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A Cat Who Writes ([personal profile] acatwhowrites) wrote2014-02-10 11:23 pm


title: Morning
players: Lu Han/Luhan, Oh Sehun
word count: 200
rating: PG
summary: Sehun can be a brat, sometimes, but Lu Han loves him.
a/n: Written for a prompt on the [personal profile] exopromptmeme. I wrote this before going to bed; it's short, but I think it's cute. Ish.

01:36 AM

"Hyung. . ." Sehun rolls onto his side, struggling to sit up on his elbow. "Lu Han hyung."


He flops onto the Chinese boy's shoulder. "I love you." Lu Han's eyes cracked open just enough to sleepily smile at the makanae.

01:39 AM

Sehun slides back onto the mattress, arm snug over Lu Han's waist. He nuzzles against the back of Lu Han's neck, earning a shrieking giggle and annoyed elbow to the shoulder. There's no real venom in it, and Sehun takes advantage of the arm to roll back and pull Lu Han onto his back. Lu Han whines that he's tired. The youngest drags his teeth across Lu Han's collarbone, repeating the trail with kisses that detour up Lu Han's throat to his earearning another giggleand ending the trek with a deep kiss on Lu Han's mouth.

01:43 AM

"I love you, too," Lu Han mumbles,"brat." He pinches Sehun's butt, eliciting a gasp and vexed frown which he soothed with a kiss. "Now lemme sleep."

01:45 AM

Sehun is fast asleep, contentedly crushing Lu Han beneath the weight of his clinging arm, leg, and his love.