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A Deer & A Dancer fics

Kai/Luhan » PG-13 » 950w

As usual, Lu Han wakes up before Jongin. No great feat. They both have morning classes, and Lu Han lives closer to campus, so it's logic that makes a routine of their weekly sleepovers.

Lu Han rolls onto his stomach and gets up on his elbows, yawning and pushing his hair from his face to stare blearily at the wall. "Jongin," he croaks, hand snaking beneath the blanket covering his boyfriend's shoulders. "C'mon, wake up." He rubs the bare skin shoulder to shoulder, pushing Jongin with gentle rocks that are more likely to keep him asleep than wake him up.

Sighing, Lu Han sits up with his back to the wall and moves his hand to Jongin's hair. It's silky from his shower last night, and the hair on his crown is cool from him sleeping on his stomach. As he's running his fingers through the soft curls, however, something beneath the blankets—near Jongin's thighs—starts to move.

It stills when Lu Han takes his hand from Jongin's head.

It moves when Lu Han pets Jongin's head.

Bizarre. Lu Han can see Jongin's feet sticking out over the end of the bed, so his legs are not moving. This leaves Lu Han's cat—who never sleeps on Lu Han's bed, much less with Jongin—or Jongin's third leg, which would be even more bizarre.

So Lu Han gets up on his knees, grabs two fistfuls of the sheet, and pulls.

Not a cat. Not a leg of any sort.

A tail, covered in brown curls and idly lying between Jongin's thighs, begins at the very base of his spine and extends outwards, thickening to a muscular appendage that twitches when Jongin mumles and shifts in his sleep, at the sudden cold air on his bare back.

Lu Han is floored. "This is..." bizarre, "fantastic." He's also very excited and claps his hands to his face. "Oh man, is it my birthday?" It's mid-May, a month too late. Details. "Jongin!" He pounces on his boyfriend, ravaging his head with enthusiastic scratching and ruffling that has the curly tail wagging eagerly and whacking Lu Han's hip. "Jonginjonginjonginjongin!"

Jongin rolls onto his side as his leg starts twitching, tail thumping against the mattress. It wriggles as he falls on top of it, arms stretching above him and finding Lu Han's hands.

One thing, among many things, that Lu Han loves about Jongin is how lovey he is when sleepy. Lu Han can kiss him again and again, and Jongin's too tired to be embarrassed.

It's wonderful and progressing in such a direction that Lu Han can imagine the gleam to his eyes and skip in his step once he finally makes it on campus later that morning, but as Lu Han's hands are moving down Jongin's thighs, he feels something cold against the back of his neck.

"And that," he says, bobbing his head, "is when I woke up. was like the ideal fantasy; I haven't had a dream like that in years, and you woke me up!"

Jongin, miraculously discovered that morning to be a curly-haired poodle, huffs and closes his eyes. He's not having such a great morning, either. Lu Han had pushed him off the bed and then stood awkwardly in the garden while Jongin found a secluded bush to pee on and then had to eat his breakfast off a plate on the floor.

Neither of them went to class, skipping out in favour of wondering what the hell happened and how to change it.

Not that actually Lu Han seems to consider his boyfriend's canine struggles. "Okay, so maybe it hasn't been so long. What can I say? You make me feel young." He ruffles Jongin's ears. "Truth be told, I kind of like you like this, but that time when I compared you to a dog wasn't meant to be taken literally. Now, that cosplay or whatever from my dream? I'm down for that. Totally wouldn't mind your face by my ass, then, you know what I'm saying?"Lu Han sits back against the window and looks down at the sidewalk. People walk their dog-dogs and enjoy the morning sunshine. The weekend is supposed to be nice. Maybe he'll grab a frisbee and take his boyfriend-dog to the park, since his original plans are foiled.

"I'll have you know I had plans for this weekend. I was going to make you howl. I had it all planned out this morning!" He lifts Jongin to eye-level. "Then you woke me up like this. What the hell am I supposed to do?" He bites his lip. "I suppose I could actually, you know, do it all myself, but it'd be weird to have you watch like this. It's bad enough when my cat's in the room. I swear he is rating my form or something..."

Jongin wriggles his little dog limbs and stretches his neck to lick Lu Han's chin, just to show that he empathises about the cat's lack of tact.

Lu Han's face scrunches up. He puts Jongin back on his lap and rubs his slobbered face on his shoulder. "This is weird, even for us." A yip of agreement. "I miss your hot body. Please change back soon."

Jongin sighs again and rolls onto his back. If he's stuck as a poodle, he is going to take full advantage of the copious amounts of belly rubs.

"You're enjoying this way too much," Lu Han whines. "What am I supposed to tell everyone if they ask about you?"

Not Jongin's problem. His hind foot kicks the air as Lu Han scratches just below his ribcage.

He could actually get used to this.

+ #33 Dog Days for the prompt lu han has always joked that jongin is like a dog in personality, but he doesn't expect it when one day jongin wakes up and he's even more dog-like than he ever anticipated. dog au. (like kitty au but dogs)

Kai/Luhan » G » 370w

Their friendship was easy. Dating was easy. Proposing proved to be an anxious nightmare, and marriage was a bit stressful, but they've had years of practice since then and have settled into familiar, comfortable routines. Lu Han and Jongin agree that it's time for the Next Big Step together.

"I know you've had experience..."

Jongin snorts and sidesteps a lady pushing a stroller down the sidewalk. The baby returns Jongin's wave before shyly slouching in her seat.

Lu Han keeps talking while trying to keep Jongin on track. "But that was when you were single and just a student. Now, you have classes and work and practice—"

"And you," Jongin interrupts with a crooked smile that earns him a pinch to his side.

"This is a huge responsibility!"

"You sound like my mom." Feels like it, too. He rubs his sore side with a grimace.

"At least one of us does! It's not all fun and games, Jongin." He doesn't usually nag, but this is a huge decision, and he doesn't want to rush into it just to realise they're not ready.

"I know! I know, but none of our plants have died, yet, and we agreed that this would be the next step." He grins while they wait at a crosswalk and squeezes Lu Han's hand. "Plus, I have you, Han, so I feel confident I can handle anything."He kisses Lu Han's cheek as they start walking again.

Lu Han grins at his feet and shakes his head, opening the corner store door for Jongin and following him into the cool air conditioning. Immediately, their ears are assaulted by excited and curious yipping, puppies falling over themselves to stand on hind legs and try and see over the barriers keeping them off the main floor.

A shop employee smiles at them and says to just holler if they need anything, returning to the glamourous task of cleaning up puppy pen messes.

Jongin kneels beside a pen of wriggling puppies, already halfway in love with a caramel-coloured poodle by the time Lu Han crouches down beside him and is enthusiastically greeted by wet kisses and Jongin's enamoured smile, and they both know their family's going to get bigger.

+ #24 Pet Parents for the prompt lukai have been married for quite some time and finally decide to adopt.

Kai/Luhan » PG » 730w

The best time for rollerblading is the middle of the afternoon, when the sun is leaving the sky. The air cools, but the pavement retains the warmth of the day. It's perfect weather for shorts and cotton long sleeves.

Lu Han pushes off the concrete sidewalk in an easy rhythm, unconsciously matching the beat of his music on his way home. He pulls his phone from his hip pocket to change the song as he skates across the walk of a driveway.

He hears a loud squeak, a thump, a shout, and then he just feels. He rolls onto his back and aches. Everything hurts, and he's surrounded by brilliant white light.

Another thud, and a boy--a cute boy, wow, with soulful brown eyes and totally kissable lips--kneels beside him and blocks the blinding sun, his hands fluttering nervously over Lu Han like butterflies. "I am so sorry!" Even his voice is nice, deeper than Lu Han would expect from an angel, but he's not about to complain. "I promise I didn't see you! I just got my license. Oh my God. My mom's going to kill me. Are you hurt? Should I call the hospital? I could drive you, but I probably shouldn't. Maybe I should call the police." He's fumbling with his cell phone, mumbling nonsense Lu Han can't really follow.
Lu Han lifts his arm and drops it onto the stranger's lap. He was aiming for the kid's shoulder, but depth has changed. "Hey. I'm Lu Han." Smooth.

The introduction cuts through his babbling, at least, and Jongin chews on his lips instead, looking dejected and worried like a puppy caught digging in the potted flowers. It's truly adorable, and if Lu Han hadn't just been struck by a vehicle, he might have believed Cupid had shot him with a speargun.

"You gonna tell me your name in case I want to file a suit?" His hand slides down worn denim. The kid's got muscles.

"K-Kim Jongin, and I'm really really sorry!"
The pain's still there, but he can feel it, which is a good sign. He experimentally wiggles his fingers and toes and even lifts his head, because one foot has more movement than the other. One of his skates is missing. His knees are also skinned but look more scraped than bloody. Doctor Lu recommends bandages and ice. He carefully lowers his head to the pavement again. "Help me find my feet, and I'll let you buy me coffee as an apology."

"Of course!" The poor kid scrambles after the skate that was knocked off Lu Han's foot.

"...And then let me buy you dinner."

"Sure! Anything." Jongin figures out the buckles on Lu Han's skate, socked foot on his thighs, when his conscious catches up. "What?" His eyes are wide and his face is slack, as if the muscles in his cheeks and around his eyes gave up trying to keep up with his emotions.

Lu Han sits up, leaning back on his hands, and offers a smile. "He just hit me with your car. You at least owe me a date."

Jongin blushes and ducks his head. "Now?" he asks in a small voice.

Lu Han swallows the urge to coo at him and shrugs. "No time like the present." Keep it cool. Walk off the pain.

They're interrupted by a delivery truck's horn. Throughout the whole ordeal, they had not left the middle of the driveway, and a bakery truck had an urgent delivery of cinnamon buns and croissants. "Let me move the car first!" Jongin helps Lu Han to his feet, cheeks red like the sunset, and helps him hobble to the low wall beside the sidewalk.
Once the little compact car is moved, the van driver ignores them. Lu Han can see him mumbling to himself and almost feels bad for being in the way. Almost.

He was struck by an angel, though. Kind of a special circumstance.

Jongin returns. His face is much less pink. He takes Lu Han's arm and stands him up so it drapes across his shoulders, tucking his own arm around Lu Han's waist. "You don't have to worry," Lu Han comments cheerily, "I'm not going far!"

"I just don't want you to fall."

"Kind of late for that," Lu Han mutters. He smiles at Jongin.

Jongin blushes again and smiles back.

+ #19 I'll kick my shoes off in a fit of joy. for the prompt Rollerblader Luhan meets Jongin when the latter hits him with his car on accident. Jongin had just gotten his license.
+ The title comes from the Dane Cook skit Struck by a Vehicle.

Kai/Luhan » PG-13 » 630w

Lu Han should probably at least skim over the required reading for his class in twenty minutes, but he doesn't feel like it.

Two of Jongin's three poodle children are under Jongin's chair, napping, while the third is straddling Lu Han's thigh and thrusting like a champ, smiling a blissful doggy smile.

"Are you ever going to get your dogs fixed?" Lu Han's always found denim to be rather chafing, but it evidently doesn't bother the dog.

"They already are." Lu Han makes a little huh sound. "Why?"

"Monggu must really really like me, then—I mean, who doesn't, right?—but this..."

Jongin stops chewing on his pen, looks over his shoulder, and promptly trips over his own feet and sends his other dogs scattering in his haste to grab Monggu, run to his bedroom, drop the dog inside, shut the door, and cover his face with his hands. "I am so sorry."

"Jongin, relax," Lu Han croons. His leg tingles a little with the warmth left from the dog's body. "It was...odd...but whatever. Dog's gotta do what a dog's gotta do to get off in this society of neutering and controlled breeding." He throws an arm over the back of the sofa with a grin. "Also just goes to show..."

Jongin's hands drop from his face. "Do not say it."

"...that pets..."

"Han." He covers his ears.

"...take after their owners." Lu Han ignores the whines from the jailed poodle and his boyfriend.

Jongin drags his feet back to his chair and flops down, rolling to Lu Han just to kick his shin and roll back to his desk. His cheeks and ears are red. "That was one time, in my freshman year!"

"You say that as if it wasn't last year, dear sophomore."

"It was one. Time."

Lu Han jabs a finger at Jongin. "Exactly! Why does your dog get off on me more than you do?"

"Maybe because you're a little bitch?"

"And you're a stud. What's the problem?"

"Oh my God..." Jongin rolls his eyes; Lu Han is completely hopeless. "You're not allowed to read my magazines, anymore."

"They're educational! C'mon." He wiggles his eyebrows. "Toss the kids in the bedroom, turn on Dog TV to distract them, and take me for a ride."

Jongin doesn't look amused or interested. He actually looks mildly ill.

"No? Doggy style?"

A noise gets caught in Jongin's throat. He coughs and shakes his head, more willing to stare at his keyboard than look at his boyfriend and face his greasy leer that somehow works on Jongin. "I just can't believe you, sometimes." He tries to return to typing his paper. "Are you seriously turned on, because my dog was humping your leg?"

Lu Han purses his lips, frowns, grimaces, shrugs, and finally settles on a raised brow frown of acceptance. "When you say it like that, it does sound kind of bad, but essentially, yes."

Jongin shakes his head slowly. "Amazing." He gathers his laptop, ushers his puppies to his bedroom, and shuts the door behind him, opting to simply ignore his boyfriend.

"Is that a no?"

Jongin yells through the door, "Go to class!"

"Help me with my tie, first!" He cackles at the mortified screech from the bedroom; he slings his backpack over a shoulder after checking his watch. Time for class, then he and Jongin have free time until three. "I'll see you later, Jongin."

When he's sure Lu Han's gone, Jongin searches through his apartment and recycles all of his dog magazines. His phone buzzes in his back pocket as he's shoving the filled paper bag under the sink.

lh: if youre rly tossing your dirty dog mags, reduse, reuse, recycle

lh: also, i know how to google

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lh: later♥

+ #6 Help Me with My Tie for the prompt monggu likes to hump luhan's thigh (well, who doesn't).
The title's kind of a gross joke. The "knot" commonly found in wolf fics is not fiction and is the tool of the trade when a male dog and a female dog are doing the do, or "tied."
A stud is a male breeder dog.
Many thanks to my friend who helped me end this.♥