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12:12 am: Alex in Wonderland
12:24 pm: [Original] I'll Help You Forget
12:47 pm: 10 Little Girls
01:15 pm: [Original] Singing in the Rain
01:19 pm: [Original] Finding the Brat
01:28 pm: [Fanfic] Secret Dawn
01:31 pm: [Poetry] Hidden
01:34 pm: [Poetry] If I Could
01:40 pm: [Poetry] Breathe In
02:07 pm: Game Over
02:12 pm: [Original] Perdido en la Traducción
02:19 pm: [Original] A Voice on the Phone
02:26 pm: [Original] Permanent Records
02:45 pm: [Poetry] Give Him Time
02:49 pm: [Poetry] Body Liquor
02:53 pm: [Poetry] dead men don't dance
03:14 pm: [Poetry] Seasonal Haiku
03:46 pm: [Original] USSR: part one
03:46 pm: [Original] USSR: part two
03:51 pm: [Original] USSR: part three
03:54 pm: [Original] USSR: part four
04:02 pm: (no subject)
04:05 pm: [Original] Paradise on Earth
04:11 pm: [Original] After-effects of Executions
04:14 pm: [Poetry] Micro Chasms
04:17 pm: [Poetry] In my dream,
04:24 pm: [Poery] reaper
04:27 pm: Corey Caina
04:32 pm: [Original] Veiled Valentine
04:38 pm: [Original] Miss Independent
04:41 pm: [Poetry] Spring Haiku
04:42 pm: [Poetry] More Spring Haiku
04:46 pm: [Original] Of the Boy I Used to Know
05:04 pm: [Original] Fine-Primo Interview
05:09 pm: [Original] Fine-Primo First Assignnment
05:15 pm: [Poetry] Cruel Logic
05:25 pm: [Original] Heart of Purple
05:57 pm: [Original] Bullied Before Lunch
06:30 pm: [Poetry] A Birthday Poem for Girls
06:45 pm: [Original] Define SHARP
06:50 pm: Going to the Graveyard
06:55 pm: [Poetry] Life Lessons
06:58 pm: [Poetry] The End
07:04 pm: [Poetry] El Corazón Roto
07:06 pm: [Poetry] Cicatrice di Amore
07:18 pm: [Poetry] Insane Ritual
07:24 pm: [Fanfic] Emotional Turmoil
07:40 pm: Flame in the Water
07:43 pm: [Poetry] Flower Haiku
08:00 pm: [Fanfic] Caller ID - 2
08:03 pm: [Original] Lovers in Wartime
09:48 pm: [Original] Only the Beginning
09:52 pm: [Poetry] Cranberry Light
10:10 pm: [Poetry] I had a dream...
10:15 pm: [Poetry] "Nana"
10:39 pm: Automatic
10:55 pm: [Original] Shades: That Gentle Prodding
10:59 pm: [Original] Sibling Struggle
12:17 am: [Original] LA: Heartstorm
12:24 am: [Original] Guiltless
12:29 am: [Original] Confrontation
12:37 am: [Original] Guiltless: Switched
10:12 am: [Fanfic] Domestic Relations
10:16 am: [Fanfic] Biology Notes
10:20 am: [Fanfic] Drunk Off Desires - 1
10:25 am: [Fanfic] Sick Man of Europe
12:30 pm: Incontestable
12:38 pm: [Fanfic] Family Lies
01:04 pm: [Fanfic] Without a Name
01:16 pm: [Original] Panel Judgement
10:24 am: [Poetry] Love Chore
10:37 pm: [Plot Bunny] Saving Fish
08:39 pm: [Poetry] Abandonded Haiku
08:41 pm: [Poetry] Shadow Haiku
08:45 pm: [Poetry] Haiku Haiku
03:33 pm: [Original] Write or Die
06:36 pm: [Fanfic] Mirrored Water