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EXO microfics I/II

A lot of these are AUs I'm not writing anymore or ones I've not really worked on in a long while. I'd forgotten about some of them and the plot of most of them, but I figured why not post them? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'd like to finish them all someday.

None of them are beta'd. There will be mistakes.

Chanyeol » G » ~500 words
Onstage, it wasn't easy to see into the crowd as the sun disappeared. The lasers and pyrotechnics lit up the throbbing throng of people intermittently, cameramen and women picking out the prettiest and wildest to show on the large screen behind his board.

He stepped onto the table, microphone to his lips, and shouted a greeted that boomed throughout the air and earned a unified scream in response. Everything was electric, and he turned to jump to the floor again but glanced at the screen just in time for his heart to skip a beat and start its own rhythm

The boy on the screen couldn't be older than Chanyeol, tanned skin slick with sweat. His shirt was stuffed into his back pocket, and he danced among the crowd with a grace seldom found in the clubs Chanyeol usually performed in. His cheeks tinged pink when he saw himself on the screen, and he shyly covered his face with his hands.

He finished his stage with his guests alongside him, backs to the crowd and fireworks lighting up the area. "Five...Four...Three...Two...One...!" Cameras and phones flashed, capturing the ending moments of his music festival performance. Taking up another microphone, he called a good bye to the audience, flashing horns and deuces and waving as he left the stage.

His crew packed up the stage, and Chanyeol collapsed onto bed with his phone to check out the photos of the day on Instagram and Twitter. He found tags for his own stage, #DJPARK and #AYYOWHADDUPDJ with blurry photos of him, the stage, people dancing in the crowd. His favourite was of a duo, apparently from South Korea, if the flag hanging around their shoulders was anything to go by, who each wore wide smiles as they posed cutely with a couple of American girls in string bikinis and flower crowns.

"Get it, my friends," Chanyeol laughed. He swiped the feed down and had to stop it, scrolling up slowly. Someone with a camera, not a phone, and probably a telescoping bar, got a great shot of Chanyeol on his turn table, looking at the large screen that was filled with the bright smile and golden skin of that breathtaking boy in the crowd.

He clicked the username and found a few more photos as well as video of his stage, and he looked at them all and found a recurring name mentioned, with comments in Korean.

"@kimkaaaaaa youu made it to the big screen!!"

"@kimkaaaaaa awww, even the dj thinks you're cute. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ"

There was no reply, yet, and Chanyeol chewed his lips. It'd be creepy to just wait. There was no guarantee the guy would even reply. His account was private, so Chanyeol couldn't even follow him sneakily.

He put his phone to sleep and decided to check in the morning.

Chanyeol dreamed of his last performance, only he spun records and adjusted sound boards for one boy dancing by himself as if on stage.

+ Jongin's the dancing boy. That was his real Instagram, before he deleted it. I wrote this after watching Skrillex's Ultra Music Festival performance.

Chanyeol/catboy!Suho » PG-13 » ~350 words
“Can you speak?”

The look of deadpan stoniness and lack of compliance normally would have gotten the slaveboy in trouble, but the prince merely laughed. “Just asking! I'd feel like a total ass if I was trying to get you to speak when you had no tongue.”

The catboy stuck his tongue out.

Chanyeol's laughter stopped, and the slave shut his mouth with a click of teeth, ears flat to his hair. He'd crossed the line.

Chanyeol watched the slave's mouth though. Maybe his own was hanging open; it felt dry, suddenly. He swallowed and shifted on his throne, turning towards the slave more. “Hey … Do that again.”

“...” Distrust sat clearly in his eyes. It wouldn't be the first time someone tried to cut out his tongue, after all.

“I just want to see! Is your tongue rough? The palace cats have rough tongues." They tickled whenever they licked the prince's hands or ankles. He always turned pink and itched afterwards, but it wasn't an entirely unpleasant feeling, and he was curious about this new breed of slave. "Do you?”

Ears lifting just a tiny bit from his hair, he shyly took Chaneol's hand and held it to his mouth, lightly dragging his tongue over the knuckles. Gold eyes held the prince's gaze, and a shudder tiptoed up Chanyeol's head, lifting all the hairs on his body.

The minuscule papilla were barely noticeable and rough, but it left Chanyeol's skin very very warm. Chanyeol's hand started to shake when the slave's tongue laved between each of his fingers. "J-Joonmyun..." Joonmyun nipped the tip of the prince's pointer finger. He blinked slowly, the pupils of his eyes eclipsing the golden irises.


Chanyeol jumped and nearly fell from his throne. His hand was yanked to his hand, where it fidgeted with the adornments of his coat as he tried to fight the blush from his face. The slave, on the other hand, remained calm and collected beside him, combing through his hair with his fingers and completely ignoring the noble who hurried into the throne room to kneel at the prince's feet.

+ I'd started something for ablueblazer, but I never finished it or really liked what I was doing.

girl!Kai, girl!Sehun, girl!Tao » PG » ~450 words
Two girls wearing crop tops and cutoff denim shorts, revealing what seemed to be miles of smooth, toned legs is nothing unusual in the summer heat of Seoul.

Two girls wearing crop tops and cutoff denim shorts with pastel pink ski masks is considered unusual.

The shop keeper has his back turned when he hears the bell over the door jingle and thinks nothing of it; he'll turn around once the customer comes up to the counter.

Someone clears their throat, however, and he turns around to find himself nose-to-barrel with a mean-looking handgun held by a girl wearing a pink ski mask. He sees kohled eyes behind the mask and full lips part, asking politely if he would "Please open the register."

Her companion flips the sign on the front to CLOSED and circles around the counter, holding her own handgun and looking much more fierce. He quickly tosses his coffee--mug and all--into the trash bin and punches a key for the register's drawer to pop open.

While the first girl keeps her weapon levelled between his eyes; the second girl stuffs a bag with all the cash, leaves the checks, and punches it closed with her fist. She speedwalks to the back of the store.

"Thank you." With a brief bow, the first girl spins around and follows her companion, dashing through the back of the store.

It takes the shop owner a few minutes to realise he should call the police.

Junghwa slams the door open behind Sehee, racing to the idling car in the back alley. Chuntao looks at them both, Sehee holds up the bag, and the car speeds out of the alley.

"Did you really say please to him?" Sehee asks as she tears off her mask. Her hair is dyed almost the same shade, and it flies round in the wind from the open windows.

Chuntao hides a snort behind her hand and looks at Junghwa in the rearview mirror, who pulls off her own mask and combs her brunette hair from her face, frowning a little at the sweat. "Yes. I did. No one ever said we couldn't be polite!"

Sehee snorts and rolls her eyes. Chuntao reaches behind the seat and squeezes Junghwa's knee. "I think it's sweet."

"Hey," Sehee turns in her seat and makes grabby hands at Junghwa. "Lemme show Chuntao."

"I'm driving!" Chuntao glances at the open bag on her friend's lap and can't help the giggle that bubbles up her throat. Sehee digs her hands into the bills and tosses them into the air with a whoop of delight.

Their spending spree couldn't last, but they were going to enjoy every last second.

+ There's a music video I really liked, showing some girls on a crime spree, basically. It was just all in fun, and I thought of EXO maknae line.

Suho, Tao » PG » 385 words
Zitao's only seven when he finally learned what Joonmyun meant by always being prepared.

Somehow, a hunter discovered Joonmyun was a wolf and broke into their small apartment. Zitao woke up when he heard barking, too close to be the neighbour's dog outside, and he sat up as recognition hit. Joonmyun. He threw the covers off himself, toddled over the futon his brother slept on, and peered into the open kitchen-dining room.

Planks and hardware still sat out, waiting for the finishing touches to be put on the interior so it could finally stand as a home and not just temporary residence. A stranger had his brother corner backed in a corner, exits blocked off with piled supplies.

Joonymun, sporting a brightly coloured collection of feathers in his shoulder, struggled to stay on his paws. He growled and shook his head, waiting for the hunter to make another move and give him an opening.

He stumbled and whimpered when a silver knife nicked his muzzle. The hunter was playing.

With a shrieking cry, Zitao grasped the solid metal toolbox by its handle and hefted it off the floor, taking a step to his left and twisting at the waist, using the momentum to swing the toolbox. It connected with the assailant’s temple, cracking with a sound that made Zitao’s stomach clench and heave. The man fell to the floor. Blood quickly pooled around his head. He didn’t move.

He didn’t breathe.

Dropping the toolbox as tears pricked at his eyes, Zitao looked at his trembling hands and clenched them into tight fists as the tears threatened to fall down his cheeks. A quiet whine drew his attention so fast his mind momentarily wondered if he got whiplash from how fast his neck turned.

“G- Ge ge!” Tao fell to his knees beside his brother, carding his fingers through the dense fur and feeling for anything bloody or broken. “Ge ge,” he called again, so soft it was nearly a whisper. He laid his head on the werewolf’s side, sighing in relief at the soft bumbump bumbump of his heart. He sat back on his ankles, stroking the massive head until amber eyes opened and focused on him.

Joonmyun sighed and lifted his head to rest on Zitao’s lap, eyes sliding closed again.

+ Werewolf AU. Joonmyun adopted Zitao, who is not a wolf. In this same AU, Zitao and Sehun become friends. While Zitao's brother is a werewolf, Sehun's guardian is a vampire. Neither know the other lives among the supernatural.

Kai, Kris » PG-13 » character death » 970 words
The rain finally stopped, allowing the sun to break through the clouds and warm the chilled air. Yifan peeked out of the coffee shop and deemed it safe to walk home without getting soaked. He made a mental note to buy an umbrella before heading home.

Few people were out in the early afternoon, between school letting out and 9-5 workers heading home. Yifan watched the thin crowd without much interest. Everyone was keeping to themselves, an invisible barrier separating their lives.

He heard the whir and bump of wheels over the sidewalk and glanced across the street to see a kid on his skateboard, lazily kicking off the pavement and rolling right along, headphones over his ears and not paying nearly as much attention as he should, and it made the coffee he'd just had cool and harden in his gut.

Yifan held back at the crosswalk, watching the skateboarder continue on to another street. He just could not shake the feeling of dread that rose in his throat.

A car blew past the stop sign, taking the turn fast enough to fishtail and leave black marks. It struck the skateboarder, knocking him clear off his board and throwing him across the low median.

There was no braking. No stopping. Squealing tires and screams of onlookers.

Yifan ran across the road after looking fast for oncoming cars. His first aid training told him to not touch him other than to check or a pulse. The boy was bloody and very bruised, but nothing looked out of place. He moved on his own, whining low.

"You've been in an accident," Yifan said calmly. He motioned for another witness to call an ambulance. "It's important that you don't try to move, okay? My name's Yifan. Answer me without moving your head, alright? We're getting you help." He sat on his heels but leaned over the boy. "What's your name?"

"Kim Jongin."

"Jongin? Nice to meet you. If only it was under better circumstances. Can you tell me where you are? A street name?"

"I was heading home ... on 22nd." After he was hit, Jongin flew onto a whole different street. "Why are my feet cold?"

"Your shoes came off. They weren't tied."

Jongin chuckled a little. "And my mom always said I'd get the laces caught in the wheels and fall ... ."

"Tell me what day it is."

He was turning pale and cold, breathing out his mouth and looking at nothing.

Yifan shook him gently, clasping his arm. "Jongin?" He raised his voice. "Stay with me. Tell me your name." Something easy, just to get him to stay awake.

Jongin stared at his lips with glazed eyes, body finally going into shock as it caught up with his injuries. Sirens wailed at the city to clear a path, and Yifan clung to the boy. "Help's on the way. Keep looking at me. Don't close your eyes." His arms shook, and he sat on his ankles to keep from falling to the pavement as the tremours shivered up his arms and down his spine, to his legs.

An ambulance and two squad cars screeched to stop a few feet from Jongin and Yifan. He stood on shaky legs as paramedics knelt on either side of Jongin to check him over, and a police officer took Yifan's elbow, leading him aside to ask about the accident. Yifan reported the best he could, but his attention kept slipping back to Jongin, who was strapped to a stretcher.

The officer flipped her notebook shut and touched his arm with a small smile. "They're taking him, now. He's lost a lot of blood. You did good, though."


Yifan looked at his hands as if seeing them for the first time. They're crusted with blood that wrinkled and broke into lines when he closed his fists. His knees and thighs and sneakers all sported sticky crimson. He tripped a few steps away and vomitted into the gutter.

The officer rubbed his shoulder. She was probably a mom herself, the way she looked over Yifan as if he, too, were injured. "Do you need a ride home?" She offered him a bottle of water from an EMT.

He shook his head and tried to ignore the gross taste in his mouth. That coffee from earlier was more like sludge, now, and didn't help ease his nausea. He just wanted to go home. "No, I'm fine, now. I'm just glad he's okay."

The scene cleared quickly. A hit-and-run couldn't block traffic for too long. Officers would investigate until they got as far as they could. Maybe Jongin's family would make a public appeal.

Yifan watched the ambulance and police cars drive away, scratching at his palms. Someone mentioned something about calling to get the blood cleaned off the road. Everyone left as if a boy hadn't nearly lost his life to some careless driver.

The taste in his mouth was worse. Clouds darkened overhead, again, releasing a light drizzle that did little for Yifan's mood. He resumed his walk home with his hands in his pockets, hoping to look somewhat normal, but stopped in his tracks not even a block up the road. A wide-eyed boy leaned against the lamp post. It had only just started to rain, but he was completely dry.

Yifan felt it before hearing it, jerking with a sudden impact and rolling across the pavement to sprawl partly on the opposite sidewalk. A door slammed, and someone ran towards him.

He died before they could call anyone.

The angel watched quietly from the lamp post. One good deed shouldn't cost a life, but there was a delicate balance to maintain. Dark wings fluttered from behind him, and all that was left was a corpse and a car and a frantic call for help.

+ This was originally intended for an EPM prompt. I kind of lost the drive. unu

catboy!Chen, catboy!Tao, Suho » PG » 390 words
For all his haughty, holier-than-thou, bratty attitude, Zitao is still very much a typical kitten at heart, Jongdae decides after finding the boy sitting on the sofa with rapt attention on the quivering beam of light cast on the rug from a crystal decoration hanging in the window. His ears twitch, finding every sound around him, but his eyes never leave that little rectangle of light until it disappears--thanks to Jongdae's hand over the crystal.

Zitao shakes his hair from his eyes and yawns, as if waking from a meditative state.

It's cute, really.

Clear on the opposite end of the spectrum of cat behaviour, Zitao can be plain shameless.

Jongdae wanders into the living room after a nap to see bare, tan skin sprawled over the floor, perfectly centered in a sunbeam. Zitao is naked as a babe, sleeping on the wood floor, soaking up the sun.

He nudges Zitao's thigh with his toe. "You're stealing all the sunshine."

One blue eye opens enough to glare at him without heat. "So share." He rolls onto his front, and Jongdae fights the urge to spank his butt, discarding his own clothes.

The floor is warm from Zitao's body heat, doubly so with the sunlight, and it warms his front and back, soothing him back to a state of drowsiness.

Cats are solitary creatures, but they enjoy company and seek it out for confort, just like humans. Hybridised individuals are no different, so when Zitao shuffles a little to lie thigh to thigh and shoulder to shoulder with Jongdae, Jongdae purrs a sigh and says nothing.

Joonmyun doesn't know what to think when he returns home to is housecats sleeping in the middle of the floor, bare-assed and so blissed out they only acknowledge him with a twitch of their ears.

Jongdae goes the extra mile to actually open his eyes and smile at Joonmyun. "Welcome back. Take something off; join us." Zitao's arm flops perpedicular to him; Jongdae claims it as his pillow. "You just missed the petting party. We really got it on, didn't we, Taozi?" he continues with a distinct curl to his lips. He runs his knuckles up and down Zitao's chest, and the showcat arches up a little into his hand, a high whine sighing to a purr.

Joonmyun can only hope Jongdae spoke very literally.

+ Kind of an alternate bit of this fic.

catboy!Chen, catboy!Tao, Suho » G » 550 words
Zitao's in the bathroom, drying his hair and going through his usual beauty regimine that Jongdae still teases him for, leaving Joonmyun and Jongdae with unusual alone time.

Jongdae tilts his head, eyes looking down to Joonmyun's lips, up to his eyes, and back to his lips. He leans in, centimetres from his human's mouth and then barely touching his mouth when Joonmyun's hands are on his shoulders, and he's pulling back. "Jongdae," he says softly, "no."

The rejection stings.

Jongdae doesn't say anything. He smiles and twists to sit on his heels, then shuffles to stand and leave Joonmyun on the couch.

He's shocked. Joonmyun never thought one of his precious catboys could possibly feel that way about him. They were like his children. He protected them and provided for them.

Maybe it's because he adopted Jongdae after he was pretty much grown. Zitao is clingy and affectionate, but he's known Joonmyun since he was a little catboy and sees him more as a mother than a lover.

He sighs and lets his head fall back, wondering just how badly he's messed up.

In his and Zitao's shared room, cold from disuse, Jongdae sits on the neatly made mattress with his hands on his lap and stares at the baseboard of the opposite wall. His tail sits limply beside him, barely quivering at the blunt tip. He just breathes, but when an inhale gets caught in his throat and burns his eyes with tears, he falls to his side and curls up with a pillow over his face and tail close to his body.

Jongdae declines dinner and won't even look at Zitao later, unintentionally hurting the younger catboy. He doesn't see the flattened ears and drooping tail as Zitao slinks to Joonmyun's side and morosely draws himself up as small as he can beside the human.

"Is hyung sick?"

"He's alright," Joonmyun replies, running a hand through Zitao's hair. It's soft, and Joonmyun can smell his shampoo. "He just wants to be alone for a while, I guess."

It's an unfathomable idea to Zitao, who likes being by himself but hates being alone. Hurt forgotten, he slips off the sofa, tail up in a curious 'S', and closes the door to the bedroom behind him.

"Jongdae hyung?"

The lump on the bed, now a mess of blankets and clothes, shifts. "I'm fine, Zitao." The voice is thick and hoarse.

"Yeah." Zitao lays around where he thinks Jongdae's back is, and they shuffle a bit when Jongdae tries to pull up he blankets Zitao's leaning on to pull him into their warmth. Zitao sits up and tugs the blankets up to slide under, pulling them back down over their heads and enveloping them in a cocoon of heat.

Jongdae rolls onto his side, facing away from Zitao. Usually, it's the other way around; Zitao curls up as the little spoon. That Jongdae's feeling so small sits heavily on Zitao's heart, and he tucks his arm over the older catboy to pull him snug against his front. He purrs by Jongdae's ear, and Jongdae's chest rumbles softly in response until they match breathing and fall asleep to the united purrs.

When Zitao wakes up, Jongdae's his usual self again, as if Zitao had simply dreamed his friend's melancholy.

+ Same AU as above. Dunno when this would be in the timeline or if I even want to keep it at all.

girl!D.O./girl!Tao » G » ~200 words
Chuntao rolled over and watched the shadows dance on her ceiling. She made an appearance at dinner but didn't eat much. Her host family asked after her, but she said she was tired.

She was. She was tired, and her chest hurt, and her stomach growled, but she ignored it.

Something tapped at her window, a tree branch she'd been meaning to ask her host dad to cut off.

The tapping continued, incessant, and Chuntao sat up to snap the thing herself, and her eyes nearly popped out of her skull.

"Kyungsoon!" she whispered, low, fierce, and incredulous. She scrambled to unhinge the window and push off the mosquito screen, helping the girl inside as quietly as possible. "What are you doing?"

"I wanted to see you."

"But your dad..."

"Doesn't know. He can't know, because he's so blind, but I love you, Tao, and I can't stand not being able to see you ... ." Chuntao closed the window again and sat behind Kyungsoon, holding her to her chest.

“I’ll fight for you,” Chuntao set her chin on Kyungsoo's shoulder and nuzzled the girl's cheek with her nose. “I promise. I love you too much. I can’t let you go.”

+ Homophobic and prejudiced families trying to prevent love.

Xiumin » G » ~560 words
The cat had been a gift for his sister, since she'd always wanted a pet but was denied until their parents felt she could handle the responsibility. Unfortunately, it was soon discovered she was allergic to cats, and rather than return the bitty thing, their parents decided Minseok could use some companionship in his new apartment.

Ever the dutiful son and kind older brother--not at all because his apartment felt empty and kind of lonely--Minseok accepted and spent a Thursday afternoon cat-proofing his home.

His mother brought the kitten and cat essentials as well as nearly a week's worth of food for Minseok himself. No matter how often he insisted he was fully capable of caring for himself, his mom insisted twice as much that it was her job to worry.

She left with a kiss to both of his cheeks and promises to call.

Minseok sighed and set up a place for a litter box in the bathroom and food and water in the kitchen. Once everything was in place, he checked for any loose cords or small objects that might be tempting to chew on and finally knelt beside the carrier. He bent over to lean inside and calmly said, “Hi, there, little guy.”

Big, round eyes—one blue, one gold—blinked at him, and a tiny kitten waddled over the padding of blankets and cushion to sniff he door. Its ears, barely golden and looking almost as white as the rest of it, twitched and quivered when the metal spring lock squeaked. Minseok swung the door open and sat back, still leaning down to talk to the kitten. “You can come out, now. You're home.”

It took a while, lots of sniffing and curious blinking and quivering whiskers, but the kitten eventually toddled out of the carrier and investigated Minseok, deeming him safe and acceptable before setting out to explore the apartment.

Minseok took the cushions from the carrier and set the bed and blankets on a platform of the cat tree he constructed. The carrier went onto a shelf in the closet.

When he turned around and didn't see the kitten, he panicked. Didn't he cat-proof everything?

Where could it have gone? He hurried through his apartment, about to start tearing his hair out, and he saw his basket of clean laundry—not yet put away, in his preparing for the cat—move a little.

He lifted his shirts and was greeted by a high meow and low purr as the kitten shifted from foot to foot, pushing and pressing into his shorts.

“What are you doing, trying to give me a heart attack?” Minseok picked the kitten up around its middle, and it meowed again until cradled against Minseok's chest. It sniffed his chin, dragged his cheek and whiskers along his jaw, and clawed up his shirt to perch on his shoulder. “Now what're you doing?” Tiny feet pushed into his shoulder, and the kitten's eyes closed to crescents. “I am not a cat tree.” The kitten purred. “Don't just make yourself comfortable wherever you please! What if I bend over?” Threats fell on deaf ears.

Minseok rubbed the kitten's nose, and it purred louder. He grinned. The cat really was too cute; his sister would be totally in love if she wasn't so allergic. As it was, Minseok was halfway in love already.

+ The kitten is actually Luhan, who develops a close bond with Minseok that makes him kind of catty with other people who touch his human or even look at him.

Kai/Sehun » PG-13 » mpreg » ~910 words
"Why don't we just name it 'Number One' or something?"

"You are not planning another one."

"Didn't even plan the first," Jongin mumbles to his cereal. Before he can put the spoon in his mouth, he's hit on the thigh by a pillow. "What's that for?"

"You could at least try, Jongin. I'm here worrying about the future of our unnamed child, and you're just la-di-da~ doing your own thing, and-" A sob breaks from Sehun's throat. "And I thought we were in this together!" He sits heavily on the sofa and drops his head to his hands, shoulders shaking.

Jongin groans and silently kicks his legs and punches the air. He can't deal with such overemotionality. Lamenting his soggy breakfast, he pushes himself from the kitchen table, drags his feet to the living room, and flops beside his boyfriend. "I'm very sorry, Sehun. I was being insensitive and not considering your feelings."

Dry and unfeeling as it was, his apology pacifies his boyfriend, who immediately latches onto his arm and chirps "Great! So as long as you're not being an ass, help me think of baby names. I got this book online. . ."

After fifteen minutes, Jongin feels his eyes crossing. He runs his hands up and down his face, groaning, and leans heavily against Sehun. "Dude, I really don't think this is working."

"What's not working?"

"This." Jongin gestures to the book. "We can't agree on anything. We're not naming it after anyone we know. We might not even keep it once it's here, so. .."

"What are you talking about, Jongin? You don't. . . You don't want to be the father of our child?"

"I kind of don't have a choice in that. I meant, like, what if we give it up?"

Wrong thing to say.

Jongin panics when tears well up in Sehun's eyes. He holds his hands up like a shield, eyes bouncing around the room like a pingpong ball, trying to find something to help him calm Sehun or, ideally, help him escape. "I'm sorry! That was dumb. It's just-you know-like, our first time at this. I'm nervous."

"And I'm not?" Sehun wails.

"You're handling this a lot better than I ever could." Okay, good; this is good. Stroking Sehun's ego is calming him down. "You're really incredible for doing this. I cannot believe how well you're doing with everything. Keeping up with work and classes and now this. Sometimes I think I'm dreaming, but," he pushes Sehun's bangs off his face, "you're still here. With me."

Nailed it.

Sehun sniffled and smiles. But he groans suddenly and clutches his stomach. "I'm so hungry... Crying works up an appetite."

Jongin's stomach rumbles in agreement, loudly lamenting his abandoned cereal. He pats Sehun's knee and returns to the kitchen. He should really go shopping; there is not much in the fridge or cabinets, but he does find some canned fruit for himself and dumps some mini marshmallows into a tub of Cool Whip with a spoon for Sehun.

"Oh my God, I'm going to get so fat," Sehun moans around a spoonful of whipped sugar.

"More of you to love, hamsteak."

Sehun laughs and slouches against the sofa. They suggest names while they eat, bringing up everything from animals to national monuments to kitchen appliances.

"I've heard some Americans naming their kids after diseases."

"What, like chicken pox? C'mon, Poxy, play nice with Pneumonia."

"No, like, venereal diseases."

Jongin claps his hands, laughing breathlessly. "Oh my God!" He wipes his eyes and chuckles, finally replying "At least it's something memorable?" He flops against the arm of the sofa. "What did we drink that night; rum? How about Morgan?"

"We don't even know if it's a boy or girl, yet."

"Since when is alcohol gendered?" Jongin points out. "Even Rummy could work. You had a G 'n T. Ginny? Hennessy, Chardonnay, Molson, Skyy?"

Sehun smacks his arm. "We are not naming it after booze. Although Skyy is pretty," he comments quietly.

"C'mon. It's not like anyone would know. It'd be funny!"

"This is our child! We're not setting him-slash-her up for disaster with a name like Grey Goose Whisky Shots Liqueur!"

"That actually sounds kind of fancy-"

"No, Jongin!"

Jongin takes the near-empty tub of Cool Whip to the kitchen and returns with a plan of distraction. While Sehun determinedly pages through the baby names book, Jongin sits close. He leans in a little, and Sehun naturally leans back. Under pretense of reading over Sehun's shoulder, Jongin settles his head on his boyfriend's shoulder. After a few quiet moments and Sehun showing no signs of self-preservation, Jongin tilts his head a little and brushes his lips against Sehun's neck.

Sehun's fingers run along the edge of the page, but he doesn't flip it. Jongin presses a firmer kiss behind Sehun's ear and noses a bit at the short hairs on Sehun's nape.

"If you're trying to distract me to get out of brainstorming, it's not gonna work."

"I just feel like kissing you." Jongin sits up and slings an arm around his boyfriend's shoulders to pull him close and kiss his cheek. Sehun frowns resolutely at the book, but a smile twitches at the corners of his lips with each kiss.

There's still time before any decision has to be made. Jongin intends to make the best of Sehun's good mood while he can.

+ The one mpreg I've ever written. I thought it was a fun prompt. Pregnancy is hilarious, when you're not the pregnant one or the partner of the pregnant one.

Chen, Tao » G » ~360 words
Zitao kicks the water with a sulky sigh. "This is not how I wanted to spend new years' eve."

Beside him, feet dipping into the water and lifting to arc a spray away from them, Jongdae smiles. "It's not so bad. First crash with me. First sunset with me. First swim with me."

"My point still stands."

"Oh, c'mon! I'm great company."

"You're the reason I'm cold and wet."

"And I told you that you'd be warmer if we took off our wet clothes and cuddled." He twisted to face his unwilling comapanion. "I am hurt that you think so little of me."

"But you make it so easy."

Their flight was supposed to be a simple hop from island to island, just getting in some practise before the actual pilot license test. Zitao was totally confident in his flying, but either he or Jongdae or someone had not thoroughly checked the plane, because just over halfway to the final island, the engines sputtered, the propellers stopped spinning, and they both shrieked as clear blue waters rushed up to embrace them.

Luckily, it was an aquaboat. Unluckily, they had no extra fuel. Extra unluckily, Jongdae was an antsy sort and knocked Zitao overboard after suggesting they check all the compartments to see if there was anything useful.

So, it's the eve before the new year, and Zitao is waiting on a pontoon with the assistant flight instructor, who's way too cheerful for someone effectively stuck in the middle of open waters with little food and drinkable water. Rather than send another plane, they had to wait for a much slower boat.

Jongdae shifts again, making the plane lurch and sending ripples in all directions. "If you don't knock it off, I'm throwing you into the water."

"Don't be like that!" Jongdae chrips. He has some sort of death wish, because he nuzzles right against Zitao's arm, whining cutely.

Zitao doesn't push him off the pontoon, though, just because it was getting cooler, and Jongdae's still warm.

Zitao wonders how far he'd get if he just swam. He's wet, already, and the settling sun is beginning to allow a chill to settle over him.

+ I think this was something for the EXO rare pair exchange? It didn't go anywhere.

D.O., Kris » G » ~800 words
"Is this snow never going to stop?"

"You know, for an arctic wolf, you're awfully sensitive."

"I told you," Kyungsoo grumbled, returning to the depths of the cave, "I was born in captivity. My territory was climate-controlled and quite lovely. Thank you so much for kidnapping me and dragging me to this God-forsaken place." He collapsed onto the pallet beside another wolf, who was sleeping in a snug ball with his tail over his nose. "I don't think I've ever been this hungry."

A low howl blew in on the biting wind, bringing promises of food at the rest of the pack's return. Kyungsoo's stomach growled in response, and he didn't even feel embarrassed enough to blush at the raised brow his awake companion offered.

Soon, a couple of snow-covered wolves trotted into the den dragging ginormous legs of bloody meat. Three more followed, struggling with piles of near-frozen pelts until they cleared the threshold of the dry cavern and could stand on human legs, gaining better leverage against the pelts. Finally, three more wolves carried even more meat.

"Where's Yifan?"

"Making his rounds. He should be back soon." A dark grey wolf shook snow from its coat and sat back, spine straightening and extending while fluffy tail receded and paws grew to fingers and toes. Joonmyun rolled his shoulders and fingered a large purple bruise on his shoulder gingerly.

"You alright?"

"It's not as bad as it looked." He pointed at the pile of meat with his chin, grinning bitterly. "It got me against a tree before we could get it down. Last mistake it made."

A low snort drew attention to the mouth of the cave, where Yifan shook his bristly black and grey coat of snow but stayed in form, trotting to sit beside Joonmyun at the fireside.

"It's not bad," he repeated, but he winced when Kris licked his coloured shoulder. "I'll be fine. Yifan, really!" Joonmyun protested valiantly as the larger wolf gently bullied him to the pallet of furs across from Kyungsoo and the still-slumbering wolf.

Sehun, the youngest, Kyungsoo learned, changed form and nuzzled beneath Joonmyun's arm, resting his head on the man's thigh and closing his eyes.

"Can we eat, now, or ... ?" Chanyeol rocked in his seat, eyeing the pile of oozing meat with a string of saliva inching down his chin.

Yifan looked around the den, standing stiffly with ears erect, doing a quick headcount and ending with a nod that had eight ravenous wolves diving into the meat with vigour.

Kyungsoo shuffled back on the pallet, more than a little disgusted. He had his own meals prepared for him that he didn't have to share. He'd never met another wolf until the night he was tranquillised in his comfy den and transported out of the zoo by truck into the wilderness of who-knew-where.

Within moments, each wolf had taken their meals and were blissfully gnawing on remaining bones. Sehun dragged a few ribs to Joonmyun to share. Yifan sat stoic as a statue in a corner, watching his pack. Seeing Kyungsoo hadn't moved, he picked his way through the strewn-about bodies and nudged Kyungsoo's foot with his muzzle.

"I'm not really hungry," Kyungsoo lied. His stomach betrayed him, and he swore he saw the wolf leader laugh, if wolves could laugh. Pink-cheeked, he changed to his medium-sized wolf form and found some edible pieces of meat that he guzzled down without tasting.

Yifan ate last, gnawing the carcass clean and finishing whatever scraps were left behind.

Appetites sated and having no reason or want to venture back out into the blizzard, the wolves all found a dry place to sleep, many curling around another for additional warmth.

Kyungsoo returned to his isolated fur pallet, now all to himself since the sleepy wolf-Jongin-had joined the youngest at Joonmyun's side.

He tensed when Yifan joined him. Relax, the leader conveyed, nosing Kyungsoo's ear. The arctic wolf flattened his ears to his head but bowed, lowering his head with a soft whine. Let us take care of you. You're one of us, now. Yifan dragged his tongue through Kyungsoo's fur until it stood up clean and dry. It was a new experience for the recently-released Kyungsoo, and he found he rather enjoyed it, back haunches lowering to the ground on their own.

He was practically asleep, lulled by the repetitive grooming along his face, neck, and shoulders, when the leader's unmistakable scent completely enveloped him. To Kyungsoo's embarrassment, he was small enough that Kris could lie almost entirely around him, encircling him with heat.

It was warm, though, much warmer than when Kyungsoo was by himself, and he was grateful. Warmer still, he tucked his head beneath Yifan's and burrowed further into his soft belly.

+ Another unfinished EPM prompt fill based off this image. ;;w;; I was kind of taking it in another direction, but I think it would've been neat, if I'd finished it. orz

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