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Meet the Parents

title: Meet the Parents
players: Park Chanyeol, Kim Jongin/Kai, Oh Sehun
word count: 1,070
rating: PG
summary: He's already met Jongin's parents, and they love him, but Chanyeol still worries.

a.n.: I keep writing little things for these precious dweebs. I can't help it. I like writing Chanyeol as a puppy and placing Sehun where he doesn't belong.

Jongin is fast asleep when Chanyeol returns. Unsurprising. He's stretched out across Chanyeol's bed with his hands folded over his stomach and legs straight out, almost corpse-like except for his head hanging off the edge of the bed. It creates a very tempting line from his collarbones up his throat to his jaw and chin.

If it was just two weeks earlier, Chanyeol would be less than content to sit and watch Jongin sleep.

It's now, though, two weeks after their unscripted confession and admitted reciprocation of feelings, so Chanyeol can freely touch Jongin rather than sit on his hands and try to not whine too loudly.

He walks to where Jongin's head hangs over and sits on the floor. The light hits Jongin's face just right, giving an almost ethereal glow to his buckwheat skin.

Chanyeol leans forward and presses a dry kiss to the base of Jongin's throat. Jongin's swallows on reflex and sighs, but he doesn't wake up—this used to be cute to Chanyeol, and actually, it still is, but now there is intent in Chanyeol's touches. He kisses up Jongin's neck, turning his head to bite a little at the flat angle of his jaw, and his lips catch the tremours of the purrs rising to him from Jongin's throat.

Sleep-hazed eyes open when Chanyeol kisses the side of Jongin's nose, and the catboy rubs his eyes. "Sorry. I fell asleep." He tilts his head back more, a silent invitation for a kiss, which Chanyeol enthusiastically obliges. They sync to to the same wavelength and nibble one another's bottom lips until Jongin kitten licks Chanyeol's chin and laces a hand through the curls at Chanyeol's nape to pull him forward and suck a bruise beneath Chanyeol's jaw.

"Apology accepted." He wishes he could say he spoke without whimpering, but it'd be a total lie. Jongin has the most kissable lips, in Chanyeol's humble and somewhat biased opinion, and Jongin learned of that somehow—Chanyeol's willing to bet Jongdae pointed it out, the traitor—and he takes every opportunity to exploit this knowledge.

Chanyeol wonders, sometimes, if Jongin's just teasing him, because it's no secret at all that he's weak for kisses.

Jongin rolls onto his belly, hand still at the back of Chanyeol's head, and gets to his knees. Ever obedient, Chanyeol follows, still chasing Jongin's lips.

The dogboy's flipped onto his back, because there's no way Jongin is being sandwiched by all that lank and limb. Beneath him, however, Chanyeol's pliant and moves willingly to wherever Jongin wants, a quality that makes him the perfect heating pad to nap on.

Jongin just woke from a nap, though, and it's getting closer to evening, when he's more awake, anyway, so he's got more energy than usual to hover over Chanyeol and kiss him and keep kissing him and kiss him some more.

Chanyeol has no complaints. He went from no Jongin kisses to all the Jongin kisses, after all, and if he wasn't lying on his tail, it would be wagging a mile a minute.

The purrs haven't stopped; Jongin's tail weaves through the air and jerks when Chanyeol nips at his lips or kisses his neck. He slowly lowers himself to lay along Chanyeol, sliding his legs to straddle Chanyeol's knees and hook his feet over Chanyeol's shins with most of his weight on Chanyeol, not even his elbows. It should be uncomfortable, but Chanyeol is too delighted—and a little turned on—and otherwise occupied to even comment.

Chest-to-chest, the vibrations of the catboy's exhaled purrs tickle, and Chanyeol smiles against Jongin's lips. He feels his tail trying to wag beneath him and is kind of glad no one can see it, because he's been told his emotions are really really easy to read. Sometimes, his eagerness borders on the wrong side of embarrassing.

Chanyeol had only just slipped his hand under Jongin's shirt, palm flat against the smooth, warm skin, when the door opened.

Sehun has horrible timing. "Hey, Jongin. Your mom said to fuck!"

Jongin's ears hide in his hair, and he does his best to hide his face in his hands and Chanyeol's hoodie. His tail hits the bed with irritated thwacks.

Chanyeol can feel his kiss-fattened lips and licks a bit of saliva from the corner of his mouth. "Would she really send you to say that?" Jongin smacks his shoulder with his palm, but he's hiding his laughter, now, not just his embarrassment.

Sehun turns away, pink-cheeked and tail wagging nervously behind him. "She said to come down; dinner's ready," he mumbles and nearly slams the door in his haste.

"Why is he always here?" Chanyeol's hand is out of Jongin's shirt, but he rubs up and down Jongin's spine until his tail calms to lazy twitches.

"He lives next door." Jongin unearths his face from the shelter of his hands and stacks them on Chanyeol's chest. His cheeks are still pink. "Our moms became friends before we did, but we're back and forth a lot." He shrugs.

They can hear laughing outside as a couple walked past the Kim house with their dogs. Jongin's ears follow them until he loses interest and takes the strings of Chanyeol's hoodie in his fingers, wrapping them almost in knots around his fingers just to untangle them and flip them at Chanyeol's chin.

"So, don't think he told your mom?"

Jongin chuckles dryly and drops his chin on his hands. "I really doubt it."

Chanyeol licks his lips and nods. His heart's still a bit jumpy, but if Jongin's not worried, then Chanyeol won't worry.

"Why are you so scared of my mom, anyway?" Jongin gets to his hands and knees and looks down at his boyfriend while fighting a smile.

"I just want her to like me, and, like, you know," Chanyeol speaks with his hands lifting from and falling to the mattress in helpless, illegible gestures, "defiling her son or whatever probably isn't the best way to go about things?"

"Chanyeol." Jongin silences his whiny rambling with a brief kiss. "Don't worry so much about my mom. It's pretty impossible to not like you." He shuffles off Chanyeol and waits at the door for the dogboy to follow. "Besides," he says as he leads the way down to the kitchen, "it's my dad you'd really have to worry about."

Chanyeol's tail tucks between his thighs as he whimpers softly.