubbing his knuckles against his crown.

"Uncle! Dude, ow! Uncle!" Wailing filled the air, making the boys pause on the sidewalk. A police car raced past, followed by three more plus an ambulance.

"Where do you think they're going?"

Jackson wriggled out of Jimin's grip and grabbed his snapback from the sidewalk. "Who cares? It was probably another ghoul crime." He swung the cap around a finger, head tilted. "That's your guys' way, though. Want me to walk home with you?"

"You'd be no help at all," Taehyung stated.

"You can just go home. If we don't come to school tomorrow, we'll live on in your memories." Jimin clapped a hand on his shoulder. "We're counting on you to remember us nicely," he said solemnly.

Their friend snorted and rolled his eyes, starting to walk backwards towards his bus stop. "I'll remember you jerks exactly how are!"

Taehyung blew him a kiss and waved. When Jackson finally turned around, Taehyung took Jimin's hand and laced their fingers together. "I really am hungry, Jimin."

"Yeah, me, too. It's been about a month." They walked in the direction the cop cars and ambulance had gone. They couldn't hear the sirens. "Let's drop our stuff off at home and pick up someone to eat."

Jungkook walked to the bridge from school, skipping his clubs. He just didn't care about them, anymore. No one seemed to really like him. He was weird and quiet; the commodity of a new student had worn off pretty quick.

He hated the city. It was big and noisy and never felt welcoming. He saw a woman's purse get stolen right on the street, and no one had done a thing. Few even bothered to stop and look around after hearing screaming.

Every day was a chore. It'd be so much better if he could just not exist.

He leaned over the edge of the bridge. It was pretty tall, and the river was low, so some rocks were exposed. If he was lucky, he'd crack his head or something and knock himself out before drowning.

As he started to toe off his sneaker, someone called from behind him.

"Hey, if you're going to jump, can we have your body?"


The person--a boy, not much bigger than Jungkook, stood with his hands in his pockets. A cat mask covered his face.


Cat pulled his hands from his pockets, spreading them to the sky. "You're going to die, anyway, right? It'd be a waste to just leave you down there."

Jungkook shook his head. "I-I-I wasn't gonna--"

"Sure you were." Another ghoul, wearing a monkey mask, came out of nowhere and stood right behind him, leaning over Jungkook's shoulder to look at his face. "You don't look too desperate, but you sure do smell good."

"Get away!"

Monkey pouted at the cat-masked ghoul. "I don't think he likes us, Jiminie."

"I don't--I don't want to die, I just..." His shoulders shook; he was crying. How embarrassing. "I just don't want to be here anymore. I'm so lonely--" Was that it? He was lonely? "--and I thought that if I just didn't exist anymore, it'd be easier."

"Kids sure have it rough these days."

The tears burned Jungkook's eyes. He spun away from Monkey and backed against a sign post, keeping an eye on both ghouls. "Shut up! You're probably not even older than me!"

Monkey and Cat both shrugged. "Doesn't matter much, anyway. When you're dead, you're dead."

"Yeah, so can we have your body, if you jump?"

"N-No!" Jungkook couldn't believe what they're asking. They looked too human. "I'm not gonna jump! Just leave me alone!" His voice wavered, and he set his jaw to look more determined. The masked ghouls exchanged a look behind their masks and sighed.

"This is just troublesome," Monkey mumbled. "Now we have to look for someone else. I'm gonna starve." He draped himself across Cat's shoulders, who patted his hip.

"There are other bridges." He bowed a little to Jungkook. "Sorry for bothering you, then. Please don't tell anyone you saw us." There's no threat, but Jungkook nodded jerkily.

A body dropped behind him, having leaped from the old bypass bridge above them. Their scream was cut short with a dull sort of thump, and the two ghouls were sprinting for the barrier after it with whoops of excitement.

Jungkook ran in the opposite direction. He didn't want to see the ghouls devour that body. He just wanted to go home, hug his brother, cry, and possibly throw up until he passed out.

+ Tokyo Ghoul au with Jimin and Taehyung as ghouls and Jungkook their new human bff. I'm taking the idea of the ghouls and moving them elsewhere, so the society may be different from the Japanese society seen in the anime and manga. I just wanted to try doing more with the ghouls in society than focusing on a character story so much.