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BTS microfics

Jimin/Suga + V » PG » 680w » late morning

Jimin wakes up just enough to notice the mattress dipping but remains asleep enough not to care. Not until cold hands slip under his sleep shirt and spread icy fingers over the small of his back.

"Yoongi!" He jumps awake and tries to curl away from the assault, but Yoongi's sitting over his thighs and holding him down.

"Explain to me," Yoongi murmurs in his ear, lips centimeters away and brushing against Jimin's sleep-mused hair, "how I am the one incessantly teased about sleeping so much when here you are, ten in the morning, on a Thursday."

"Rough night," Jimin mutters back. He nuzzles his face into his pillow and ignores the shifting weight on his thighs and warmth in the tips of his ears when Yoongi kissed his cartilage piercing.

"That was nothing, Jiminnie."

Jimin swats behind him blindly. "That is not what I meant!" he protests. He glares with sleep-crusted eyes over his shoulder. "I had ten straight hours of dance and then a meeting with your son's teacher, who's apparently taken to 'death glaring' at the other kids."

Yoongi hums, lying beside Jimin. "Why's he my son only when he's in trouble?"

"Because you're a horrible, grumpy influence on him." He snuggles further into the blankets, voice muffled in his pillow. "With me, he's always an angel."

Yoongi calls bullshit. The moment Jimin's back is turned, their little six-year-old is sneaking cookies and/or making faces. True, Jimin usually knows, somehow, and calls him out on it, but Yoongi doesn't reprimand him unless he does something Really Bad, like hit either of his parents or throw a tantrum over a new toy he really really has to have or bring home someone else's dog.

The bedroom door eases open, and their son peers inside, fist rubbing his sleepy eyes. "G'morning," he yawns.

"Morning, kid," Yoongi replies with a smile.

Jimin's up on his elbows, wide-awake and short-circuiting. Didn't Yoongi say it was 10 o'clock on a Thursday? Why is their son not at school? "Min Yoongi ..."

"Park Jimin?"

He turns his head and narrows his eyes at his boyfriend's nonchalance, hissing, "Why is he not in school right now?" The boy quietly closes the door behind him and pads to the big bed in the middle of the sparsely-furnished room and clambours onto the mattress, making himself comfortable in the warm spot Jimin leaves as he shifts onto his hands to lean threateningly over Yoongi.

"You got to sleep in, so I thought he could, too. We all deserve a day off, sometimes." He runs a hand up Jimin's arm. "You said it yourself: It was a rough night."

The boy's asleep again, flat on his back with his bunny shirt hiked up and exposing his soft belly. Jimin glances at him and sighs, head dropped between his shoulders. Once in a while should be okay, and he really could take the opportunity to make up some sleep debt. Being a full-time choreographer and dad doesn't leave much room for things like sleeping.

Yoongi grins at him, as though sensing Jimin's waning reluctance, pushing his fingers through Jimin's already messy hair and pulling him to lie on top of him. Jimin shifts onto a hip so he can tuck a leg between Yoongi's and tug at his pantleg with his toes. "This better not become a habit. School is important. And so is work!"

"Of course, but relaxing and taking care of yourself are just as important." Yoongi kisses his forehead. "Close your eyes."

"I'm not tired anymore," Jimin mumbles petulantly.

"Sure you are." Yoongi rubs his palm up and down Jimin's bicep, curling around his shoulder and prodding enough to massage the tension and remaining reluctance away. "Just close your eyes." Their son shifts in his sleep, snuggling against Jimin's back.

Jimin yawns and nuzzles into Yoongi's shoulder, to his chest. Yoongi's heart beats a steady lullaby. It doesn't take long until everyone's asleep again,with mid-morning traffic and birds on the balcony as soothing city white noise.

cat!Suga + Jungkook » G » 450w » Jungkook's lonely» tw: anxiety
dude. pizza and paintball @ 8?

Jungkook sighs, holding his phone over his face. He nearly drops it and flinches, but he catches it and sets it on his chest. He's tempted to not reply, but before he can talk himself out of it, he sends rapid texts—

i'm babysitting.
shoot jimin for me

—and shuts off his phone.

He rolls onto his stomach and blows his bangs off his face. He immediately regrets not accepting his friends' invitation to hang out. He's lonely, and it's too quiet at home. It's a bad combination. It lets him think about every awful and humiliating thing he's experienced since grade school.

Puking on his first date. Literally puking on her.

Sleeping through a final exam.

Blanking out during a presentation and crying.

Answering the phone with a fake voice when his mom was waiting for a follow up about a job interview.

Even simple things, like eating in public.

Walking in crowds.

Contacting customer service about his phone.

He's certain it's some kind of anxiety, but he's fine when with friends. He's fun and noisy and makes people laugh. He likes it; it makes him feel good and worthy of attention, but it only lasts until he's by himself in the shower or crawling into bed.

The bedroom door opens quietly. Jungkook sees a long white tail and lets his arm hang over the bed. Yoongi the cat nuzzles his fingers, rubbing his teeth a little over the soft fingerpads. He sits and purrs with half-closed eyes, leaping up beside his boy to walk up his spine and settle between his shoulders.

And Jungkook doesn't mind. The cat isn't heavy, by any means, and Jungkook believes that animals are excellent judges of character.

Or maybe Yoongi knows how pathetic he is and enjoys revelling in his misery. Cats can be pricks.

He could be compensating for Jungkook's care, paying him back like their relationship is a business transaction rather than family. Yoongi's been in the house longer than Jungkook has, and Jungkook's lived there his entire life.

Yoongi leans forward to rub his face in Jungkook's T-shirt and stretches out so his foreleg is on the back of his head. His toes stretch rhythmically, as though petting Jungkook's hair, and the boy wants to cry with how comforting it is and how sad it is that his cat is the one comforting him.

But oh well. He'll take what he can get. Yoongi's purrs grow as Jungkook relaxes; the cat eventually lays on his side and rumbles in Jungkook's ear, tail lifting and falling over Jungkook's hip.

+ Anxiety comes in all forms. Introverts and extroverts, old and young.

cat!Jimin + V » G » 400w » Taehyung finds a bunny

Dooly the cat hears his boy coming before they reach the front step. He waits his cue to greet them until the door is unlocked, opened, and Taehyung calls, "I'm home!"

Chirruping, the cat hops to the floor, stretches his forelegs out before him until his arched spine and tail make a big C, and trots to Taehyung's feet.

"Hey, little man," Taehyung greets. He crouches down, hunkering over with his hands in his hoodie pocket. "I found a friend, so please don't eat him, okay?"

Dooly's ears twitch. There's something snuffling in that pocket. He leans forward, but he only recognises Outside and Grass and Dirt and Boy.

Taehyung sits back on his heels, slowly removing the new friend from his pocket and setting it on the floor between him and the cat.

It's a black and white bunny, all ears and eyes and quivering nerves. An experimental hop, just outside Taehyung's shadow, and it pops right back to the boy, taking refuge beside his holey sneaker.

Dooly's more curious and bold. The house is, after all, his domain--his territory--and he determines who's allowed to stay.

The little bun shrinks anxiously as Dooly sniffs its coat. It's dirty but harmless, and it jolts when Dooly rubs their cheeks together and bumps their noses. The cat tucks his tail around his feet as he sits and dutifully cleans the bunny's face and ears. Taehyung goes to the kitchen to see if he has anything suitable for a rabbit to eat. He remembers reading somewhere that if a rabbit wasn't brown, it was probably domesticated, but he doesn't have any sort of kibble--Dooly eats wet food and whatever Taehyung has--but leafy stuff should be okay. The carrots don't look too bad.

After scraping and washing some carrots and partly wilted lettuce, he rejoins the duo. Dooly's laying down, paw holding the rabbit close to clean its neck, and the rabbit's too scared to make an attempts to escape.

"Friends already?" Taehyung sits cross-legged and offers a leaf to the rabbit. It sniffs it and tears a piece off, chewing rapidly. It makes quick work of the remaining leaf and carrots, even hopping a couple hops to follow the carrot when Taehyung drags it away.

Dooly crawls onto Taehyung's lap and reaches out a paw to pat the bunny's butt, eyes partly closed and feline lips smiling.

He accepts the cookies and cream rabbit.

+ I have a bigger story that's kind of dystopian-ish. Taehyung's family is gone, so he lives alone with his cat [and later, bunny].