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EXO microfics II/II

girl!D.O., girl!Kai » PG » ~900 words

Do Kyungsoon is a good girl. She keeps her grades up, remaining near the top, if not at the top, of her class; she doesn’t smoke or drink, and she obeys the lenient curfew her parents set.

She has one teeny tiny indulgence, though.

Kim Junghwa, infamously known throughout the school as Kim Kai, usually just Kai, is the resident bitch on campus. She smokes, drinks, rumours say she has sex in the classrooms with both boys and girls-sometimes at the same time-and she is covered in ink. She is opposite Kyungsoon in every possible way. Where Kyungsoon works hard in school, Kai just kind of floats along. Where Kai is tall and modelesque, Kyungsoon is average and curvy. Kyungsoon wears her naturally black hair just below her shoulders while Kai dyes her hair and twists it up into intricate braids and knots like a Korean Medusa. Kai has students following her with their eyes and jittering hands; Kyungsoon has never held anyone’s hand.

Their paths cross when Kyungsoon volunteers to monitor detention one morning. The only student is Kai, who takes a seat at the very back of the room, propping her legs up on the desk beside her, and plays games on her phone.

With a frown, Kyungsoon stands and calmly walks down the aisle to where Kai’s legs extend. Her mouth is dry, disintegrating to dust at the long legs and teasing glimpse of ink on her upper thigh, hiding beneath slider shorts that are not a regulated part of the dress code. “Kim Junghwa,” Kyungsoon calls. Her voice is surprisingly clear.

“Hm? What?” The delinquent doesn’t raise her eyes from her text.

Kyungsoon’s temper flares, and she slaps the offending feet off of the desk. They crash to the floor, suddenly dragging Kai awkwardly off her seat. “Keep your damn feet off the desks.”

Kai finally looks up at her, eyes wide in shock and maybe a little awe. She hands awkwardly off her seat, the back of the seat and the desktop digging into her armpits. Her eyes remain saucer-wide as she struggles to regain her composure while watching the petite girl stalk back to the front of the room and take a seat at the corner desk.

Flipping open her chemistry notebook, Kyungsoon pointedly ignores the faint grunts and squeaks of the desk and and chairs along the linoleum. She sees the toes of scuffed shoes in her perifory but doesn’t look up until Kai clears her throat.

“Hey. Uh,” she coughs a bit in her throat, quickly readjusting her posture to her usual nonchalance and confidence. “Hey. . . What’s your name?”

“Do Kyungsoon. Class 3A.” She knows she’s a year ahead of Kai, and she kind of hopes that doesn’t frighten her off like it does others. Seniority is still a big deal, even in high school.

“What are you here for?”

“To monitor you. I’m not dumb enough to smoke in the bathroom without opening a window or something for ventilation.”

“Oh . .” Kai’s lips tremble, fighting an embarrassed grin.

Kyungsoon finally looks up at her. “You need to sit. You’re not allowed to wander while being punished.”

“Any time with you can’t be considered a punishment,” Kai replies smoothly, slipping into the desk beside Kyungsoon. She finds delight in the blush that heats the older girl’s face, spurred on by the obvious discomfort. “What are you working on?”


“Ew. I don’t like chemistry.”

“From the state of your records, you don’t like a lot of classes.”

Kai laughs, stretching her arms over her head. “Yeah. . . I don’t see a point in them, really.”

“You don’t see any future in them?”


“The purpose of school and classes is to aid in furthering your understanding of the world, helping you find a place in it and working to support yourself and possibly others while helping advance society.”

Kai gapes at her, looking equal parts disgusted, pitying, and amazed. “Wow. I didn’t think people actually thought like that!”

Kyungsoon swallows, hoping to swallow the creeping blush that’s quickly taking over her face. “Yeah, well. Some people actually care about the future.”

“I care! Just not like you do. All that science and advancement and crap is fine, well, and good, but I’m more about, like, art and relationships.” Kai’s had enough “relationships” to make a personalised daily planner.

Kyungsoon snorts.

“Oh, come on. Don’t you like music?”

“Of course I do,” Kyungsoon mumbles.

“That’s what I mean. Life would be worse than boring if there was no music.” She stands and pirouettes, a movement all too dainty for a girl with ink-stained skin and school records longer than her legs.

Kai smirks at the raised brows and owl eyes, although there was the faintest pink at the tips of her ears. "Ballet. Since grade school."

"You hardly look the type."

"Yeah, well, you should see me in tights sometime."

Kyungsoon snorts and returns to her notes. "Sit down. You still have fifteen minutes to serve."

+ Bad girl!Kai highschool au, for this prompt. Kai's got a reputation, but mostly stems from being the youngest in her family and group of friends. She's really just a brat, and Kyungsoon doesn't think that's any excuse.

girl!Chen, Lay, Luhan, Xiumin » PG » ~620 words

Junghae fell face-first onto Minseok's bed, making Lu Han bounce and the owner turn from his computer.

"Can we help you?"

"I hate my life."

"We can't help you." Lu Han returned to his text book. Junghae kicked his foot with her knee--completely on accident--as she rolled onto her side and hugged a stuffed alpaca to her chest.

Minseok stood just to sit at her feet and touch her ankle. "What happened?"

"I had a dream, again." Her voice is muffled by the soft, synthetic fur.


"Junghwa's face ... ." She burrowed into the stuffed animal, ears burning.

"And?" Minseok's good at gently prompting her, rubbing her leg or shoulder and lulliing her fraying nerves.

"... Between my legs."

"I've had dreams like that," Lu Han commented, making notes in his book with pen. He jumped when Minseok smacked his leg, wide-eyed. What'd I say?

Yixing knocked and slipped inside, oblivious to the anguish and hormones. "Hello."

Lu Han raised a hand in greeting. "Hey, XingXing. You ever had a dream about Junghwa?"

"Oppa!" Junghae moaned, blushing harder. If only the stuffed animal would let her crawl inside and hide.

"I dreamed she danced in a field at night with lightning bugs, once."

"You were high at the time. It really happened."

"Did it?" He zoned out a moment, slowly shrugging off his backpack and jacket, as if looking back in time. "Oh. I guess so."

"Junghae had a dream that--" he dodged the fierce fists, although his book fell to the floor, "Junghwa was eating her out."

"I didn't say that!"

He pushed her wrists to her shoulders and stuck out his tongue. "Why else would her face be between your legs?"

Junghae blushed and hit him again, for good measure. Minseok freed her wrists and had her sit away from Lu Han.

"She laid on my lap, once." Yixing settled on the floor with his back to the bed. The trio looked at him, then at each other. Yixing was the gentlest of the group; none of them could imagine Yixing making any sort of intentional move on anyone.

"Figures the one person to get her face so close would be the one to not take advantage of it."

"Lu Han! No one's taking advantage of her!"

Minseok frowned at his friend. "That is awfully piggish, dude."

"I'm a guy with needs." He shrugged. "At least I'm honest?" He rolled his eyes when even Yixing turned to him with judging eyes. "Oh, come on. As if I'd really do anything! She's not even interested in guys."

"She's not?"

"Don't get too hopeful, Junghae. He thinks any girl not even a little bit interested in him isn't straight."

"I thought she was dating Zitao," Yixing mused. "They're cute together."

"Zitao's more like a pet than a boyfriend," Lu Han commented. "They double-team Kyungsoo with aegyo to make them food and stuff." He leaned over to retrieve his book from the floor and nearly fell. Minseok grabbed his thigh to catch him, leaving Lu Han pink-cheeked and blessedly quiet.

"What am I supposed to do?" Junghae whines.

"You could always tell her how you feel. Even if she doesn't reciprocate, that's no reason to not remain friends," Minseok soothed.

"We're here for you, Junghae," Yixing added with an encouraging smile, head tilted back against the mattress to see her.

She peeked up from her arms and sighed. "I can hardly even talk to her anymore. I get so embarrassed."

Minseok rubbed her back. "She is far from the type to hate you, if that's what you're worried about. This won't change your friendship; you love each other too much."

Maybe that was the problem, but Junghae didn't say so.

+ Same au as this fic.

Baekhyun/Kai » PG-13 » ~620 words

It was a lot more simple that that, though. It was still dark, heavy curtains over the windows blocking out much of the fading sunlight, and the bed was maybe a queen, made with simple grey sheets and a matching comforter. Nightstands flanked the headboard. A closet stood across from the foot of the bed. It looked much like a simple guest room, except for the holes and chains in the posts of the bed.

"Welcome," Jongin said quietly. He ran his fingers lightly across Baekhyun's shoulders, dropping his arm to his side when he walked to the window. He looked nervous. "I know you've said you've never anything like this before, but I can tell you that a lot of what you have heard of it is probably wrong."

Everything Baekhyun knew about BDSM came from gossip and movies.

"Whatever you don't want to do, we won't do. If you're uncomfortable or uncertain about something, say so. We can stop. We can try it again later, if you want. The big thing here is trust. If I tie you to the bed, you're not leaving until I untie you."

Baekhyun swallowed thickly. His spine tingled at the very idea.

"You need to come up with a safe word, a phrase that will stop whatever activity, no questions asked. If you don't like what we're doing, or even if you're just not in the mood for anything, say the word. We'll stop." He ran a hand through his hair and met Baekhyun's eyes. "I don't want you to be scared, okay? It will be kind of weird, because this is your first time. I just ask that you trust me to help you feel good. Will you trust me?"

Baekhyun nodded.

"Tell me."

Baekhyun's gut trembled. "I trust you."

A smile played at the corners of Jongin's mouth. His hair fell over hs eyes when he ducked his head, looking for all the world like the shy boy Baekhyun met half a year ago. "Call me Kai when we're here."


"It's just a pseudonym. A lot of doms take on fake names, especially if they offer paid services."

"Do you?"

Jongin shrugged. His fingers played with the button at his throat. "Not really. I will occassionally, if I meet someone at a club." The tie's knot was pulled free, so the tails hung loose. "Any more questions?"

Baekhyun shook his head.

"So what's your safe word?"


Jongin motioned for Baekhyun to have a seat and closed the door to the hall, hitting a switch that illumated some recessed lights Baekhyun hadn't noticed. They're set on a dimmer, so Jongin fiddles a bit before deeming the light appropriate. It wasn't all that bright, which would normally make Baekhyun nervous, but he's entranced by the thin shadows that slide across Jongin's skin as he shrugged out of his shirt. The material made a soft shff noise, dragging down his body.

He held the tie loosely in his hands, wrapping it around one palm. Baekhuyn followed the movement with his eyes, not even noticing how his breathing shuddered from between his lips. Jongin stood between his knees, and Baekhyun let his head fall back to look at dark, hooded eyes. He never looked like that at work, which Baekhyun was grateful for, because he would never get anything done, otherwise.

"Take your clothes off." Jongin grinned. "Stay a while."
+ I started a story based off Alex's (OHSH) Coverboy Jongin. As I was writing it, I got embarrassed, so I stopped.

Kai, Tao » G » ~280 words
Tao watched from the window as birds pecked at the pavement outside and heaved a sigh. It just wasn’t as interesting as it used to be, although he could still tell that the fat pigeon in the very center of the group had a slightly bum wing.


Jongin walked out of the dissipating wisps of black smoke, dropping his messenger bag on the sofa and flopping beside Tao on the window seat. The birds were too dumb to be spooked, although one turned its head to give the boy a once-over from the safety of being outside.

Tao slammed the side of his fist against the window, effectively spooking the birds--and Jongin, who frowned at him and then the birds.

“Please don’t break my window.”

“They’re not even nervous around me anymore,” Tao bemoaned, glare slipping into a pout as he scooted down the bench and laid his head on Jongin’s lap.

The wizard carded his fingers through the dark, silky hair, still soft as fur. “I’m sorry.” He didn't mean to get his familiar cursed. It was meant for him, anyway, and he sometimes wondered what it would have done to him, if he hadn't teleported at the last instant.

Tao nuzzled into his lap. “It’s okay. I’m just tired.”

“We can go to bed. I’m done for the day.” It wasn’t even four in the afternoon. Neither cared. Jongin tugged Tao’s earlobe playfully and stood, letting his familiar drape himself over his back, leaning heavily while they shuffled to Jongin’s bedroom for an evening nap just to wake up, eat dinner, go back to sleep, and go to work again in the morning.

+ Tao used to be a cat. Jongin's only real magical talent lies in teleporting, so he's like a magical postman. Someone wasn't happy with something, so they were cursed.

catboy!Chanyeol/Chen » PG » ~230 words
Jongdae found himself literally swept off his feet and spun around, a tall, lanky cat excitedly greeting him and setting him back on his feet. Immediately, Jongdae's face—even his hair and ears—were peppered with kisses.

"Hi, I'm Chanyeol!"

"Hello, Chanyeol; I'm Jongdae."

"You smell nice."

Jongdae's brows rose in surprise, followed by his lips curving in a smile. "Thank you."

Chanyeol kissed him again, directly on the mouth, and Jongdae nearly jumped in surprise when the cat pulled away with a dumbstruck expression before swooping back and parting Jongdae's lips with his tongue.

Parting when they were both breathless, Chanyeol beamed down at him. "You taste like Starburst!"

It took a moment for Jongdae to regain his senses enough to even register what the cat said, but he laughed. "Thank you?"

"So, how do you want to do this?" Right to business. A subject change so fast like whiplash.

"Uh... I don't know, really. I have no preference. Why don't we just play by ear and see what happens?"

"What should I do?"

"Whatever you want."



"You're sure."


"Super sure?"


The cat's ears flipped backwards. "I just don't want you be uncomfortable or get hurt or anything."

"I'm not made of glass or porcelain. I said you can do whatever you want, so," he tugged the studded collar with a finger, "do something."

Chanyeol's pupils blew wide.

girl!Kai, Tao » G » ~300 words

Junghwa sat apart from her schoolmates, tucked away from the sun beneath a large beach umbrella. A gaggle of girls snickered whenever they glanced her way. She had the misfortune to overhear their "hushed" conversation earlier.

"Did you see what she's wearing? Long sleeves and board shorts? She's going to die from heat stroke."

"She just doesn't want to tan. She's so dark, already."

She pulled her sleeves over her hands and pushed her toes into the warm sand.

A shadow ambled up the sand to meet the shade of the umbrella. Zitao ducked under and held out a blue sno-cone. "Here."


He sat beside her on the large beach towel. "Nice shorts; they look familiar." He frowned when she didn't reply. "You okay?"


"Don't let what they say get to you."

Junghwa held the sno-cone to her tongue and hummed an ah hah.

"C'mon! We're are the beach. Are you going to let some bitchy girls ruin it for you?" He frowned at her silence, brightening when he saw Sehun and Chanyeol playing with a volleyball. "Come play volleyball! We can take on Sehun and Chanyeol."

"Isn't there a bit of a height disadvantage?" She's tall for a girl, but Sehun and Chanyeol are both skyscrapers to her apartment building.

"This is beach volleyball. You and I are much more coordinated in sand than they are, trust me." He nudged her shoulder with his head, like a cat looking for attention. "C'mon. It'll be fun!"

She pouted at the melted blue of her treat. "Sure, whatever." Tilting her head back, she poured the icy sugar down her throat and crumpled the paper in her fist.

Zitao stood first, taking her hand and hauling her to her feet. She rubbed some sand off on the backs of her calves and walked over the burning beach to a volleyball net. If nothing else, she'd be distracted.

+ I had an idea after writing for femmexo, but it didn't go anywhere.

Chanyeol/Chen » PG-13 » 790 words

Jongdae thinks their outfits are perfectly gaudy. It takes a special sort of person to pull off animal print, and he and Chanyeol just are not that sort of people.

He feels remarkably confident in high heels, though, which lift him to about eye-level with one of EXO's tallest, but he still manages to tangle his meticulously-styled wig in his friend's buttons. He hunches back a little with a frustrated grunt, twisting and pulling the hair by feel and shooting Kyungsoo a dirty look when he laughs at them. He tries to stand and shift to see what he's doing, but it's like the wig and clothing just hold closer together.

"Can I help?" Chanyeol needs something to do, something to take his mind off the fact that Jongdae is practically grinding against him and sliding up and down his body as he struggles with his wig.

"My wig is caught on your shirt, I think." Jongdae reaches up to take the pins from the wig, but he's jostled back into Chanyeol's chest. He grabs Chanyeol's hand and tugs him to walk. "Come on. Walk close to me."

"Couldn't step back if I tried," Chanyeol jokes, mouth dry.

Jongdae takes his hand and navigates the party floor to the restrooms, which are at the farthest end from where they'd gotten tangled, so pretty much the whole company sees them hastily tripping together to the restroom. It's too much to hope that there are no Dispatch reporters skulking around.

Jongdae locks the door once inside and makes quick work of the pins holding the wig to his cap and ducks away with a relieved sigh. "I really hope this doesn't fuck up the wig. The stylist noonas will kill me ... ." He slaps Chanyeol's fingers away. "It's hard enough without your sausage fingers in my way."

It's difficult to untangle the synthetic strands from around the thread holding the button on, but Jongdae manages. He frowns at the resulting tangles and shrugs. "Oh well. Troublemaker!Hyuna doesn't need curls to be troublesome." He spins it around his hand, tangling it worse, and pauses at the door.

"You coming?"

"Just breathing hard."

Jongdae frowns.

Chanyeol offers a smile, but it's more a pained grimace that doesn't inspire much confidence. "Just ... gimme a minute."

Jongdae drops his eyes to Chanyeol's hips and back to his face. A dangerous grin stretches his mouth. "Would you like me to stay?"

"No," Chanyeol coughs. "I-I-I can handle it. Myself. I'll be out in a minute."

"You're sure?"

Chanyeol actually seems to think about it a moment, looking for any signs of a trick, but it was impossible to know with Jongdae. "Would you really ...?"

"Chanyeol, really. I don't dress in drag for just anyone, you know." He sets his wig on the bathroom sink and crowds Chanyeol into a corner where the countertop meets the wall.

"Jongdae, is this a good idea?"

"This is a great idea." He unbuttons Chanyeol's snow leopard-print jacket and tugs his shirt from his slacks. Without the jacket, the outfit actually looks really good on him. The fluorescent bathroom lighting is

Chanyeol's kind of fidgety, keeping his palms against the wall behind his back but shifting his shoulders and hips. "Have you done this before?" Chanyeol hasn't. He's recieved a handjob once, and it was rather nice, but none of them have had any time for dating or hookups. His breath catches in his throat as his belt is undone and whipped from his beltloops with a snap. All that stands between his dick and Jongdae's face are dress pants and black boxer-briefs--which Jongdae suggested he wear for costume authenticity, and if Chanyeol believes his friend's logic, that would mean--

"I gotta pee!"

They jump at the sudden pounding on the door and rattling door handle. Chanyeol's crotch almost smacks Jongdae's face. He jerks back and grins. "Nothing like a bit of fear to take care of things."

Chanyeol's ears blush pink, and he hastily tucks his shirt into his pants and buttons his jacket. Jongdae grabs his arm to stop him from stampeding to the door and buttons the jacket properly. He stands and tugs his dress over his thighs, grabs his wig, and unlocks the door.

Baekhyun barrels past them and shoves them out while chanting how badly he needs to pee.

They return to the party casually, and no one seems to care about their mutual absence. Jongdae stuffs his wig and cap into his coat pocket and casts a thoughtful look to his friend. "Did you remember to grab your belt?"

No, he did not, but Baekhyun brings it back with a curious tilt to his head and question marks in his eyes.

+ There was an EPM prompt I started to fill. Never finished. Never will. umu

Chanyeol, Kai, Sehun » PG » ~400 words

Jongin frowned at phone, twisting his plastic cup of iced coffee between his thumb and forefinger. "Why is everything so expensive? Christ..."

"Get a job," Chanyeol suggested unhelpfully.

"My mom actually won't let me. Says I have to focus on school, and I still have dance."

"You're not in high school anymore, dude. Your mom doesn't really have a say anymore."

"She does when she's paying for it." Jongin sighed and plopped his chin on his arms. "Maybe I should just find someone to buy me stuff. Spoil me and pamper me."

"Wow." Sehun snorted and swatted his friend atop the head with his comic book. "Okay then, Princess. Should we take out an ad?"

Jongin laughed. "Yeah. 'Cute and cuddly 19-year-old sugar baby looking for a sweet-talking daddy.'"

"Is that what they're called? Sugar babies?" Chanyeol looked at Sehun, who shrugged.

"I think so. It was in an article my sociology class read. It's popular in the States, apparently."

Chanyeol frowned, as if considering the possibilities. "Huh. Must be nice."

"Until you get some wrinkly old man who just wants to get between your legs."

Chanyeol gagged, rejecting any and all possibilities.

"I dunno if I'd mind so much if the person was nice to me."

"Even if they're, like, a bazillion years old?"

"They'd have to have impressive stamina to live that long."

"Seriously, Jongin. You worry me."

"Like, obviously the ideal would be someone not too much older than me and who would just buy me shit without asking for much in return, but that's a really selfish arrangement and wishful thinking, right? Right. I'll just suffer in silence."

"We can all hear you whining."

"Relative silence. Dreaming of my sugar mommy or daddy buying me puppies and video games. . ."

"How about your own dance studio?"

Jongin hummed. "That'd be awesome."

"A car."

"With underglow."

"And a lift kit."


"Alloy rims!"

"Guys! Before you pop a boner about a custom car. Please. Settle down." Sehun held up his phone. "Smile, Jonginnie." The boy smiled without question.

"What about me?" Chanyeol asked.

"Group photo!" Jongin dragged Sehun from his seat to sprawl between him and Chanyeol on the bench. The camera clicked, and they goofed off until separating to head home to get some sleep for classes the next day.

Jongin forgot about the photo and profile. Sehun didn't.

+ I wanted to try my hand at a sugar daddy fic. It's SuKai, if I ever work on it more.

Chanyeol, Kai, Sehun » PG » ~400 words

Jongdae looked around with unbridled curiosity. He gave Chanyeol an Are you serious? look when he saw another pool table--triplet to the ones in the basement and first-floor rec room. "Dude, how many pool tables do you guys need?"

"We can use the one in the basement. Only I'm allowed to play on that table."

Hand hovering over the padded edge of a corner, Jongdae stared. "Chanyeol ... " Looked at the table. Flinched. "OH MY GOD." Chanyeol tried to hide his shameful laughter. Jongdae scooted passed him, hands up. "I need to cleanse myself."

"That table could use a good cleaning, too ... ."

"OH MY GOD. SHUT UP." He passed Joonmyun in the hall, blushed furiously, and ran to his car.

Joonmyun looked at Chanyeol with worry creasing the spot between his eyebrows. "What did you do to Jongdae?"

"I possibly mentally scarred him for life."

Joonmyun looked confused but hummed. Whatever. Jongdae would get over it. "I thought I put this away ... " He hit a button on the wall, and the pool table slipped beneath the floor, covered by a solid panel.

"Could've left it out for later, you know."

"It would just serve as a catch-all." He pulled Chanyeol down by the back of his neck to kiss the corner of his mouth. "All it's supposed to catch is you."

+ I made some comment to the mod of ablueblazer about something involving a pool table...and I started to write a little something up, but it never went anywhere. I think it was another sugar daddy au with, yet again, Daddy Kim Joonmyun.

Chen/Kris » PG-13 » ~330 words

Jongdae meandered into the living room where Yifan was watching a variety show. He tapped his pen on his boyfriend's shoulder. "Can I borrow you for a minute or twenty?"

"What for?"

"I have an idea."

"... I hear a 'but'."

"But I need two other people."

"Jongdae..." Yifan sighed.

"Just hear me out. Please. This is a great idea." Yifan sighed again and muted the television. Jongdae grinned, leaning over the back of the sofa to wrap his arms over Yifan' chest. "So. This guy in my story is really excited to see his boyfriend, right? Super duper excited; it's been a while. As a surprise, he invited a friend over for an impromptu threesome ... ." He grinned at Yifan' groan. "The guy pretty much jumps his boyfriend when he gets home, like, literally running and jumping in his arms. The boyfriend falls against the wall, and the third guy comes out and sandwiches my protagonist between them. He's fucked against his boyfriend against a wall."

"That sounds ... dangerous."

"Oh, don't worry. It's totally possible and quite safe, long as you trust your partner. I've done something like it before."

Yifan sputtered and twisted to look at Jongdae. "When?!"

Jongdae rolled his eyes. "I don't stop writing when you're not around, Yifan. Don't flatter yourself."

"Thanks." Yifan watched his boyfriend walk to the kitchen and browse the contents of the fridge. "Who's your third guy?"

"My friend Chanyeol."

"That tall guy with the ears?"


"And he's okay with this?"

"He's a porn actor; he's fine with pretty much anything." Jongdae popped open a soda can. He glanced at Yifan as he took a drink, waiting on an answer.

Yifan really wasn't confident it was a good idea, but it was difficult to say no to Jongdae. He must've seen the resignation on Yifan' face, because Yifan suddenly had a lapful of handsy, kissy boyfriend.

"Thank you! You're the best! I love you!" he praised between kisses.

Yifan already felt regret.

+ Yet another EPM prompt I will never finish, because I am a pathetic and embarrassing panda.

Chanyeol, girl!Kris, baby!Sehun, girl!Tao, girl!Xiumin » PG » character death » ~790 words

Chanyeol wipes his face with his palm, trying to dry the tears. Jongin never liked it when he cried; just because he isn't around to tease him about didn't mean he couldn't still throw bad karma Chanyeol's way.

He stands a safe few feet from the small throng in the hospital hallway. At the forefront of the group stands Huang Chuntao, a girl Chanyeol never got along with. Frankly, she's terrifying.

She looks totally harmless, now, and a little lost, burying her face in Kristina Wu's chest. If not for the jerks and shakes in her shoulders, Chanyeol wouldn't know she was crying.

A nurse hurries out of the room, followed by a doctor who looks among the group, calling someone until Kristina rubs Chuntao's back.

Chanyeol can't hear what they're saying, but the doctor leads Chuntao into the room after a bit of prodding from Kristina and Kim Minseo.

She's not in there for long when a mid-pitched tone drones ominously, and a couple of nurses run to the room, its light blinking furiously for attention.

Chuntao is guided out kindly but insistently by another nurse into Kristina's waiting arms. Chuntao's face is completely wet and pink, but her makeup hasn't run at all. She reapplies herself to Kristina's sturdy frame and is gently rocked while the doctor speaks lowly to the group. Someone gestures down the hall to Chanyeol, who stands from his spot against the wall as the doctor approaches.

"Park Chanyeol?"


"I'm sorry. . ."


No no no.

This can't be real.

Both Kim Jongin and Kim Juyeon are dead. That's impossible. Chanyeol just talked to them yesterday, wishing them a pleasant anniversary and not to have too much fun, because they're parents, now.

If they're dead, what will happen to their baby?

The nurse who had hurried from the room returns with a small body resting on her hip.

Chuntao lifts her head when the nurse approaches. She looks apprehensive, but she does take Sehun from the nurse.

Sehun is barely 2 years old, with the same sleepy face as his dad. He knows her and clings to her neck happily, but he looks passed her, touching her cheek with chubby fingers.


He can see into the hospital room. The staff must still be recording time of death and detaching the machines.

Chanyeol stiffens with the rest of the group.

Chuntao grabs Sehun's tiny hand from her face and tucks him against her shoulder, casting a look down the hall at Chanyeol and nearly running in the opposite direction.

No way.

Chuntao's adopting Sehun?

Or stealing him?

It's Minseo who finally approaches him. She's short and very cute and sadly spoken for. Her usual grin is turned down into a pinched, concerned frown. "Chanyeol, did you talk to the doctor?"

"Kind of. I, uh, I-I heard that Joonie didn't make it either."

"No. She was able to speak with Tao, though, and wanted you as well."

"Me? Why?"

"For Jongin. They didn't want to burden their parents with a baby and are giving him to you. You and Chuntao."

Chanyeol just about faints.

"Hey!" Minseo grabs his shoulders and pushes him back to lean against the wall. He slides down to a crouch.

"Why us? I don't know her."

"You both know Sehun. You were Jongin's best friend, and Juyeon was practically a mother to Chuntao since moving here."

"But. . ." Chanyeol doesn't understand. He's not even out of college. He doesn't feel like an adult. It was incredible when Jongin and Juyeon married, although that came after finding out Juyeon was pregnant. They grew up fast together, which left Chanyeol feeling somewhat left behind, still partying with friends and goofing off.

How could anyone expect him to raise a kid?

Minseo kneels beside him and rubs his shoulder. "We'll all help you guys. No one expects you to do it all yourselves."

Chanyeol sniffles and nods. "Thanks." He rubs beneath his nose and sighs, pushing off his knees to stand.

"Go find Chuntao. You don't even have to talk to her; just being there can be a comfort."

He finds Chuntao in a corner of the next hall, between a vending machine and tall window. Sehun sits on her lap, playing with her braided pigtails with the attentive fascination only a toddler could have. She smiles and pushes her lips out, making kissy faces the child dodged and returned intermittently.

She doesn't look up when he sits across from her, but Sehun beams and wriggles off her thighs to toddle the few feet to Chanyeol's knees.

They don't speak. Sehun passes between the two of them, trying to engage them in playing. It's like a sad foreshadowing of their future.

+ There was an EPM prompt I liked, once, and I just have not gotten through it. Chanyeol and Tao do eventually move into an apartment together, for the baby, and they kind of start to develop some feelings of affection and not just tolerance. I had a friend's brother and his girlfriend in mind. They don't have the greatest relationship but have stayed together for their baby, which is probably just going to mess the kid up. It's not a happy home; it's not always the best idea to stay together.

Chanyeol, Chen » PG » ~260 words

Chanyeol grinned, high off adrenaline from the chase as well as confronting his favourite guard. Jongdae frowned, weapon trained on the career criminal. "Assume the position, thief."

"Which position would you like?" Chanyeol teased.

The guard bit back a smile and kicked Chanyeol's feet apart, shoving him off-balance so he had to bring up his hands to catch himself on the wall.

"Your hands must be freezing, working outside all the time. I could warm them if you'd like." The innuendo wasn't even hidden.

Jongdae replied dryly, "Warmest part of the body is the front of the pants."

"You'll have to check there, anyway. Never know what I've got in my pants."

Jongdae removed a set of silver knives from the back of Chanyeol's belt, tossing them into a waiting chest. "I'm sure there's nothing to impress in your pants." He pulled out a few more trinkets, pieces of jewellery, part of a tea set, and a diamond-studded cat collar with the cat in a different pocket. "Alright," Jongdae sighed, keeping a hand on Chanyeol's back while he unclipped the handcuffs from his belt. "Turn around slowly and put out your arms."

Chanyeol obeyed, pivoting slowly, but when he held out his arms, he extended them out behind Jongdae, cupping his cheeks.

"Remove your hands if you want to keep them attached to your wrists."

"You're so uptight. I can feel it." Chanyeol squeezed for emphasis and ended up doubling over with a wheezing cough as Jongdae's fist drove up into his gut.

+ Because of this:

Kris, Lay » PG » ~300 words

The boy hadn't come back for a while.

He had been a frequent sight at the bar; Kris assumed he was just a part of the bar. Bubblegum pink hair, fading to blond with peeks of dark roots made him stand out just as much as his dispassionate face and slender build. He attached himself to bar patrons, saying things no one else could hear in their ear, maybe teasing fingers along a thigh or neck.

But he never looked excited when someone agreed.

Kris never saw the boy smile.

And he was just a boy. Kris couldn't imagine him to be out of high school, yet.

He waved a bartender over. The man smiled, revealing a very prominent dimple Kris imagined got him a lot of dates. "What can I get you?"

"Information. There was a kid here. Pink hair."


Kris didn't know his name. "What happened to him?"

The bartender's eyes looked upwards, as if the answer were on his eyebrows. He frowned, looking back at Kris. "Pretty sure he quit to work at a fetish club downtown." He returned to his work, drying clean glasses with a white towel. "I feel bad for him. Poor kid. Bad enough the treatment he got from these bastards," he jerked his head back over his shoulder, "but these clubs have some really kinky scenes. A friend of mine, a journalist, went to one to see about talking to some of the clientèle, and they were nice enough, but the stories he heard about some of the clients ... I can't imagine it's any place for anyone under 30."

Kris nodded. He tipped the bartender double his usual, earning himself another flash of dimple, and shuffled around the crowded bar and made his way out to the street to catch a cab.

+ This au came from an EPM prompt with quite a few triggers, but I still liked the sound of it. Sehun's an underage sex worker, trying to support his siblings and protect them from an abusive parent. My approach to it was Kris being an advocate for victims of sex trafficking, but he takes an interest in Sehun because he's obviously not old enough to do what he's doing, and it's illegal. So. Paternal instincts go wild. Don't know what happens next.