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EXO microfics

Baekhyun, mystery man! » fairy tale AU » G » ~450 words

The forest was prettier than any story Baekhyun ever heard. He didn't see how anything so beautiful could be as bad as his kingdom claimed. Birds sang cheerfully among the trees, butterflies kissed the flowers, and squirrels and chipmunks chased one another, while rabbits hopped from their burrows to look for food.

He stepped off the rough path a short ways, following the sounds of what he thought to be water, and found a tiny pond—more like a swollen puddle—with shimmering fish and blooming flowers on green pads. Across from him, a doe drank without care, quenching her thirst and merely giving Baekhyun a curious look before walking back into the bushes.

It's incredibly peaceful; he would happy to spend the whole day there, if a shadow didn't darken the moss and water.

"Are you lost?"

Baekhyun turned fast. A man, no older than himself, sat against a tree. A basket sat beside him. He could've sworn he'd been alone.

"I-I'm not. My knight and I are exploring."

"Oh? You must be from far away, then. There are no villages around here, and you can't possibly hope to make it home before night." He took an apple from his basket. It's almost perfectly round and bright red, sitting starkly against alabaster skin. "Would you like a snack? It should tide you over."

Baekhyun's stomach growled; he blushed and shook his head shyly. "I can't take your meal from you."

"Tell you what. What if we split it?" Without waiting for a reply, he broke the apple easily in his hands and offered half to Baekhyun. Juice glistened on the white fruit, dripping down the flesh. He chewed his lip and shortly accepted with a small smile. "I'll let you in on a secret," the man offered. Baekhyun cradled the apple in his hands, head tilted curiously. "The orchard I got this apple from, in this forest, is magic. Stars often fall into it, and their powers are absorbed by the ground and drunk by the trees. If you make a wish, it's sure to come true."

"Really?" His heart beat faster. He could hear it in his ears, overwhelming the birdsong.

The man smiled. "I all but guarantee it. Make a wish," he held his half of apple to his lips, "and take a bite." The apple crunched with crisp satisfaction as he bit into it.

Baekhyun licked his lips and stared at the fruit in his hands. Hunger forgotten, he whispered a quiet wish and sank his teeth into the apple. A burst of sweetness coated his tongue, juice and fragrance eliciting an embarrassing instinct to drool. It tasted delicious, even as the last bite of apple stuck in his throat, and he collapsed over the moss.

+ April 22nd is the "anniversary" of my and [profile] baekmebacon's friendship. This is from a fic I'd been working on for their birthday in March, still. It's slow progress. orz

femChanyeol/femD.O. » high school girlfriends AU » G » ~390 words
They agreed to meet at Chanmi's house after clubs before going to a movie and picking up dinner, but Kyungsoon arrives before Chanmi, even after stopping by her own house to drop off her books and change.

She sits on Chanmi's queen-size bed, a necessity for the lanky girl who's all limbs and uncoordinated sleeping, and plays with the guitar lying on the pillows.

The front doo slams, and the bedroom door explodes open with enough force to ruffle Kyungsoon's bangs. “I'msosorrycoachwasabeasttoday.” Chanmi lets her bookag slip from her shoulder to the floor, books, pens, and snack wrappers spilling around her socked feet, and drops to her knees between Kyungsoon's feet. Her arms wraps around the petite girl's waist, face nuzzling into her belly.

Kyungsoon smiles softly and rubs Chanmi's back with her left hand, carefully detangling the damp, wind-blown curls with the other. “Tough practice? Should we reschedule?”

“No! No, I'm fine! I just need to change; we can still make it...” Chanmi surges to her feet and stumbles through the mess to her closet. She tugs on jeans before stepping out of her skirt and crosses her arms to catch the hem of her blouse and then sports bra. She stumbles again, elbows fumbling. “Um, Kyungsoon? I think I'm stuck.”

Kyungsoon laughs. “What?”

Chanmi dances awkwardly in a circle before dropping her arms as much as the bunched fabric would allow. “I think there's a button in my hair.”

“Alright, hang on. Can you bend for me?” Kyungsoon frowns and gently detangles the mess in the blouse, pulling it free with a smile. “There you are!” She kisses Chanmi's nose.

Chanmii kisses her back and quickly throws her clothes aside, cursing her lack of foresight. She should've taken her date clothes to change into after practice.

Hopping on one foot to pull on her sock, she gathered her wallet and keys and held out a hand to Kyungsoon. "Ready?"

"Been waiting on you," Kyungsoon replied, immediately taking her girlfriend's hand and linking their arms together.

"I'm worth the wait." Chamni nodded smugly but yelped when her side was pinched. "Hey! I'll make it up to you, princess; I promise."

Kyungsoon sniffed. "I'll hold you to that," she said airily. They both had to bite their lips to fight off the giggles, but they lost the battle before even reaching the car.

Chen/Kai » immortality AU » PG-13 (character death) » ~360 words

Jongdae never understood the fragility of life until faced with the battered corpse of his almost-boyfriend.

"Almost," because they never said what they were. Like magnets, they were attracted and naturally came together. The few words they spoke were jokes from Jongdae or dark observations from Jongin, suffering the weight of depression after a debilitating injury stole the dance from his legs. Their light and dark personalities balanced one another out, finding a neutral medium that was easy to follow.

It was Jongdae who suggested taking some stranger's car for a joyride, but Jongin had laughed the loudest. He looked more alive than Jongdae had ever seen him before, with his hair pushed back from his handsome face with sharp fingers of wind and arms held up in abandon. Jongdae watched Jongin more than the road, but he knew exactly where it ended, having driven the same road many times before—even walking it before a road existed.

Cars were not meant to fly.

Jongin kissed Jongdae just before the tires left the pavement. He didn't scream.

At the bottom of the ravine, Jongdae's lungs finally lace back together, and he takes in a sharp breath, exhaling in giggles. "Dude, how are we going to get back up, now?" There's no reply, and Jongdae rolls over with a groan; the adrenaline high blocks most of the pain. "Jonginnie?"

He gets to his feet and wipes the dirt and blood away as best he can. There's not much left of the car; it ignited upon impact—a downside to older cars—but the flames were small and would burn themselves out.

"Jongin, you awake yet?" It's never taken him long to recover. He expects to find Jongin waiting for him or perhaps still healing, so he picks his way through the debris as sirens reach his ears.

He finds Jongin beneath the body of the wreckage, all unnatural angles and blood and stillness. He shakes the boy's shoulder, but he's too stiff. "What's wrong with you? C'mon." He shakes him harder and pulls him into the sunlight. Jongin's eyes are white, and he isn't breathing.

Jongdae didn't know people could die.

+ The idea is Jongdae's immortal, for whatever reason. He grew up it and thought it was normal. Obviously not.

Chen, catboy!Sehun, Suho » shy catboy AU » G » ~730 words

A visit from the boss wasn't too unusual when they're also a good friend. Jongdae kind of wished he'd politely shut his apartment door on his boss and boss' ward's faces when the small talk fell away to "You should get a pet."

Jongdae snickered into his coffee. "Can you really imagine me with a dog?" What a weird thing to joke about.

Joonmyun sipped his own coffee more out of politeness than thirst. "No, and that's why I got you a cat." Oh. Not a joke, then.

The steam from the coffee fogged the lenses of Jongdae's glasses that he didn't actually need. "...You got me a what, now?"

"A cat," Sehun interrupted rudely, planting himself between Joonmyun and the sofa arm, after returning from helping himself to Jongdae's fridge. "He should be delivered tomorrow." His own ears twitched and flattened as he tried to pry open the pop tab with his manicured nails.

Jongdae ignored the brat, staring at Joonmyun with wide eyes. "Hyung. I have work tomorrow; I'm not going to be home until late."

"I can let you out early." Joonmyun took the soda can Sehun handed him without even looking. The tab popped open with a hiss.

"But I have-"

"It can wait." Jongdae almost flinched at his boss' tone. The tone that every child feared from their parent and every employee at Kim Enterprises sulked after being on the receiving end of; the tone that left no room for negotiation. Sehun settled more comfortably against the big boss' side with his drink, looking more like a cat than Jongdae cared to imagine.

"I don't have anything prepared for another...anything in my apartment."

Joonmyun nodded, anticipating Jongdae's attempts to reject his plans. He ran his hand up the back of Sehun's head, threading the fine, dyed hair through his fingers. "That's all been taken care of. The cat's name is Yixing, and he's a very agreeable cat. He won't give you any trouble."

"But hyung..."

"You're 30 years old, Jongdae. It's time you spent your life with something other than work, otherwise you won't have any life left to live when you finally have the chance." His voice turned soft. "After graduation, I don't remember much happiness in my life until I met Sehun." The boy in question flushed at the tender kiss pressed against his jaw, hiding his pleased grin with a drink. "Since you've refused to find someone or even a hobby willingly, I've taken it upon myself—with much input from your coworkers, don't think this is me just being an overbearing boss—to set something up for you.

"Yixing should be waiting for you when you get home tonight. I suggest you read up on cats sooner rather than later. I have a couple of friends who have cats. If you have questions, I could give you their numbers."

Jongdae sighed. He lost. There was no getting out of this. He was content with his life until now, but the more time that passed, the more he realised how lonely his life really was. If nothing else, this cat would be a change of pace. If it didn't work out, he could always find a new home for him.

"Alright, hyung. I can at least meet him."

"That's the spirit," Joonmyun praised. He clapped a hand on Sehun's thigh. "We should be going. Our reservation is at seven."

Jongdae stood to walk them to the door. Although shorter, Joonmyun helped Sehun into his coat. He spoiled the boy shamelessly. It'd be gross, if it wasn't so cute.

"I'll see you at work, Jongdae."

He returned his boss' smile and flinched when Sehun grabbed his hand, but he merely pressed his empty soda can to his palm. "Thanks for the drink."

"You little—" Sehun danced out the door and draped himself over Joonmyun before Jongdae could grab him.

He rinsed out the can, dropped it into a bag of recyclables, and sighed at his empty apartment. Maybe he should clean a bit. There was nothing else to do but wait, after all, for his life to change.

+ This is in the same AU as this.