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old microfics

The plan was to keep them all traditional drabble length: "A drabble is an extremely short work of fiction of exactly one hundred words in length, not necessarily including the title. The purpose of the drabble is brevity, testing the author's ability to express interesting and meaningful ideas in an extremely confined space."

Didn't quite work. Oh well. Hit me up, if you'd like.

Chen/Sehun » G » 125 words
Sehun swats his hand before his face, scowling. “Must you do that?”

Jongdae hums, dipping the plastic stick into soapy solution, letting it drip a bit before holding it to his lips and blowing softly. Multitudes of bubbles squeeze free of the wand and float on the invisible currents, falling and popping on the floor, their laps, and Jongdae's fingers as he poked them. “I must; I must.”

“It's really annoying.”

“But they're so pretty.” Jongade scoots down the bench and lies his head on Sehun's thigh, blowing bubbles up at his face. “See? They like you, too.”

Sehun frowns but says nothing more. His cheeks burn where the bubbles kiss him, and Jongdae wipes the residual soapiness from his cheeks with an amused grin.


Lay/Luhan » housecats AU » G » ~370 words
Lay chased the toy into the water, landing with a series of splashes in his pursuit. It was incredible how nonchalant he was about baths, in Luhan's opinion. Any kind of water, and he was thrilled. He slept in sinks, flushed the toilet to watch with rapt attention as the water swirled away and then came back, and even hung over the shower door when their human showered, just to catch some residual spray.

He was a shame to catkind, but Luhan adored him anyway.

Luhan himself watched the shorthair cat-paddle from a safe distance away, folded neatly in the farthest corner atop the humming refrigerator. He tucked all four paws beneath him, tail securely at his side, making himself as small and invisible as possible. He willed himself to melt into the fridge when his human looked towards the food area, but he went unnoticed and relaxed.

He evidently dozed off. The whir of the dreaded blowdryer woke him. The bathroom door was still open, but the tub was drained and empty. With a stretch and a yawn, Luhan inched to the edge of the fridge and peered into the living room.

Their human sat cross-legged on the floor, blowdryer in hand with a towel around their bare shoulders. Lay was settled on a towel-protected cushion, eyes blissfully closed as his fur was dried.

With an affectionate rub, their human turned off the blowdryer, and Lay's purrs could be heard in the relative silence.

Luhan deemed it safe to reveal himself in that very catlike now-I'm-here-now-I'm-not fashion, tufted toes silencing his leap to the floor and footsteps across the linoleum.

Lay opened his eyes to smile at Luhan and sat up to follow the longhair onto the sofa. A few turns, and Luhan settled comfortably. Lay sat at his side and began the long task of grooming him.

Their human sighed when he returned from the bathroom. “You'd make it so much easier on me if you'd just take a normal bath, Luhan. I'M the one who has to clean up Lay's hairballs.”

Luhan purred, enjoying his bath. He didn't need to get wet to get clean, and he probably enjoyed his baths even more than Lay enjoyed his own.

+ LayHan kitties and bath time ^^‎

Baekhyun/D.O., Jongdae » PG (character death) » 100 words
Beeping, incessant but soft, draws Baekhyun to consciousness. Everything is bright white. There's a distinct smell of nothing. He flinches as a truck screeches around a blind corner, barrelling into the intersection between his eyes, but it's gone with a blare of a horn. The heart monitor blips.

A whiteboard on the wall says it's Tuesday. He and Kyungsoo had gone for a drive on Wednesday evening.

“We weren't sure if you'd make it for a while.” Jongdae squeezes his hand.

The hospital bed beside him is empty; flowers on the windowsill hang their heads and drop petals like tears.

+ I'd like to request #7 for the drabble prompts. My muse has survived a great battle, but someone they love has not.

Kris/Suho » magic AU » G » ~100 words
Rugs—tufted, felted, knotted, woven, hooked, and embroidered—danced lazily through the air of the open market.

“This is the weirdest thing I have ever seen.”

“I never thought carpeting could be so friendly,” Yifan agreed, fending off the excited advances of a woven mat.

Joonmyun stumbled under the weight of a narrow runner that draped itself across his shoulders. “I have no idea what to even do with them. Do they like to be pet? I don't wanna unravel it.”

“I dunno, but I think this one just gave me rug burn from humping my leg...”

+ Krisho and magic carpets? :D

kid!Chen, Suho » babysitting AU » G » ~90 words
Joonmyun finds Jongdae sulking on a low tree branch. His knees are scraped, and he's picking at his palms. “Why is Baekhyun such a buttface?”

“I don't know. What did he do?”

“I was picking flowers, and he said they were just dumb weeds.”

“Dandelions?” Joonmyun crouches down, gathering them into a neat bouquet. “There are so many! You must have worked hard.”

“Yeah, until Baekhyun ruined it.”

“If you don't want them, may I have them? I love dandelions.”

Jongdae blushes but shrugs. “I-If you want, I guess...”

“Thank you, Jongdae!”

+ Suchen and dandelions~

Chanyeol, Xiumin » rubber duck AU » G » ~100 words
Minduck floated calmly on the water, enjoying the warmth. He was thrown when a large splash sent a tidal wave of water and bubbles crashing over him.

“Hyung!” Chanduck swam on the ripples and bumped into Minduck's side with an excited quack, strangely deep due to broken squeaker. “Did you see that jump?” He'd fallen, left on the edge of the bathtub.

“Please be careful.” They were made of rubber. The worst that could happen was Chanduck's beak getting bent in.

They floated amiably among the bubblegum-scented bubbles and toys, waiting to be put away until next bathtime.


Kris/Suho » G » ~100 words
The elephant handler tried offering suggestions, but he was at a loss with how uncoordinated the gangly foreigner was.

“With those long legs of yours, I thought this would be easy for you,” Joonmyun teased, perched atop a cow. She trumpeted a laugh at the human's struggles.

Yifan ignored the heckling with a determined grunt and finally managed to sit atop the elephant. He laughed triumphantly until he noticed he was facing Joonmyun and looking over the elephant's butt. He flinched when the thing started moving, he guides giving up on him. “Hey, wait!”

Joonmyun couldn't stifle his laughter.

+ Krisho visit Bali and ride an elephant together :D

Chen/Suho » parents AU » PG (innuendo) » ~100 words
"Does anyone even read these?"

"Less talking, more stuffing, dear."

"I remember you saying something similar ... OW!" Jongdae rubbed his sore shin.

Joonmyun hid his smile behind the papers he tapped even on the tabletop. "If only your son knew how dark a mind his dad has."

"He's your son, too."

"Only when he's actually passing all of his classes."

"Give him a break; we can't all be class presidents."

"We also can't all can't rely on good feelings and our natural talents to succeed in life."

"I think did pretty good for myself! I got you, didn't I?" ~♥

+ SuChen stuffing school packets together because they're both members of the PTA for their kid's local high school :D

Luhan/Suho » X-Men AU » G » 100 words
There's a knock, which Lu Han ignored. After a second knock, Joonmyun's head phased through the door, saw the lump of Lu Han on his bed, and the rest of him walked through. “Don't think a locked door will stop me, Lu Han.” The lock's filled with ice. “Talk to me. What's wrong?”

“He's my best friend, and he said my heart's frozen.” Minseok.

Joonmyun sighed and settled beside him. “Impossible. You're the warmest person I know.” He kissed Lu Han's brow.

“You're saying I'm hot, right?” He jumped at the pinch but smiled. His shoulder tingled where Joonmyun laid.

+ would you write me one x-men!au? I like bobby/kitty characters and luhan/joonmyeon pairing.

Baekhyun/Chen » G » 100 words
"Why are we doing this?"

"I wanted to see you get your pretty hands dirty."

"I'm gonna see your pretty FACE dirty-"

Jongdae fought off the muddy hands until both his and Baekhyun's heaps of clay started to list on their wheels.

"Revenge will be sweet. Meaning you buy me dinner."

"I always buy you dinner ... ."

Baekhyun switched off his wheel with a triumphant "Done!"

Jongdae looked sceptical. "I won't get sick if I drink from this, right?"

"Of course not! It's filled with my love~" Baekhyun cuddled cutely against Jongdae's shoulder.

"I feel sick already..."

Baekhyun punched his clay.

+ baekchen going to a pottery class and making couple mugs together.

Suho/Xiumin » catboy AU » G » 275 words
For a cat with such an impeccable appearance, Joonymun's inability to clean up never ceases to amaze Minseok, who is left with the mess both at home and at work. "Joonmyun," he calls sweetly. Almost immediately, his side heats up with the cat's warm body rubbing against him. "I asked you to wipe down those tables."

Dark ears flick and twitch, and Joonmyun's nose wrinkles a little. He has a manga waiting for him behind the counter and begins to shuffle away.

Minseok's quick, though, and drops a hand on the back of the cat's neck. With a few squeezes, massaging the tensed muscles, he firmly walks Joonmyun to the crumby and sticky tables and hands him a damp cloth. "Please clean the tables before we open, /like I had asked last night/, or I will take away your manga."

Joonmyun's ears flatten to his hair, and, when Minseok releases him, he quickly swipes the cloth across all of the tables, rubbing a bit at some stubborn sticky spots, and even cleaning off the chairs and sweeping the floor.

It's amusing to watch. Minseok watches from behind the counter and thinks he should make threats more often.

The cat wrings out the cloth in the sink—tail high in his focus—puts the broom and dustpan away, and looks to Minseok with earnest eyes.

Minseok waves him over after flipping their sign to OPEN and pulls him to his side with an arm around his waist to lean in and kiss his hair, just at the base of a nervous ear. "There's hope for you, yet."

Joonmyun purrs, a pleased blush colouring his pale cheeks.

+ Minseok and his cat hybrid Junmyeon run a cafe together. Fluff ensues.