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24 March 2017 @ 05:11 pm
One Day at a Time  
title: One Day at a Time
players: Kim Minseok/Xiumin, Oh Sehun
rating: G
word count: 4,375w
warning/s: minor character death
summary: Minseok admits he's not the biggest animal person in general, but he likes cats well enough, and they all have seemed to like him, too. All of them except for his own.
Minseok is pretty easy-going. He really is. )
A Cat Who Writes
24 March 2017 @ 05:04 pm
a lantern in the darkness  
title: a lantern in the darkness
players: Kim Joonmyun/Suho, Do Kyungsoo/D.O. (Kyungsoon)
rating: G
word count: 3,580w
summary: Kyungsoon's resigned to stay in her tower, watching the annual lantern festival from her window, but she meets someone one winter who convinces her life can't be watched but has to be experienced.
Every year, for as long as Kyungsoon can remember, the sky lights up after sunset with hundreds of softly glowing lanterns. )
A Cat Who Writes
24 March 2017 @ 04:49 pm
Company for Christmas  
title: Company for Christmas
players: Park Chanyeol, Do Kyungsoo/D.O.
rating: G
word count: 9,980w
summary: After breaking up from a long-time boyfriend, Chanyeol's life pretty much stops. He merely exists until he takes some familial advice and leaves his apartment. He meets someone he didn't expect and certainly didn't expect to need so much.
warning/s: smattering of foul language
The outside has a thin layer of snow when Chanyeol finally leaves his apartment. )
A Cat Who Writes
06 January 2017 @ 03:18 pm
blood on our hands  
title: blood on our hands
players: Zhang Yixing/Lay, Kim Jongin/Kai
rating: PG
word count: 1,920w
warning/s: mentions of blood
summary: As scientists, there are certain rules to follow. Within every lab, there are variations of the rules. In Yixing's lab, cuddling subjects isn't an explicitly prohibited, but it is heavily implied.
The two moons are in a rare alignment, Yixing notices. )
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A Cat Who Writes
06 January 2017 @ 09:50 am
Not a Ruffian  
title: Not a Ruffian
players: Zhang Yixing/Lay, Kim Jongdae/Chen
rating: G
word count: 1,585w
summary: Chen is many things, but he is not a ruffian.
In the most daring heist ever, Chen makes off with The Crown of the displaced prince of the kingdom. )
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