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Leafy Love

title: Leafy Love
players: Park Chanyeol, Do Kyungsoo/D.O.
word count: 820
rating: PG
summary: Chanyeol makes out with a guy in a leaf pile.
a/n: Written for an epm prompt.

(xxx): speaking of festive, i made out with a guy in a leaf pile last night. happy fall?
(xxx): What the hell, dude?

Chanyeol dragged his feet through the dry, crunchy leaves blanketing the lawn of his university. Without his light jacket, he would have felt chilly in just a sweatshirt. Winter had not yet begun to seep into the city, but it was cold enough.

He stopped at the base of a large, barren tree, scrolling through his MP3 player for another playlist. Without any music blocking out the sounds of students and nightlife around him, he heard the distinct shff shff of a rake over leaves.

A young man, small-framed and unassuming from his silhouette, raked leaves into even piles, gathering them together to make a larger collective pile.

Chanyeol never understood why people bothered raking leaves. The only benefit was jumping in the piles and rolling like a dog, which he hadn’t had the opportunity to do since middle school.

Maybe he could convince this guy to let him jump in the leaf piles in exchange for help raking them up later.

Kicking up leaves as he walked, Chanyeol shoved his earbuds in a messy knot into his backpack along with his MP3 player. He smiled widely, bowing into the man’s view before greeting him. “Hi! Good evening.”

“Hello.” Oh goodness. This guy was super cute. He stood up to maybe Chanyeol’s shoulders and had the widest, darkest eyes Chanyeol ever saw.

And his smile. Good Lord, Chanyeol felt he would faint from the cute, heart-shaped smile that was so sweet he could almost taste it.

He really wanted to taste it.

“Why are you raking leaves so late?”

“It’s gotta be done. They make the campus look messy, and there’s going to be a fall festival soon, so . . .”

Chanyeol was supposed to help out at the festival for his fraternity. He had every intention of skipping out and just enjoying himself doing things.

“Don’t you like walking through leaves? They make sounds when you walk!” He marched in a circle around the man to demonstrate. He actually laughs, the heart returning to his mouth.

“I’ve never really cared for that. I don’t like the cold seasons all that much.”

“Maybe you could come to appreciate them. There’s a lot to do, even when it’s cold.” Chanyeol tilts his head to the side and taps his chin. “For example. . . raking leaves!” He snatches the rake from the other man’s grip, dashing a few yards away before he had time to respond.
“Give that back!”
“You have to catch me first!” It was dumb, in retrospect, but maybe it was late enough that the other guy was hyper with sleepiness. Chanyeol dashed among the trees, frequently stopping to see how close the other man was, twisting out of reach just when a handful of jacket could have been snagged if he’d stood still.

Twirling the rake in his fingers, Chanyeol started to taunt, but the rake caught his shoelaces, and he tripped, losing his balance. It was the opening the guy had been waiting for, and he grabbed the rake out of Chanyeol’s grip.

That was the opening Chanyeol had been waiting for. Regaining his footing, he grabbed the guy’s wrist and tugged him forward. He fell into Chanyeol’s chest, and they both dropped into one of the giant piles of leaves.

They land in a cacophony of crunches, as if they had decided to roll on Rice Crispies, and the sound coupled with the light workout of tag/keep away had them both in fits of giggles.

Close up, the heart-shaped smile was even more tempting. Taking full advantage of the fact that Chanyeol had the other guy around his waist and knowing he was distracted, he lifted his head off the leaves and closed the distance between their faces.
His mouth tasted more like coffee than anything sweet, but it wasn’t bad.

He gave himself points for keeping the kiss chaste and not taking total advantage of the situation, but he wasn’t prepared for the wide-eyed shock on the poor sap’s face, a clear message of WAIT. HOLD UP. WHAT JUST HAPPENED? ABORT. SHUT DOWN AND REBOOT.
The guy sat up on Chanyeol’s thighs, breaking away from the hands on his waist, and spread his arms to shovel leaves from the ruined pile onto Chanyeol’s face. He stood and ran down the path, hood tugged up over his head.

“Hey, wait a minute!” Chanyeol shook free of the leaves, blowing a stubborn one off his face. “Maybe we can get coffee sometime?”
The guy slowed to a stop, turning slightly. He looked like he was seriously considering it. The noncommittal shrug wasn’t a rejection, at least.

Chanyeol watched him leave. He slowly realised the seat of his pants felt mysteriously damp and cold, but even the revelation of the puddle that cushioned his landing couldn’t dampen his high spirits.