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Double Dog Date

title: Double Dog Date
players: Min Yoongi/Suga (Yoona), Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung/V, Jeon Jungkook
rating: PG-13
warning/s: language
word count: 1,270
summary: No one else sees the brilliance of Taehyung's suggestion.
a/n: Same AU as this. The whole series can be read here.
read on: ao3 || lj

Jimin does not always think before acting. He needs to start, because slamming a door open and announcing that he and Jungkook are at Taehyung's because they need "bro time" due to Yoona "stealing our precious Taehyungie" and coming face to face with none other than Min Yoona herself is definitely bad karma.

He stops in his tracks and throws his arm out sharply, catching Jungkook across the chest with an audible thump. The younger boy wheezes and clutches Jimin's arm.

Yoona slowly removes the pink earbuds—borrowed some time ago from Jin—from her right ear, then her left, and wraps the cord neatly around her knuckles. Jimin's kind of morbidly mesmerised by the movement. "Stealing, huh?" One graceful eyebrow arches. "I'm a thief? A bad influence? What are you trying to say, Park Jimin?"

She knows his name. Of course she knows his name; they go to the same school and have a mutual something in Taehyung, but she knows his name, and names hold power, and Jimin's very uncomfortable right now.

He starts to sweat. He feels it beading at his hairline and trickling down his back. Jungkook's stock still beside him, round eyes even rounder as he does his best deer-in-the-headlights-totally-not-gonna-run-away impression.

If they break eye contact, it's a show of weakness, and they refuse to be intimidated. Yoona's not all that impressive! She's teeny-tiny. She's just a girl. So what if her stare could make the dead shiver? So what if her voice, pitched kind of low, makes all the hairs on their bodies stand on end and hide under their clothes? They were men, damn it! And Taehyung was their friend first. They had dibs!

Jungkook steps a little behind Jimin, so he only sees Yoona with his left eye. It's not because he's scared or anything. He's just backing up Jimin. Ready to charge with one foot out the door.

Seriously, of all the times to show up unannounced, they had to choose a time when Yoona was around. Since when does she even come to Taehyung's house? Why is she in his room? What was she doing? Where's Taehyung?

"Hey, guys."

Jimin and Jungkook jump into one another's arms, clearing half the doorway for Taehyung to slip through. He's naked except for a towel around his waist, and he drips water on his carpet as he saunters to his closet. "I can't play today. I've got a date."

Yoona's expression shifts minutely to look like the cat who got the cream. Smug and satisfied.

Taehyung drops his towel to a duet of shrieks—Yoona sits unfazed, paging once again through the manga she'd found in Taehyung's blankets—and nearly breaks his face against the wall but covers the fumble with an act of digging for a clean pair of pants before grabbing whatever's closest and pulling them up over his Hello Kitty underwear.

"But Taehyung," Jimin whines, "you haven't hung out with us in forever since taking up with her." He expresses her gender like a disease. He likes girls, don't get him wrong, but this is no girl. She's a bona fide Bitch with a capital B. Everyone knows it. Everyone can't be wrong.

Taehyung just laughs. "What's so wrong about wanting to spend more time with my girlfriend?" He holds up a Tshirt, smells it unsubtly, and shrugs, pulling it over his head. It gets stuck somewhere between his ears and bony elbows. Yoona rolls her eyes and drops the book to stand and catch him by the waist.

"Hold still." He's rendered immobile by her cool hands on his bare skin more than her voice right in front of him. She tilts her head and picks at some rolled bits of fabric—how he manages what he manages will never cease to amaze and confound her— before grabbing the hem of the shirt and yanking it down. His head pops through the neck hole, and he smiles wide. His hair's a mess, his shirt's wrinkled, and his pants are unzipped, but he looks adorable, and in a state of weakness—she pleads insanity—Yoona stands on her toes a little to press a kiss to his lips.

The sounds of exaggerated retching pull her back to reality, and Yoona glowers at the other boys still in the doorway. Jungkook quickly looks away, ears red, and even Jimin appears a bit sheepish, but he meets her glare with one of his own.

He looks like a puppy trying to be a wolf. If Taehyung wasn't around, she'd send him yipping away with his tail between his legs.

Taehyung would like to remain blissfully unaware of the animosity between his friends and Yoona, but he doesn't hear the end of complaints from either, and they've barely been introduced. He truly believes that if they just got to know one another, they could all be friends.

Or at least civil acquaintances, like he is with Yoona's friends.

"I have an idea!" he declares. All attention on him, he's ready to voice his brilliant plan when he gets lost in Yoona's eyes. She's still in his personal bubble—which he doesn't at all mind sharing—and she has to lean her head pretty far back to look up at him. The season is creeping deeper into the crisp fall, shortening the days, and the setting sun brings out the stars in the dark galaxy of her eyes.

"Yeah...?" she prompts. "Use your words, Taehyung."

"Oh! Yeah, uh," he throws a look to his friends, grin wide and manic and spreading like dread in their stomachs, "come with us!"

"You want us two," Jimin wiggles a finger between himself and Jungkook, who remains wide-eyed in a mix of confusion and anxiety, "to go on your date with you?" They look insulted, a feeling Yoona reciprocates.

"C'mon!" Taehyung looks to Yoona again, taking her hands in his and pulling them to his chest. "This is the perfect opportunity to get to know my friends! I met yours and survived! Please, Yoona noona?" He's pushing it; he's sure of it, but it really is a great time to get his friends to trust that Yoona is actually a really amazing girl and not out to eat Taehyung's heart or something. He bites his bottom lip to hold back a hopeful grin, and his eyes are wide and kind of pleading. Any other time, Yoona would probably deny him and laugh over his dejection, but he's so close and his hands so soft and warm and eyes so round and begging, and she feels her resistence thinning, stretched out like a skinny rubber band.

It snaps when he crouches to eye-level and simpers, looking at her through his lashes. Fuck, he's good.

"I suppose," she sighs and ignores the fluttering in her stomach when Taehyung picks her up off the floor in a bear hug, pouring thank you!s into her ears. "I'm not paying for them, though," she states.

He shrugs and sets her on her feet. "They can pay their own way."



Taehyung hurriedly pulls some unmatched socks on his feet, slings Yoona's purse across his chest—because it's filled with just as much of his crap as hers, now—and takes her hand. "On to adventure!" He pumps a fist in the air.

Jungkook and Jimin drag their feet behind the couple, not nearly as excited for the impromptu double-date.

Yoona enjoys their misery but is just as thrilled about sharing her date. The things she puts up with for this boy. She sighs and laces their fingers together.